Marc Webb on The Amazing Spider-Man 2's ending

News Simon Brew 6 May 2014 - 06:07

Spoilers: The Amazing Spider-Man 2's director, Marc Webb, talks to us about the ending of the film.

This story contains spoilers.

Right then.

A couple of weeks ago, we got to chat with Marc Webb, the director of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and as part of that conversation, we had a brief chat about the film's ending. We've held this back until some time after the film's UK release, but still, if you don't want the ending spoiled, don't go past the big picture we're about to place.

Still here? Fair enough. We asked Webb about the filming of the conclusion, specifically the death of Gwen Stacy.

It's done very well in the film, and - even though comic book fans will have known it was coming for some time - the way it was presented was quite brutal when she landed. But were there earlier drafts, where she got to say a few final words on her death bed?

"We did talk about last words a lot", Webb admitted. "It was ultimately about the reality of it, and given the nature of it, physiologically it would have been impossible". It didn't stop Batman's back break being fixed though, we pointed out. "That's true! But it's a shocking thing for people, but it was deliberate. That's the nature of the tragedy, and that's the nature of the trauma", Webb said.

"In the comics, the last words didn't happen. It's terrifying, it tears you apart, and that's what has to happen to Peter Parker. It decimates him, he's transformed forever. The last words, which we didn't do, [ultimately] come in the form of the speech that he plays back later on".

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in cinemas now.

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Event though I'm a lifelong fan of the comics and expected her death (which was heavily signposted in the film) the brutality of it still struck me and I did feel quite emotional afterwards. Which is more of a credit to Emma Stones quality performance as Gwen. Her presence will be missed in the next movie.

that whole relationship was one of the films biggest strength, i thought they may have taken it to a third film but I suppose it sets Peter up emotionally or the next.

The scene was well done, If we could just take this spider, this relationship and merge it with how Sam Rami dealt with the villains (specifically doc oc) then I think we'd have a perfect spider man

I knew this was coming in the film, even though they did pull the rug from underneath me by having it happen after the point where I thought it would happen. My wife didn't know it was going to happen and was completely stunned (which is why I don't share comic spoilers with her as much).

Overall the scene was handled pretty brilliantly, though I will miss the character in the films as Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield genuinely sold the relationship to me. It felt like a plausible relationship that just happened to be in a big budget comic book film.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 was better than I honestly thought it was going to be, so I have to give the film (and ultimately Marc Webb) kudos for that and double kudos for handling The Rhino the way they did.

I thought they were going to leave it till ASM3 but it was well done. I think the coda with Peter going back to work against Rhino should've been saved for the next film though.

I also thought that scene was very well handled and final words would have reduced its impact. I did miss Peter's attempting to persuade her and himself that he'd saved her (which is the bit in the comic that always brings a lump to my throat), but overall I thought it was very well done.
On a slight aside, something that has bugged me a bit as I've thought about the film over the last couple of weeks, isn't it a bit odd that Spidey and Electro have a massive fight, smash up loads of couplings, cables and generators etc and yet, when the reset switch is flipped, it all works fine? Were all those other bits of machinery they destroyed not needed, then?

I for one wasn't a fan of her death. I'm not opposed to her being killed but rather the execution in the film. I would have rather she hadn't hit the ground and it was Spider-Man's "fault" by catching her she died, showing there was nothing he could do rather than him just being "too late" to save her in the film.
Also her death was so telegraphed even my non-comic book reading friends seen it coming a mile off, the entire plot of her moving to England just screamed she's dooooooomed.
And she insisted she was the only one that could restart the system, all that was needed was to press a big red button labelled "restart", anyone could have done that.

makes you wonder where MJ was supposed to fit in the earlier renditions of the story.

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