Sony pressing ahead with Venom and Sinister Six movies

News Simon Brew 13 Dec 2013 - 07:28

Sony recruits a bunch of writers to expand the Spider-Man cinematic universe, with Sinister Six and Venom movies on the agenda.

In the last week or so, it's been revealed that Fox has hired Simon Kinberg on a three year deal to build up and oversee the X-Men and Fantastic Four cinematic worlds. It had put Mark Millar on the payroll last year with that in mind too.

It's no secret that Marvel has plans for more phases on movies either, and also that Warner Bros is building up something similar for DC titles. Building cinematic universes is the current trend in blockbuster cinema.

Now, Sony is getting in on the act. Notwithstanding the fact that there are already three further Amazing Spider-Man movies announced, including next year's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it's now pushing ahead with its promise to expand the Spider-Man cinematic universe.

As such, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that it's hired a whole bunch of writers to "work on a large-scale story that will encompass several films". Those writers are Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, Ed Solomon and Drew Goddard.

Kurtzman and Orci are already working on The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but it's also revealed that the pair - along with Ed Solomon - are putting together a script for a Venom spin-off movie.

Furthermore, Drew Goddard is being lined up to write and possibly direct The Sinister Six movie.

Sony is betting heavily on Spider-Man, and not surprisingly. More news on the films, and the spin-offs, as we hear it.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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So who fights all these charters in their movies. unless I'm missing something does Sony not only have the rights to 1 hero?

Ffs... I'm getting sick of all these expanded universe superhero craplets now.

"Those writers are Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci" - NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh great, those two again.
Look Hollywood, if you want someone to watch a really successful film and then write a really crappy version of that film for a modern audience, my monkey brethren and I are here for you. All we require are 1,000 typewriters and some bananas!

Well don't watch them then you simple fool

As a Spider-Man fan I think that in theory this could be quite cool but it needs to be built right i.e. in a similar way to main Marvel series of films. I guess we'll see if Sony are heading in the right direction with TASM2 where I hope they've not just gone with the kitchen sink approach.

I'm actually with Vnofd5 on this one.

With so many of these films now, and spin offs in the pipeline, it's just diluting them all in an attempt to get as many done as possible for the simple fact they want money. (for me anyway)

The anti-avengers idea is intriguing but why would the villains be teaming up? Who/what are they fighting etc?

I was thinking this could be set between ASM2 and ASM3 if it's Spider-Man vs Sinister Six in ASM3? Show them coming together with a masterplan an then have the big showdown in ASM3.

I'm afraid they're kidding themselves.I don't believe they're genuinely viable concepts for movies without Spider-Man.If they'd perhaps tried introducing Black Cat in a movie of her own before working her into a Spider-Man movie,that could have had some creative credibility considering the failure to acknowledge female characters in the genre so far.Typical of contemporary Hollywood that they want to attempt this for the sake of imitating what somebody else has done despite the expense.Maybe,it's even a deliberate attempt to saturate the market to lessen the popularity of Marvel's films.Even if they get major talent approached to the projects,i just don't think an audience is really there for these ideas.

All of these major studios are going to be a bit buggered if the tide suddenly turns and the public becomes sick of endless superhero movies.

Agreed. Here's what I see: they're gonna create a new hero or heroes. They pretty much have to.

The thing is, there are lots of great comic book stories that in sure I'll never get to read. So to me, even though the movies are based on, or loosely based on, or sometimes barely even resemble certain characters and stories, whether I've read em before or not (ex: read winter soldier, haven't read DOFP) I will still be seeing them on screen for the first time. The stories, I mean. As for batman, xmen and Spider-Man, I watched the 90's cartoons as a kid, and I always wished they'd be made into movies. Well, 1 to 4 comic book movies a year isn't even a drop in the bucket of the hundreds of others. They simply have lots of money to spend and lots of fans to make em rich. It won't stop me from watching edge of tomorrow, or any other thing.

Kraven's Last Hunt would make Spider-Man 3 a good one for Garfield to bow out on.

Next from Sony - A J Jonah Jameson spin-off. THRILL to the bumping of a page one story in favour of a quick snipe at Spider-Man, QUAKE at the pressures to increase Bugle advertising revenue, TREMBLE at the impending threat of a printing press operator strike, GASP as bugle techs start working on the tablet version of the paper. Call the local cooper, the bottom of this barrel has been completely scraped away.

marvel are never getting him back :(

That, it would seem, is the idea sadly.

Im with bongo on this

Good question that...The Marvel Universe is so entwined that the rights for each character seem to be all over the place. I assume Marvel, for instance have the rights to Kingpin now they have Daredevil even though he is also a major Spidey villain. I wonder if Sony can use SpiderWoman, Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider), Miles Morales and Jessica Drew - all of whom could be the "hero" of a Sinister Six movie that may see Peter incapacitated during the events of the film (alternatively I wonder if Marvel have the rights to any of these characters and will introduce their own version of Spiderman into the MCU?)

Actually, I look forward to an MCU version of Marvels where the world is seen through the eyes of a normal person.

I can just about see a Venom movie working (with Eddie Brock in the suit, not Mac Gargan), but suspect we are heading for a superhero movie meltdown

This really isn't intended as a dig, more genuine curiosity, but I'm not quite sure where this 'too many superhero movies' idea comes from. Even if Marvel, DC, Sony and Fox all have waves of properties coming to the screen you're looking at, what, 8 a year max? 2 from the big boys, maybe 2 from Fox and 1 Spider-Man related film? That doesn't seem a busting lot as a genre compared to, say, romcoms?

And even if there ARE too many is that such a bad thing? As with everything the good ones will be liked and enjoyed, the bad ones will fade away. For that matter is 'superhero' even a single genre anymore? Look at Marvel's 2014 slate: Captain America 2 is, by all accounts, more of a political thriller and Guardians of the Galaxy is proper sci-fi space opera. Does it matter that both films feature characters that are something other than normal human?

Sadly, Sony has all live action Spiderman movie rights. Though it would be awesome to incorporate Spiderman into the Avengers series. I think it's more likely that they use something from FF or X-Men for S6.

Just a personal feeling really. I'm a massive comic books fan, but I still haven't bothered seeing the last Spider-man, despite owning about 300 spiderman comics. It felt too soon after SM1 to be doing the origin again, and I lost interest.

Marvel seem to be doing things right, looking at each property, making each one unique, but still part of a bigger universe. Even their worst films are decent and entertaining, so they deserve all the success they are having. Sony, DC and Fox all seem to be scrabbling around like mad, trying to get a slice of this, and everything we hear from them sounds like they are making a bit of a mess of it. Admittedly, Fox appears to be taking X-men a bit more seriously again, but I have no desire to see their latest attempt at an FF film.

To be honest, I would LOOOOVE to see Marvel get the rights back to all their characters. The results would be amazing.

I'm not sure that they can without agreement from Marvel. You can't just go adding characters to the Marvel Universe willy nilly. Surely they would have done so already if they could.

You should watch ASM, you're doing yourself a disservice. I remember getting that warm fuzzy feeling watching Tobey Maguire's Spiderman swing through the sky scrapers and adopting classic McFarlane poses. Imagine my surprise when I discovered ASM did it even better! Also, Garfield totally nails Parker.

Yeah, its kinda on my 'must-get-around-to' list

You're probably right. I heard they were consulting Stan lee on creating new heroes. Can marvel really stop them from doing that? Probably, yeah.

Well, Stan Lee's a free agent so nothing's stopping them creating new heroes, with or without his help. Just not in the MU.

I wouldn't mind fox keeping the mutants. I just wish they'd get wolverine in a costume. But as for fantastic four, I think they and skrulls and silver surfer and Galactus n em would make much more sense in the MCU.

TASM exceeded expectations, and I too thought it was too soon for a reboot.

Is it the MU though? They don't coexist, Spider-Man and the avengers. I don't think marvel can stop Sony.

Spidey is a Marvel character whether he's with the Xmen, the Avengers or on his own. You're suggesting Sony could create Fox Man within the Spiderman universe, own the rights to the character, make a film and keep all the money. There's no chance the contract between Marvel and Sony would be that permissive.

Maybe you're right. maybe Not. I don't know dude! Lets ask Fox-Man, see what he says! And if it starts with ring-ding, it will end with blood!

I want to see Flash Thompson as Venom. If the guy from tasm 1 can learn how to act.

To be honest, I'm getting a bit tired of all these comic book films. I really do hope that the winds of change come soon.

Anyone know if prior villains - for instance, Curt Connors - have the potential to be good guys later down the track, helping out Spidey? That might be a possibility...

The bubble's got to burst some time, right? I wonder if, ten years from now, we'll all be mourning the superhero genre, because the studios will have given up on them altogether...

I see your point, but romcoms don't have to make oodles of cash at the box office, because they're cheap to make. Superhero movies, however, DO have to make big returns. I think this is the danger. A string of 'flops' and studios could either go under or at least back away from comic books...

I'm glad someone has plenty of money to waste of crap like this. If these fail, it will be a Batman & Robin fail. REBOOT!

My dude. You're on to somethin.


What utterly depressing news. When is the tide going to turn? I'm at the point now where I'm hoping some of these movies will fail just so they'll stop making them.

I just want some bloody variety.

Each one of these massive movies demands huge PR campaigns, near constant media coverage, soaks up all the cinema screens (take a look at the upcoming release schedule for even 2018 and you'll see dates ear marked for Spider-Man 6) and squeezes out other interesting movies from getting made and promoted. The studios put all their resources into these films and that's detrimental for fans of original studio sized popcorn movies and near fatal for independent, adult fare. It's also colossally boring. Every single one of these films are echoes of each other, telling the same story over and over again in the same exhaustive, unimaginative way.

It's called agents of shield. 5 people watch it.

I thought there might be a crack about that! Nah, I meant like a reporter or even just random citizen.

Really? Because looking at next year you've got (deep breath) 300: Rise of an Empire, Edge of Tomorrow, Mad Max: Fury Road, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Pompeii, Robocop, GODZILLA(!!!!), Hunger Games, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Expendables 3, the Lego movie, How to train your Dragon 2 and the third Hobbit film just off the top of my head. 2015 has Star Wars, Jurrasic Park, Tintin, Prometheus 2, Terminator, Assassin's Creed, Bourne Identify 5, Mission: Impossible 5 and the next Bond movie. Dates may change, obviously.
And this is where I struggle to understand these arguments about Comic Book Movies(tm) being detrimental for fans of other popcorn movies. It sounds, frankly, more like people who don't like them whinging that they're being made at all. In 2014 there are a grand total of, what, 4 comic book films? Cap, Spiderman 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and X-men (anyone fill in ones I missed here please?). How is that destroying the cultural landscape for any other movie?
Now if you want to level your argument at Hollywood being unwilling (or at least very reluctant) to move away from sequels and reboots you may have a point. But comic book moves? Nah, sorry, don't see it.

With you on that, Marvel haven't made a bad film (IMO of course) and seem ready and willing to take chances both in front of and behind the camera. On t'other hand I have some hope for other studios at the moment and I never thought I'd be saying THAT a year ago.
They seem to be slowly learning that bad movies will produce bad revenues and that building shared universes and taking a few chances isn't a bad thing. It remains to be seen if they take the *right* chances of course but hiring people to watch over multiple films as a coherent entity is a step in the right direction. Ironically the only major worry I have right now is DC!

I did like Marvels, about the reporter doing exactly what you said.

You listed four original movies (Edge of Tomorrow, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pompeii, The Lego Movie). Says it all. More of the same. If you're happy with the trend of seeing the same stories over and over again, good for you, but I am sick of it. Utterly sick of it.

There are plenty of other movies for you to watch

It's not like they exclusively make superhero movies now, there are a lot of other things to watch out there. I don't like romcoms but I still managed to go to find other things at the cinema when they were at their peak.

Yes I agreee there is, but I for once would like to go to the cinema and watch a summer film that is an original story and not a reboot, remake or based upon story

Why Kurtzman and Orci - over and over, there are other writers in Hollywood. these guys are such hacks... how about some fresh blood?

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