Final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Trailer Simon Brew 19 Mar 2014 - 13:17

Sony unleashes the last full trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2...

As promised, Sony has released the final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The film, which hits UK cinemas on April 18th, brings Andrew Garfield back to the lead role, alongside the likes of Emma Stone and Martin Sheen. New additions to the cast include Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti and Dane DeHaan. Marc Webb is back in the director's chair.

The final trailer ups the action ante, and throws pretty much everything it can at you to get you interested. Take a look and see what you reckon. Don't be surprised if an 'international' variant of this trailer follows!

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Well.......there is still the post-credits scene to look forward too I suppose

I said I wouldn't watch this... but I did. Despite now seeing over 50% of the film in trailers I still want to see this

No thanks, I'll pass on these trailers now. I want to see the film with some sense of newness. I mean seriously there must be almost an hour of footage already used for promotion. With the right video software you could probably cobble together the entire movie from it! This trend is ruining super hero movies. So I'll pass. only have to wait until April 18th to see a 2 hour version of this trailer at the cinema.

Never mind all that, when is the Ninja Turtles Trailer coming out!!!

okay this is by far the best trailer they've released for this film, it got me excited again! My only worry is that they've shown so much already that I won't be able to sit down and enjoy the film because at certain parts I'll already know how the scene ends through the trailers. Hope this isn't the case.

This is by far the best trailer they have released, but as I've seen the others I am still not as excited as I want to be for this film.

Why did they not just try making a few teasers and then release this trailer, its by far the best but is let down by the fact there seems to be of been a new trailer each month for the last few months, how many times have I heard "isn't that the question of the day" who knows! still going to go watch it!

Why is the green goblin not an actual GOBLIN!! Again!

Now I'm truly pissed off..I promised not to watch anymore trailers, but just watched this, and I'm sure I've seen every set piece within the film..really should have had a warning..maybe it has. never again

I should have listened to this film is ruined for me..all the action is in the trailer..really disappointed.

Did any body else spot the doc ock arms and vultures wings at around the 1:07 mark??

I'm guessing it's all oscorp tech, and will sumhow tie into to a sinister six plot line?

Can't wait to see the brief and inconsequential scenes of dialogue and exposition that link all the footage we've seen together! They must be really riveting as they haven't let us see much of those.

rhino's not a rhino.... ;O)

Seriously, if you took everything we've seen in a trailer and actually timed it I think we've seen no more than 8 - 9minutes from a 2 hour movie...
The way some people talk, you would swear they had been 95 trailers and 103 TV spots!!!

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