Official image of The Amazing Spider-Man 2's other villain

News Simon Brew 20 Feb 2014 - 15:21

We've kept the spoiler about the villain concerned out of the headline, just in case you didn't know.

Warning: this story contains an admittedly very well known spoiler about a villain who will be appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Heading into cinemas in two months is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the principal villain of which is Jamie Foxx's Electro. There's also Paul Giamatti as The Rhino in there, and as has been revealed in recent publicity, the Green Goblin is back as well.

The new Goblin is being played by Dane DeHaan, and some leaked images had given an impression as to what he'd look like in the film. Sony, however, has taken the proverbial bull by the horns and released an official shot. You can see that right here...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 lands in UK cinemas in April.

UPDATE: We've since learned that this image was exclusive to Total Film. Apologies for not originally crediting them.

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Mechanical leprechaun, high on crack. Awesome.

Clearly this is the same scene from the trailer which shows Emma Stone/Gwen Stacy in the same area.... Could this be another bit showing the possible death of Gwen?

Appears to be some sort of Goblin. So he's facing off against Electro, Mecha-Rhino and one of the Goblin's. Dude needs to call the Avengers or the FF or the X-Men or his amazing friends, oh wait.

Dude, spoilers.. Some people don't know that.

Damage done. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

It's a comic that's over 30 years old. And there's no guarantee that is what they are doing. It's just a guess. Don't get butthurt because of something that happened 30 years ago.

It was a story line written 30 years ago.

I already know what happens, so I'm not 'butthurt', I'm merely saying some people who haven't read the comic may not want someone online spoiling a pretty significant plot point to a movie just because they didn't have the common curtesy to put a simple (SPOILERS) tag before continuing on with their comment.

Just have a little respect for those who don't read the comics.
Manners cost nothing.


Old news.

Too many Villains in one film? Mistakes of Spiderman three come to haunt?

I'm hoping this will be good and better than The Amazing Spider-Man was, I always say make no judgements until you see the film, but I can't get excited for this!

Hmmmmmm, Mechanical leprechaun you say. Best call Warwick for that sequel.

I'm with Cinemaslap on this one, albeit for a different reason. In his original comment, he says "Could this be another bit showing the possible death of Gwen?", and at no point in that question does he definitively reference a past comic-book storyline. That word 'possible' validates his question as a form of speculation, so unless milliemorten has not seen any of the trailers whatsoever, it's not a *Spoiler* for @Cinemaslap to speculate on shots in the trailers and from them predict Gwen's demise.

Admittedly, when he does mention the comic-book storyline in his response, then he lets the cat out of the bag a little, but that first comment does NOT confirm in any way, shape or form that Gwen will bite the proverbial bullet in this film. It's like me saying "could the shots of McAvoy's Charles Xavier in the Days of Future Past trailer standing up be showing the potential alteration of the franchise's original timeline?"- I have no strong evidence to suggest that it will correspond to what the X-Men comics have done before, it's just a bit of mild spoiler-lite speculation.

It's not only one of the most famous Spider-Man storylines, it's also the NAME of the storyline. So people looking at graphic novels will already know it happens.

Not to mention, if people are looking at links like these, they are going to get spoilers. That's almost the whole point.

To be honest Rhino doesn't seem to be in it that much

Interesting that they're going for an open face for the Goblin rather than a mask. The one thing that annoyed me about the Goblin/Spider-Man interactions in Raimi's first film was the lack of facial expressions; it was like watching an episode of Power Rangers...

Having read the other comments on this thread, I'm going to err on the side of caution and warn that this post contains spoilers.

It looks pretty good, better than the plastic action figure we had in the last trilogy. Still, three villains seems a little excessive. They may pull it off, but it's risky even without the benefit of hindsight we have due to Spiderman 3. Still, what might work is to keep the Goblin in the background with the main focus on Electro and Rhino, setting him up as the main villain of the next film. Then, once Electro and Rhino are neutralised, lure everyone into thinking the films about to end (think the last episode of Sherlock for reference) only for the Goblin to kill Gwen and escape. Film ends, leaving us waiting to see the fall out in the next instalment. They're never going to get the element of surprise with anyone familiar with the comic books, but it should be a rug pull for the more mainstream audience. When 'The night Gwen Stacy died' was released it was a total game changer- the hero had never failed to save the girl before and the Green Goblin had been a relatively low key villain until that point- and they should aim to recreate that where possible.

And, as I've detailed in my own post, I reckon that the Goblin won't come in fully until the final act. Which would mean Electro would be the main threat for the majority of the film. The problem with Spidy 3 wasn't just two many villains, it was they were all jostling for the prime spot.

I get the impression that even Rhino will be a relatively secondary antagonist, only cropping up at one or two points to emphasise the ongoing struggle for Peter between his personal life and his life as a superhero- indeed, one of the trailers does indicate that while the graduation ceremony is going on for Peter and Gwen and their classmates, Spidey is busy in either his first or second encounter with Rhino. Both he and the Goblin could end up being primary members of the Sinister Six in the spin-off film of the same name, though, perhaps with indoctrinated Electro and Lizard as part of the line-up too.

I don't read comics / graphic novels I just watch the films. I'm not saying don't mention it but the simple word spoilers would have warned me off. That's all.

Jeez you guys are ignorant.

Lol, my local cinema has had that poster up for about three months XD I guess they weren't supposed to :P

Thank you for understanding my point.

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