Two new promos for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

News Simon Brew 18 Feb 2014 - 06:49

More footage lands as Sony releases a pair of new promo featurettes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2...

Sony is continuing to ramp up the publicity machine for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which heads to UK cinemas in April, ahead of its US debut in May.

The film reunites Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, amongst others, with Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti amongst the new additions. And a pair of new behind the scenes featurettes for the movie have been released, unveiling a bit of new footage as they do so.

This first one is entitled The Price Of Being A Hero...

And this second one is called Lights, Camera, Action.

More on the film over the next few weeks...

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Remember when the last one came out Sony released so much footage before hand someone was able to put together a thirty minute version of the film weeks before it was out in the cinema. Then when it was finally released it had no surprises left whatsoever. So Sony are doing that again are they?

If you take all of the material shown in the trailers and reorganise it you've probably got 98% of the actual film right there.

Someone tell the studios that less is more.

Can someone show the Sony guys the trailer for Godzilla? Or the first trailer for the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who?

*SPOILER ALERT*I've had my suspicions now for a while that Gwen isn't really going to die. They've been teasing it and teasing it in the trailers so much so that it feels like they're tricking us. Also, this Gwen getting into university thing is now the perfect excuse for her to leave and MJ to take her place.

I seriously hope they don't pussy out on killing Gwen off though because I think it's a vital moment in Peter Parker's life.

It sounds sick when I say it, but yeah, I kinda do hope they kill Gwen, it would give the story more time to expand, to grow into a successful franchise, we need a good Spidey franchise built as much as we have with the MCU.
But I think it might be a bait and switch, they tease it so much that we doubt she will, then she'll get killed by something we're not expecting.

If they kill her like the comics where it made Peter feel like it was his fault - that opens up for a ton of possibilities for where future films could go. They could introduce Venom, Mysterio, Green Goblin (Norman) or anything like that and they would be able to play against Peters emotions.
Unfortunately though if they don't kill her then it'll be a massive disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, its nothing against the actress - its just that I want this series to be faithful to the comics when it comes to Gwen.

You can moan, but that scene with Pete in his Spidey outfit buying cold meds is gold. So true to the spirit of the character. Can't wait.

There has only been like 4 trailers. None of the trailers have been longer than five minutes. Most have re-used footage we've had basically none of green goblin soooo yeah no

Yeah, I really have to agree there. As soon as I heard in AS 1 that the lead actress was going to be Gwen Stacy, I cringed. After seeing Emma Stone as Gwen I really had mixed emotions, I loved her portrayal and knowing what 'should' be coming up, I'm in two minds about it. I 'do' want a faithful adaptation of their romance storyline, but she's a huge improvement over the other leading ladies in comic book movies these days that I'd prefer to see more of her.

Agreed... part of me hopes that they kill her off an introduce Mary Jane as like a close-relative who is played by Emma Stone...

Personally Mary Jane has always been my least favourite of his potential love interests - but I do want to see the classic scene from the comics concerning Gwen...

Damn :/ Either way its bad. We either lose a good actress or we lose comic book accuracy...

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