Simon Pegg: Star Trek shoots in the fall, writing Cornetto movie this year

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13 Jun 2011 - 07:36

Simon Pegg has a busy few months ahead, as he confirms he’s looking to write the next Cornetto movie with Edgar Wright, before he heads off to Star Trek in the autumn…

Chatting to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost last week about the DVD and Blu-ray release of Paul (it's out in the UK today), we asked, as you do, what they were up to next. And we've got some news that might just be of big interest to fans of the pair.

Firstly, Nick Frost told us that "Edgar [Wright] and Simon are going to get to work on the third Cornetto," which Pegg confirmed, "Hopefully, we'll write that this year, before I start Star Trek, which will be in the fall."

Two things, then. Firstly, the third Cornetto movie, following Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, has long been on the radar of many of us reading and writing for the site, and the fact that a script may come together this year bodes enormously well. Edgar Wright is still circling a big screen outing for Ant-Man, which he may direct first, but if that doesn't come together, might Cornetto 3 be his next project?

And then there's the news about Star Trek, which was current up to last Thursday. It does lend weight to the idea that the Star Trek sequel, under the stewardship of JJ Abrams, will be pushed back from next summer if it's not going to start shooting until the autumn. But it does confirm that production, as expected, will begin this year. At least for now...

You can read our full interview with Frost and Pegg right here.

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