Marc Webb on The Amazing Spider-Man 2's ending

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6 May 2014 - 06:07

Spoilers: The Amazing Spider-Man 2's director, Marc Webb, talks to us about the ending of the film.

This story contains spoilers.

Right then.

A couple of weeks ago, we got to chat with Marc Webb, the director of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and as part of that conversation, we had a brief chat about the film's ending. We've held this back until some time after the film's UK release, but still, if you don't want the ending spoiled, don't go past the big picture we're about to place.

Still here? Fair enough. We asked Webb about the filming of the conclusion, specifically the death of Gwen Stacy.

It's done very well in the film, and - even though comic book fans will have known it was coming for some time - the way it was presented was quite brutal when she landed. But were there earlier drafts, where she got to say a few final words on her death bed?

"We did talk about last words a lot", Webb admitted. "It was ultimately about the reality of it, and given the nature of it, physiologically it would have been impossible". It didn't stop Batman's back break being fixed though, we pointed out. "That's true! But it's a shocking thing for people, but it was deliberate. That's the nature of the tragedy, and that's the nature of the trauma", Webb said.

"In the comics, the last words didn't happen. It's terrifying, it tears you apart, and that's what has to happen to Peter Parker. It decimates him, he's transformed forever. The last words, which we didn't do, [ultimately] come in the form of the speech that he plays back later on".

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in cinemas now.

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