Teaser poster for Star Trek Into Darkness

Poster Simon Brew 3 Dec 2012 - 07:47

With the trailer due next week, here's the first teaser poster for JJ Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness

The countdown to the release of the first trailer - and, indeed, the first substantive glimpse of the film - for JJ Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness is now underway, with Paramount Pictures releasing new teaser artwork to whet our collective appetites. The sequel sees Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana and Karl Urban joined by Alice Eve, Benedict Cumberbatch and Noel Clarke this time.

With the trailer set to debut before screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - so, the end of next week - you can expect a fair amount of Star Trek goodies in the days ahead. This teaser poster is the start of that.

Star Trek Into Darkness arrives in cinemas in May 2013. The trailer is currently due around December 14th. Once you've taken a look, you might want to put it side by side with The Dark Knight Rises poster too - we've done that right here...

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oh brother...looks like Spock meets the Terminator...JJ Abrams continues on with heresy and destruction...he's a POS and his Trek films are worthless POS's..and I'm being kind

What the hell? Star Trek was incredible. Much better than any of the other shitty films.

Benedict Cumberbatch and his coats...

Wait.. is that London?? I see the Gherkin on the right.


Blimey! So it is.

You're funny. Star Trek was fantastic. The first ST movie that I actually enjoyed. Nostalgia is good for TV re-runs or DVD marathons of old episodes, not for a BO success.

This looks very similar to the Dark Knight poster - with the torn down city making the films logo.

Nice catch!

Love that its got Benedict on the teaser. Now do another one with him facing us.

Nonsense the first film with JJ was fantastic.

Looks like it

The first shot of futuristic London in Star Trek?

Shot of Benedict Cumberbatch's back with long coat swishing around while he's standing on high ground. In London. Now, where did I see this before? :)

Can just about make out the London eye on the left too.

I agree with you. I finally got round to watching Star Trek last weekend. As a dumb sci-fi effects film it was alright, the emphasis being on dumb. However, it wasn't Star Trek. Even the mediocre Trek films had more intelligence and drama than this. There were so many, many things wrong with the story. The only aspect of it I liked was that they imbued Spock with human traits - a logical decision given that his Mother is Human. Yes I am a Trekker, but I'm also a fan of Lost, Alias and Cloverfield. For everone who will be downvoting my post, as yourself questions like: 1. Why nominate skydivers with combat training and then send them on the mission unarmed? 2. Why abandon Kirk on a dangerous planet instead of locking him in the brig? 3. After Kirk managed to convince Captain Pike that they were flying into a trap, why didn't Pike change the plan accordingly? 4. Why was nobody aboard the enterprise apparently that bothered after seeing the Federation armada wiped out? 5. Why was the Romulan mining ship so heavily armed? 6. What were the chances of Spock, Kirk and Scotty bumbing into each other on that planet? 7. Tranporting onto a warping ship? Really?! There are far more eloquent pages on the Internet that present all of the 'Star Trek blunders' far better than I can.

You're right. Travelling to the centre of a galaxy to meet 'God', then blowing him up was a far more intelligent storyline.

No taking Whales into the future was more intelligent ;-)

is that a Vulcan ear I see?

To quote myself, "Even the mediocre Trek films had more intelligence and drama than this". Where was the drama when 6 billion Vulcans were wiped out? Where was the intelligence when suggesting that a single supernova could wipe out the galaxy? But who needs either when you can have lots of lens flares and a dinosaurs with a vagina for a mouth?

Difficult to tell, but looks like it.

If Cumberbatch is really playing Gary Mitchell then I am excited. It could end up being Star Trek v Tetsuo.

The thing that stuck in my mind was why was Kirk promoted straight from cadet to captain at the end of the movie? Don't you have to serve your time in Starfleet? It seems a bit odd that you would put someone reckless and inexperienced in charge of what is probably a very expensive spaceship. If he'd been promoted to a junior officer and then become captain in the second movie that would have made more sense to me, but then I'm not really a Trek follower so maybe that's how things work in that future. The first movie was very entertaining but it did feel like they had a string of set pieces and made up a story to link them together, no matter how tenuous the links were. That doesn't necessarily make for a bad movie but it makes it hard to stand up to the scrutiny of repeat viewings.

Kirk didn't go from cadet to captain. He went from cadet, to almost being expelled/suspended, to being thrown off the ship, to being on board again as a stowaway, to getting arrested and then appointing himself captain, to then being made captain (though he should have served another 2-3 years). I'm surprised he didn't make admiral by the time the credits rolled.

Is there any confirmation that this is Benedict Cumberbatch? Would have assumed it would be Chris Pine/Kirk?

That must have been a deleted post credits scene.

Just look what that accursed Moriarty (Mycroft Holmes (IMO)) has done to the place!

Excellent spot! Made my day. Oh, how I love this city!

I wouldn't want to be releasing something that had to run against this.

It helps to watch these things with about the same amount of critical attention that you might devote to an episode of Hyperdrive. This is not after all something penned by Ben Bova.

Love it, the trecnch coat is back

I only just realised that the image is a comm badge.

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