What did we learn from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer?

Feature James Hunt 6 Dec 2013 - 06:39

We take a good look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer, and what clues it's given us about the movie...

He might be stuck in a world that doesn't feature the Avengers, but that doesn't stop Spider-Man being one of the definitive superheroes. The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has hit the web (no pun intended) and with it, our first real glimpse of what we can expect from the follow-up to 2012's Mumblecore Spider-Man.

Palette Swap

Whatever you thought of the first Amazing Spider-Man film, it did at least have a distinctive visual look, modern, a little sterile, and generally quite different from Raimi's almost cartoonish B-movie interpretation. This one, though, seems to be going in a more cartoonish direction, with a trailer's that's all neon and colour. We don't want to draw too many negative parallels, but the last time we saw a superhero film look this bright, it had a guy named Schumacher at the helm.

If It Ain't Broke…

One of the universally-agreed upon mistakes in The Amazing Spider-Man was that the altered version of Spidey's costume was, for the most part, a failure. There's a reason the classic design has endured since the 60s, and attempting to update it was a bad idea from day one. Thankfully, this is a lesson Sony appears to have learned, and we'd like to think it was a sense of respect and aesthetics that convinced them to go back to Ditko's look, rather than piles of shelf-warming merchandise.

The Os-born Identity

He's no James Franco, but Dane DeHaan should prove an entertaining Harry Osborn, embodying all the smarm and lack of charisma the character requires as the only kid around who's enough of an outcast to accept Peter Parker as his best friend. Rumours and leaks abound that this film will see Harry, rather than his father Norman, become the first Green Goblin and this trailer certainly doesn't contradict that theory.

Unspun Threads

Anyone who watched The Amazing Spider-Man probably noticed that a few of the plot threads seem to disappear without resolution about halfway through. Well, at least one of those stories is back – this trailer promises that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will show us a little bit more about what Peter's father was doing for Oscorp and may help explain why he and Peter's mother died in such mysterious circumstances. No word yet on whether Peter's still trying to track down his Uncle's killer, but maybe that'll be in the next trailer.

Villainous Behaviour

If you're the sort of person who thinks too many villains was the problem with the Batman movies of the late 90s (and there's certainly an argument to be made there) then this trailer probably isn't going to allay your fears. As well as Electro, the Rhino and some version of a Goblin character, this film also hints at future appearances by both Doctor Octopus and The Vulture. Are they background easter eggs? Or a hint that the Sony movies, without a set of licensed heroes to bring together, are aiming instead to group their villains instead? Start reading up on the Sinister Six, is all I'm saying.


Speaking of villains, we see a fair amount of Electro (reimagined in this film as someone who doesn't wear a goofy pointed face-mask) but only the barest glimpses of the Rhino. It's clear, though, that inspiration is being taken from the 'Ultimate' Rhino, a normal man who wears a mechanised Rhino suit. Not necessarily our preference, but much easier to make work on screen, we admit. Let's just hope they leave enough time to develop the villains properly. With any luck, someone will have realised that Spider-Man doesn't need a personal connection to everyone he fights, and that sometimes, using a villain sparing is better than trying to build an entire film around them.

"Stay away from my daughter"

Spider-Man's a hero. And being a hero means making sacrifices. Like, for example, honouring the dying wish of a man who asks you to stay away from his daughter, no matter how much you love her. On the other hand, would you be able to stay away from Emma Stone if she was into you? That's what I thought. Of course, anyone who's read a Spider-Man comic should know how Gwen's story ends, so maybe her father was right. Either way, that's a lesson Peter's going to have to learn the hard way. This film or next? Place your bets now…

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is due for release on April 18th 2014.

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Next film I recon, as part of the event which brings the Sinister Six together?

"He's no James Franco" No he certainly isn't! Dane DeHaan CAN ACT

I still can't get over just how much the Spiderman scenes are like watching a video game or the Universal 4K ride. I'm not a fan of it for a film.

Remember when we all had a big chuckle when the PS3 was announced and it had the Spider-Man font? Seems about right now.

Isn't the whole Sinister Six thing kind of a given? You even see these doors opening at one point (presumably) labelled 1 to 6

I don't think Harry is Green Goblin in this. The best look we get at the Goblin is at 1:53 and it's clear that he has a full head of thick blonde hair - Harry has wispy, brown hair.

I suspect the Goblin costume is some kind of mechanical aid (not unlike the Silver Samurai costume in The Wolverine) to the ailing Norman Osborn, who we have seen to have the right hair colour. We know that Connors' work in the first one was funded by Osborn partly to find ways to cure himself so why should the Goblin suit be any different?

Completely agree and I believe he is going to steal the show tbh

I do quite like the costume but I liked ASM's one too especially since it made sense from a practical perspective. There's no way the Raimi suit could have been made by Peter so I hope they'll explain this one and the change.

What we learnt.

Spidey looks great.
Peter is still a whiny, unlikeable, emo bore.

Not keen on the CGI used when spidey is swinging around

I'd pay to see a Spider-Man film if Peter Parker manned the hell up. Pansy.

I must say I am cautiously optimistic, as unlike the Raimi years, there seems to be a long term plan for the franchise, alongside a real reason for having half of the rogues gallery appear or be hinted at in the first two installments. I think with the path they are clearly going down with Gwen, that is when the naysayers will have to rethink their opinion on Andrew Garfield, as there is no way Maguire could have carried such an emotional storyline.

I'm still hoping the skydive Spidey makes in the beginning of the trailer is from a SHIELD helicarrier. It daft hope I know, but still it's hope!

Me too!!!

It's clearly DeHaan in the Goblin outfit. There is a shirtless shot of him writhing in pain, possibly undergoing some sort of transformation procedure. He probably won't metamorphose into the Green Goblin until the end.

really happy spiderman looks like spiderman! been wanting this look for 4films now :-)

I can't stress enough just how dated and rubbish the CGI and compositing looks. The first Tobey Maguire movie was in 2002, and it honestly looks about the same to me.

it looks a steaming pile of excrement

Love those big Macfarlane-style eyes.

Although I do like James Franco (... not so much Dave..), your comment is 100% on the money.
Dane DeHaan is truly a brilliant actor.

You must not have seen 127 Hours.

yeah totally

Extremely unlikely as Disney, through Marvel Studios, own the film rights to SHIELD and Sony don't.

It's probably just a taller building.

It's not clearly DeHann. Paul's probably right. Norman's quest for extending was suggested in the first film and seems a theme h=in this trailer too. Norman as Goblin makes more sense.

The first was a really bad film with some elements of real promise, let down by some terrible creative decisions and occasionally cringeworthy dialogue (and yeah imma say this: Rhys Ifans was dreadfully hammy in the role, like he didn't take it seriously at all).


I like the look of this trailer and hope they pull it round and do something awesome with 2.

From what i've seen of this trailer the 2002 movie looks better

Have you seen the close ups of the Goblin from the official Times Square poster? Have you seen the extensive freeze frame analysis of the trailer that is doing the rounds on other websites? It's DeHaan! If you're going to suggest it's Chris Cooper, then you should book an appointment with an optician, ASAP!

How do you explain the blonde hair then genius?

So you want me to do the thinking for you? You should be asking the exact same question with regards to Norman Osborn. Why on earth would his hair be blonde? Not to mention the complete change in body composition and face shape. I don't know the specifics of how Harry will become the Goblin, or why his hair will change. Perhaps he will ingest a serum that alters both his skin and hair colour. Whether these physical alterations are temporary or permanent - I haven't a dame clue. But, that is most definitely DeHaan on the glider.

So much negativity towards this and the first film when Raimi's Spiderman trilogy was absolutely awful!

The Amazing Spider-Man definitely had problems, but it also had huge promise and a lot to like. It's got a good story arch to build on too. I'm hopeful. Also, I really like Andrew Garfield.

Taking this a little seriously aren't we Eric?

The answer lies at one thirty two. Looks blonde to me.

There's this thing called hair dye.

The acting is some of the worst I've ever seen. Not a line in the trailer that isn't delivered with a dramatic pause between words. This includes people like Peter's dad.

Overacting like I've never seen it before.

I have a few concerns. One is the multiple villain problem and the other is that some of the Spidey/Electro scenes look a little too much like video game graphics.

Well, the one thing I've learnt from the trailer is that it looks as if it's going to be as s**t as the first one was!!

No I haven't. Why would I watch it when it stars James Franco?!

Because it's an amazingly well directed emotional gut punch of a film that features some truly wonderful acting from Franco. If you don't want to watch it simply because you somehow disagree with Franco's presence, your loss.

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