Zachary Quinto: from Star Trek to Spielberg?

News Simon Brew
1 Feb 2010 - 07:47

Is Mr Spock about to become George Gershwin for Steven Spielberg?

Sitting next to Scorsese's mooted Sinatra biopic, Steven Spielberg is hovering around a potential movie about the life of George Gershwin for his next directorial project (his next film release will be TinTin, which has finished shooting but won't be seen until next year).

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that it's one of a trio of potential movies that Spielberg's interested in tackling, although the other two are unnamed. Don't be surprised in one of them is Indy 5, although that's unlikely to go before the cameras for some time yet.

But the Gershwin movie might, and the story suggests that Zachary Quinto, known best for playing Spock in Star Trek and Sylar in Heroes, is in line to take the title role. Studio DreamWorks is reportedly setting up accent and dialogue coaching for Quinto, and the site reports that Spielberg could be filming as early as April.

A formal announcement is expected in the next week or two...

Deadline Hollywood

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