The Dark Knight influence on the new Star Trek poster

News Simon Brew 3 Dec 2012 - 08:22

Without The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, there wouldn't be a Star Trek Into Darkness poster like this...

If you've taken a glimpse at the first teaser poster for next summer's Star Trek Into Darkness, you may get a little bit of a sense of deja vu. JJ Abrams' new film has promised darkness in the title (just like latter two Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films). It's also a sequel that looks to take the main characters to darker places (just like the latter two Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films). And the poster? It's got an iconic logo, cut into the rubble and destruction of something.

See for yourself if any of that looks familiar...

(We should point out we're very much looking forward to Star Trek Into Darkness. But if the marketing approach works for Batman...)

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I like it. But then I like stormy skies in posters.

The mind boggles as to why the villain has apparently attacked London in a Star Trek film (closer inspection of a higher res version reveals The Gherkin nestled amongst many futuristic 23rd Century buildings). London always seems to get a hard time! One would have expected San Francisco to be a more viable target.

I do like it, and am all up for making Trek darker. The best episodes have always been the ones that turn what is usually a light bit of sci-fi on its head and into darker territory. Looking at the cityscape in the background I spot the Gherkin, so it looks like this could be London.

London is quite a nice change, I think. San Francisco was attacked in the last film, and in the TV series regularly. So I hope we get a shot of pre-destruction futuristic London.

Looks like Captain Jack surveying the damage to London

Is it London??? I can't it!!... "Sherlock rises" haha Love the poster anyway, can't wait :)

Typo in my previous comment!! But I really can't see that, that could be a London landscape.

On a higher res version you can clearly see the Gherkin and also the London Eye and the Thames running next to it. I'd post a link but links seem to be blocked on this forum

I still cannot see past the silly title of the film.

Star Trek Into Darkness. Who was the clever clogs who came up with that name?

I am looking forward to the 3rd film, Star Trek Across The Universe.

Can I admit that I never saw the logo first time round.....other than that, I like it and think it's a bit more subtle...

If its gonna be in 3D then it is an appropriate title

I suddenly realised that the shape of the destruction, sky etc. actually forms the shape of the Star Fleet insignia. Now, that's so subtle that it's brilliant!

Meh, Monkey see, monkey do...remember when the trend was the two stars of the movie on each side of the poster with only half their face visible...

Is it possible the same design team was used?

Wow, I didn't see that cross over. So 21st Century London Sherlock leaps from the roof of the hospital to his death, only fall through a portal to the 23rd century where due to a series of unfortunate circumstances he becomes an evil over lord and destroys most of London. Happily however he comes good at the end, saves the day with Kirk, and then leaps back into the portal landing softly on the pavement back in 21st Century london, no time has passed and Watson didn't miss a thing.

And now it all suddenly falls into place...

Oh you should know this kind of thing happens all the time.

Private Eye have an irregular feature looking at book covers which all look the same.

It's latching onto a zeitgeist or riding the wave of pre-existing popularity to align expectations or something probably even wankier which comes straight out of the marketing handbook.

Thats Star Trek? Other than the logo it doesnt look like it. It looks like Captain Jack Harkness playing General Zod. The cape look doesnt help.

The look of the buildings seems like it was only one building attacked... all the buildings in the background seem to be perfectly fine... with only one plume of smoke coming from something next to the Gherkin.

Wouldn't he be checking out Cardiff?

"Star Trek: Into the bullshit "realistic" nolanesque grittiness". Damn, this crap is like a virus.

Star Trek across the universe, that was Hillarious , how about Star Trek into madness or Star Trek into Oblivion

You know what I really like about this? It looks like a poster for a real movie.
What I mean by that is, as good as a lot of them have been, mos Star Trek posters largely consist of giant, semi-transparent photos of some characters faces pasted over a space-y backdrop. With mybe the enterprise thrown in there somewhere too.
This, on the other hand,looks as if it's going to have some relevance to the story.
So, yeah, I dig it. :)

It took me way too long to figure out that the composition creates the Starfleet logo. Need more coffee.

Star Trek Up The Khyber.

Star Trek Into Your Bank Accounts if it's IMAX.

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