The Amazing Spider-Man 2: first Superbowl spot

Trailer Simon Brew 31 Jan 2014 - 08:04

Sony teases a bit more of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in a new promo spot...

Sony has premiered the first of two new promos for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that it's prepared for Superbowl weekend. This one features Electro, Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy. There is some electricity too.

It leaves it on a cliffhanger of sorts, ahead of the second promo that it's running on Sunday, and whilst it doesn't overtly give anything away, it does seem to suggest a long-rumoured storyline for Marc Webb's upcoming sequel might be on the cards.

The movie arrives in the UK in April, ahead of the US release in May. And here's that new promo...

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*POTENTIAL SPOILERS BELOW* - don't blame me if you read on

Really hope they haven't just spoiled Gwen Stacy's death with that last scene there

Well MJ is in the next film...

A promo for the promo? That's just silly.


Going by what we've seen in other trailers (a brief shot of Spidey in the tower webbing downwards/ Gwen on one of the clock-wheels) I get the feeling that falling through the glass roof bit will be a bit of fake out death scene, before we unexpectedly have her actual death a minute or two later.

Baa with the baa the bang the bang


Didn't know that - feel its a shame as Gwen Stacy is such a better character than MJ in my opinion

So looks like they're definitely sticking with that name for the movie... I was kinda hoping that that was just a working title till they though if something better!

Actually, while they said she has been cut from this one, we can see her back for a second in the actual trailer. So maybe we won't even have to wait for the third movie to see her.

yeah I think she was cut because they thought it would just demean gwens death. imagine losing someone you love, and then getting over her instantly lol.

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