What The Amazing Spider-Man 2 end credits reveal means

News Simon Brew 30 Apr 2014 - 06:39

There might just be a bit more hidden in the end credits for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after all...

This piece contains spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Over in the US, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives in cinemas this weekend. And it seems that there's something in the end credits that might not have been there with the film's UK release.

As ever, don't read on if you don't want to know more. Here is a big Spider-Man picture, and the spoilers start after it...

Right then.

As had been widely reported, the actual credits sequence sting with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is for X-Men: Days Of Future Past, thanks to a deal that Sony and Fox hatched when there was a possible clash for the services of director Marc Webb.

However, it seems that, using the Shazam app, people can get the end credits and song - minus the titles - delivered to the mobile device of their choice. That's just what the folks at Coming Soon have done, and it seems as if they've uncovered the line-up for the Sinister Six movie by doing so.

Now there's already fairly broad hints for which characters will make up the Sinister Six at the end of the film itself. Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Rhino are certain surely. But take the credits away from the end sequence of the film, and you get these images of blueprints that the site took...

From that, the argument is that you can add Kraven the Hunter (that's his spear), Vulture, and Mysterio (or maybe The Chameleon, but it appears to be his mask) to the Sinister Six line-up.

The Wrap is playing the reveal down, meanwhile, arguing that these are possibilities rather than the decided line-up (although as producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach told us, "there are no accidents ... everything you see that makes you think about the comics, I think you should read into it"). Whether those images would have been signed off with the line-up still vague is surely questionable though, with Sony so focused on getting these films together.

That said, The Wrap also quotes a source saying that the final Sinister Six has not yet been chosen.

We'll find out in due course. For now, we do at least appear to have six leading candidates...

Coming Soon.
The Wrap.

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If we are going for spoilers and here be spoilers.

One of the many many things which annoyed me about the film was that sub-par Dr Manhattan had already been seen to be able to disassemble and reassemble his being at will.

So being supercharged with electricity to bursting point is a bit of a stupid way to kill him. It'd even been shown that he got to the power plant in first place by traveling along the cables being used to kill him.

I expected him to appear going "reassembling myself was the first trick i learnt" just to complete his Dr Manhattan impersonation.

So it's not an eye! Very clever you may actually be right!

Said this already on this site on another spider man thread but I also saw a long bendy tail and the new green goblin's suit is in launch bay 7, launch bay 7 meaning that whether GG fights or not he's not part of The Six.

i think it might be a drama mask and smoke, since the mysterio starts as a SFX specialist, and being in the entertainment industry a drama mask might be the closest thing we can assosciate him with>?

Jamie Foxx accidentally let slip in an interview, "Electricity doesn't die, it just goes somewhere else", when asked if he would be returning for sequels. Perfectly logical that he would cash in on two more sequels also.

However, it can be Mysterio, the smoke would hint at that, because there would be no need for the smoke to come from within the mask. Realistically, especially considering budgetary reasons and the number of actors required for a Sinister Six rampage, they would present Mysterio as more the 'smoke and mirrors' guy, being technologically gifted or something. Which would take some screen time to develop.

I am going to agree with your list here, but I could definitely see the studio picking up some no name actor, with an introductory subplot of Spiderman unveiling a teen hacker with the username 'Mysterio' as a bank robber or something. The bank holding Osbourne's accounts, leading to an impressed Harry subsequently recruiting him, to keep plaguing Peter with hallucinations of Gwen to keep us empathizing with Andrew Garfield...be right back, I'm going to send this to them...

it's Dr. Ock, not Oct. ;) But this is a likely lineup.

His 'death' is this series version of Sandmans from the Raimi trilogy. Electro--Sandman Different power bases, but really both series have tried to make them simpathetic characters, by giving Sandman a family he was trying to get money to help his daughter, and Electro a nerd in a lab picked on his whole life who suddenly finds himself with a ton of power and anger to spare.

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