Marc Webb: J Jonah Jameson returning to Spider-Man movies

News Glen Chapman
23 Apr 2014 - 07:44

Director Marc Webb admits that J Jonah Jameson may finally show his face in The Amazing Spider-Man 3...

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set for its US bow this week - off the back of a strong UK opening - the publicity tour for the movie continues. And director Marc Webb has been chatting about future plans for the series, and specifically when we can expect the new J Jonah Jameson to finally appear on screen.

Webb admitted that "I like the idea very much of him coming up in the next film. It was more easy to accept a new Spider-Man than someone who could out do J K Simmons in that role, he is so iconic". This is true, of course. Simmons stole every scene that Sam Raimi allowed him near in the original Spider-Man trilogy. Webb continued, adding "that’s something we’ve really talked about. Obviously I love that character because he poses such an interesting dilemma for Spider-Man. The answer is I don’t know, but I think you can expect to see him in the future". Given that Webb has one more Spider-Man film to make, that suggests (but far from confirms) it may be that one.

Nothing definitive then, but it's nice to see J K Simmons get some acknowledgement for his tremendous work. His Spider-Man work has to be one of the finest pieces of casting seen to date in a comic book movie.

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