Lots of new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage

Trailer Simon Brew 3 Feb 2014 - 06:59

An extended look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released, along with its second Superbowl spot...

Just before the weekend, Sony released part one of its two part Superbowl promo for its upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And, slap bang on schedule, it released part two yesterday. So let's start with that, but you might want to carry on scrolling down the page once you've had a mooch.

Here's the video - which seems to put to bed any doubts about the Green Goblin...

And then Sony also introduced a near four-minute extended preview of the film. This is one of those videos we'd suggest holding off watching if you intend to see the finished film. It's not directly spoiler-y, but it does seem to give bits away that it might be more fun to see when the movie is released. Here's the video...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 lands in the UK on April 18th.

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Well I don't think I need to watch the film now.
All plot points have been revealed in that second trailer.

I'm not going to bother watching the extended preview, but this looks a lot more fun than the first I have to say. I for one would much prefer that trailers were a bit shorter than they are today.

Well you were warned!

Each successive trailer seems to be an improvement on the last, so I'm a little more hopeful (a big step up from a few months ago when the first trailer was released). I was no fan of the first of this new series, but this looks a little more promising...

It's got all the stuff I like about Spider-Man so why do I feel so "meh" about it?

That looks great - just wish the Rhino looked better. Don't mind the whole exo-suit idea but they could have ran with that AND had it looking more like the original instead of the zord thingie (what is it with Spidey movies and Power Rangers??)

Go to 3:07- with a shot of Peter possibly screaming while tearstruck, this may very well be the moment after a certain character's esteemed comic-book demise comes to fruition on the big screen...

It's 2014! Lets get down with the kids and bang some dub step all over it! whup whup whup whup....

I'm just not really as excited for these (comic) films anymore, they all blend into one with nothing original to add. How many times do we have to see the same slow motion shot of an action scene where spidey nearly gets his little spider-man sliced off with a goblin blade or an electric bolt?

Really enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-Man film... for me personally it captured the spirit of Spider-Man 1000 times better than the Sam Raimi films. The only issue I had with the film was the Lizards design was rubbish and his master plan seemed to be a last minute addition and didn't sit with the rest of the film.

But this film looks like it will be THE Spider-Man film I have been waiting for... although I am not sure about Rhino's design... but I'll wait til I see the full version before I judge it.

Looking forward to it! Although, the "Enemies Unite Sizzle" trailer should really be called "Electro's Storyline In Detail".

I worry about the number of villains. I also worry that the lead female seems to spend the whole time either worried or in peril. I don't know anything about the comic books/back stories but is there a female villain or less-spineless female hero in the Spidey Universe? That's not sarcasm by the way, I'd be interested to know, it just seems Gwen and MJ haven't exactly proved useful... Is that just them being served by a poor script or is that how their loyal to how they are described in the comics? Either way, it seems a shame to me.

for me the second trailer has waylaid my fears - The first was good with lots of problems thou - this just looks and feels like an out and out spidey film and I cant wait now

Am avoiding all trailers but please tell me there is no Spider-man action with his damm mask off?

I know I was forewarned, not a complaint against DoG, jeez.

This looks amazing and as far as I'm concerned, the more villains and hidden characters the better, just make it longer to fit them all in :-)
Did anyone notice the black microchip looking thing on the side of Electros head? Maybe some kind of OsCorp mind control thing making him do all the bad things he's doing? Like he seemed to like Spider-Man and then all of a sudden he wants to beat the crap of him

I hope not - the sheer magnitude of that event is incredible in terms of the comics - if they do it wrong or don't give it enough prominence then there will be a lot of angry geeks (including myself!)

Save it for the next film!

If you are avoiding all trailers why are you posting here doofus!

Avoiding trailers but reading spoilers & fan reactions are too different things, der!

The rhino design is from the ultimate universe

For this movie... I find that I don't mind.

Same, I won't be watching this at the cinema unless everyone else is rip-roaringly unanimous that it's actually AMAZING this time, ha.

from what I've seen in the trailers it doesn't look as good as the Rhino design from the Ultimate universe. I can see it's been inspired by it and hopefully it will look better when we see it in full

It looks better than part 1 at least

Calypso, Menace and Shriek are the only three I can think of. Calypso is associated with Kraven, who should be part of the Sinister Six. I think there could also have been some daughters of villains who took over from their fathers.

The Amazing Spidey 1 was amazingly crap. Give me the Raimi films, any day. Even number 3. The guy who plays Parker can't act, and the dude playing Osborne looks about 15. This is spiderman for Twilight fan girls. Spidey angst.... No thanks.

Bet he turns good at the end and teams up with Spidey.

Fingers crossed it is, I hate that film. *raises flame shield*

We shall see

Possibly. But then he'd be unlikely to join the suggested Sinister Six, if that were to be the case.

Last time they release the 4 minute trailer and the movie sucked. I wonder they are giving away everything again, because the movie might be below average or its just plain bad. They just want to drag the audience in. Otherwise no studio will give away so many videos footage.

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