Ruben Fleischer on the Spy Hunter movie

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17 Dec 2012 - 07:10

Could Spy Hunter be a spy franchise to rival James Bond? Director Ruben Flesicher shares his thoughts...

Director Ruben Fleischer's new film, Gangster Squad, finally makes it into cinemas in re-edited form in January. It's a film that looks very, very promising, and not a little bit stylish, and we're keen to see it.

We're also keen to see what Flesicher can do with one of his next projects too. The Zombieland helmer is lining up a big screen take on the videogame Spy Hunter, and he's been chatting a little to Coming Soon about it.

"If I can make any movie, it would be a James Bond movie", the director revealed. "I've always loved the genre but I don't think they'll hire an American to direct a James Bond movie, I've been told, so for me, Spy Hunter is an opportunity to create a new spy franchise".

"It sounds silly", he added, "but that was my favourite video game when I was a kid and it had a great title and a great theme song, but there's no real other associations that people have with it other than a cool car, so I feel like there's a lot of room for us to invent a new character and a new series".

We're not so sure that an American won't ever get the James Bond job, as it's hardly one that only goes to English directors. But we'll keep you posted as to how the long-in-gestation Spy Hunter movie gets on.

Gangster Squad, meanwhile, is released in January.

Coming Soon.

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