The first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Trailer Simon Brew 5 Dec 2013 - 13:30

Sony takes the covers off The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with the electrifying first trailer for the film. See it here...

Following a collection of teases and mini-trails, Sony has now formally taken the wraps off the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which sees Andrew Garfield returning in the title role.

Emma Stone, Martin Sheen and Sally Field are back too, along with newcomers Dane DeHaan, Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti. And we've got our first clues as to how the gaggle of villains are going to fit together. The film itself arrives in the UK on April 18th 2014 (two weeks ahead of the US launch), and Marc Webb is back in the director's chair too.

Enough waffle from us, then. Here's the trailer. Leave your thoughts on it in the comments below...

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Looks awesome! If I remember correctly, the whole Oscorp-makes-the-baddies thing is from the Ultimate Spidey universe. Sinister Six will be awesome, wonder if it will be a clear two parter like Hunger Games, Potter, Twilight etc or just one massive film...

The new suit makes it look a lot more like the comics, I like it and 1:17 made me smile.

I hate Slow-Motion so, so much. It adds nothing. Apart from that, it looks pretty good! Although perhaps straying a little bit into Spider-Man 3 territory? In that trailer alone there seemed to be about a dozen different plot threads.

Looks good. Like that they've built on the science from the first one. Number of villains doesn't look to be a massive issue from this so far.... Quite timely with today's article. It has a Empire Strikes Back feel. Loved the Vulture/Doc Ock nods....

Two-parter, apparently. They'll be shooting #3 and #4 back to back.

I don't know. I am actually very fond of The Amazing Spiderman but.... this just feels off. Maybe it's just poor presentation. I'll still pay to see it anyway.

Too bad they probably spoiled the post-credits tag, with the wings/ tentacles outfits and those six doors opening, revealing... Hmmm, what could it possibly be?

Cautiously optimistic? I think so. Though (enter pedant mode) I dislike that he caught that police car like that. Lifting a car should be at the top top range of Spider-man's strength limit, so to do it so easily seems to over-power him.

I must admit, I never got round to seeing the last one. It just didn't look great next to the Sam Raimi ones. This trailer makes me want to check it out

Yeah - the Matrix (while using slo-mo effectively itself) has a lot to answer for!!

Is that Mysterio at 1:28?

Spider man can lift about 10 tonnes (more, in current continuity), so a cop car shouldn't give him much problem

Should be ridiculously huge even for a superhero film then! Wonder if the series will continue after that... Oscorp had symbiotes under lockdown in the ultimate universe I think too.. or that might have just been the videogame..

I was worried but the trailer has sold me. The new Harry seems very sinister.

It still looks overstuffed but it should be good fun. Also, is it just me or has the inception-ification of trailers reached tipping point? That truck crashing through the cars and the BWAAAA music cue seems like borderline parody

Marvel's Strength Database says his original limit was 20 tonnes, it increased over time to 50 and then got reduced back to 20 during the One More Day storyline - which it currently sits at.

A car weighs between 1 and 1.5 normally so it's like akin to an average person catching a 2-3kg medicine ball.

Paul with the facts there. I resign my pedantry and stand corrected.

With a possible Super-Villain team up and one hero to take them on, will the follow-up be an obverse to the Avengers movies? Along with the fairly obvious Vulture and Ock references I'm sure I also spotted Mysterio at 1:28!

Wasn't trying to correct you - just hoping to give the definitive answer on Spidey's car catching ability!

It is actually a very strong film, and true to the comics in its own way. I'll never understand why it gets so much hate, in some circles, online because most of the general public seem to think about it in positive terms!

Yeah, I found that link too. I'm convinced that back when I used to collect the comics, he was generally supposed to be 9-11 tonnes, with Venom around 15 tonnes, but I think that period must have been retconned away.

Euther way, a car is a doddle

Well I for one am really looking forward to this after that trailer! It looks to be a lot more fun than the first, and the stakes seen higher than previous films what with so many villains in. Love Jamie Foxes Electro! And the costume looks spot on this time round for Spidey! Can't wait!

As a fan of the first ASM I was looking forward to this but I was worried about it being overstuffed; it still looks like there is a lot going on but it also feels like they do have a plan too for the series as a whole.

Two words - The Lizard.

Such a disappointment for my favourite Spidey villain.

I'm going to go against the grain: I don't like the look of this. The first movie seemed very Twilight-y - Peter Parker was reinvented as a cool outcast, rather than a bullied nerd. It looks like part 2 does little to change that. And the effects look a little video-game-ish (apologies for my ad-hoc adjectives). As for Harry Osborne: he comes across as a creepy, spoilt teenager with hipster hair.

Overall, it looks like a by-the-numbers superhero movie, with cheesy dialogue. I really, REALLY hope I'm wrong, because Spidey was my favourite superhero growing up, and I'd love for this to be awesome. But I'm just not convinced by this trailer.

To be fair, you don't see the full shot. He might quickly 'bounce' it out of his hands rather than catch it. Which would be believable with Spider-Man's strength threshold, I'd say. I could be wrong, and it could be a ludicrous car-lifting with no trouble, but I doesn't look that way to me!

Slowed it down - now it looks like Electro with his head dipped down.

I guess it was too much to hope it would be Mysterio, especially after the Lizard let down of the last film.

Who else spotted Dr Octopuses robotic tentacles on show in Oscorp?

Wow they're really committed to the whole "chosen one" kind of origin, eh? He can't just be a regular kid; his background has to have some sort of important connection to his powers. This doesn't really bother me except for the fact that this type of American exceptionalism is so pervasive. But yeah, I echo a couple people here: cautiously optimistic.

It never had a hate for it, just the summer season is so crowded with movies these days that this one got missed. I did feel that the franchise had been rebooted too quickly though, because otherwise, there are always going to be comparisons, and I though Sam Raimi did a pretty decent job with his trilogy (even SM3 is good if you edit out about 10 mins from the middle)

That's Electro at 1:28

Please don't say the CGI. So many people said the CGI was unrealistic for the Lizard, "It doesn't look like a real, giant walking man-lizard".

Yep. That's apparently the idea. It's Electro indeed, but if they ever managed to squeeze Mysterio in those, I would be the happiest of happy campers.

Now photoshop Tobias' face onto Electro.

I'm finally excited for this

Exactly. Spider-Man 3 wasn't looking ahead. This seems thought out.

Not CGI, just the general design of him - he was not Lizardy enough. He didn't so much look like a human/lizard hybrid as a big green man. Not like the upright walking crocodile thing he is in the comics.

What Jamie Foxx Say???

I'll grab my coat.

And a set of wings!

To be fair, I still think the animatronics of the 1990's TMNT films looks more realistic than the CGI Lizard in Spiderman.

Sometimes CGI should be used, for things like that though I honestly feel animatronics and puppetry are the way to go. When it can physically touched it just seems that more real.

Lets say it like it is, he looked like that small headed lizard thing in the Mario Bros film.


Not excited by this really. Looks like too much "fridge-nuking" for me, I'm also not a big fan of the Ultimate universe direction this has, but I guess that just a question of me growing up with classic Spidey. And as for 'Rhino as battle suit'? Count me out.

Sorry to be so negative amongst all these positive posts, but it's just not doing it for me. Spidey hasn't been Amazing since Spider-Man 2 IMHO.

I remember that and Hulk was at about 100 tonnes but it's probably more than that now.

Dominic Toretto's gang, dummy.

with the amount going on in this trailer, it looks as though it was a smart move ditching MJ there is no way they could have done her justice

Haha! Harsh but funny. If they somehow manage to make a Spiderman/Fast and Furious cross over film, I for one would pay through the nose to see this.

I knew I'd seen something like him before!!!!

That's where LOTR got so many things right - a blend of CGI, miniatures, costumes, make up, animatronics and good old fashioned camera trickery.

thanks for the backup. Thought I was losing it

Hulk is the strongest one there is!!!

I think the Rhino battle suit direction is an interesting one. Shame its not the classic Rhino getup but maybe they tested various "looks" and Paul Giamatti in a grey skin tight get up didn't go well. It looks like the whole Sinister Six will have very Tech based powers so i guess the battlesuit kinda fits that logic.

Fair point, Jonny. Paul Giamatti is woefully miscast as the Rhino anyway... but maybe not in this 're-imagining'.

-A mess of a script that has entire subplots starting and then dropping them like they're on fire. Whatever happens to Ratha after the Williamsburg bridge?
-Poor characterization that has Peter Parker act like a kewl sociopath or a mopey asshole. "Some promises are made to be broken", really? That's how you honor the guy who gave his life for you?
-Changes in the origin story that become pretty much headscratching, like when he gets the idea for his mask from a giant mural depicting a Mexican luchador or the fact that the sequence that causes Uncle Ben get shot originates because Peter storms off home like a whiny bitch.
-A divergence in tone that makes embarrassing stuff which otherwise worked in the hands of Sam Raimi. Yes, I'm talking about the cranes sequence or the basketball court confrontation.
-Peter Parker "interns" at OsCorp while his own classmate Gwen Stacy is Head of Interns and almost even Head of Research at the lab.
-Dr.Connors "arc" (and Rhys Ifans' perf) is spotty at best. We never know if he's sympathetic enough or a total creep. "Yes, I knew about your parents, but wait, OsCorp is evil? So, OK, OsCorp is evil and I will have my vengeance against them and then Mankind just because, but please, leave Peter alone". Huh?
-Flash Thompson becoming best buddies with Peter Parker. Of all people.

At 1:53, is that Sting in his Dune cossie?

The Rhino concept is look ropey.

Wow, even by modern day standards, that trailer was tremendously spoileriffic. It still looks like it could be interesting, but we'll have to wait and see. For the moment colour me cautiously optimistic...

Spidermans CGI is too in-focus looks like a cartoon rendered over live action

Flash isn't best buddies with Peter in the film; he's more of believable character than the stereotypical bully by being sympathetic to Peter after Ben's death; in the comics he does end up as Peter's friend and he was always a huge Spider-Man fan.

Gwen had interned at OsCorp for some time so for her to be head intern is fine; why is that an issue?

The Mexican mask inspiration is better than randomly choosing to wear a red mask.

**Spoiler alert** Well according to the mid-credits in Thor 2, the Guardians of the Galaxy may be facing off against Billy Idol...

I told them to smash a banana onto Brock Lesnar's forehead and call his mama fat, but nooooo, we want a thespian. And he did the "helmet-shut clink". Cute. Good thing nobody remembers Iron Man and War Machine doing it in IM2.

Wow that looks great. What's-his-name from Chronicle is wonderfully creepy.

No more menacing Uruk Hai. Now we got the CGI Pale Orc. Imagine if the Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth was CG. He wouldn't have scared me out of my skin. Werewolves in the 80's are to me the perfect example of what you can achieve old school. Somebody please call Greg Nicotero.

It was supposed to be a Goomba, wasn't it? Road, who looked nothing like Toad, turned into a Goomba, who looked nothing like a Goomba. Well...

Bonesaw. No further witnesses, your honor.

Cue annoying Reggaeton comic reliefs en ESPAÑOL

Ive just invited a new word: ‘Troiler' - when a trailer is just one big film spoiler.. “Remember me internets.. Remember meee...."

I count four subplots that started and were left unresolved, Ratha, his Parents, Osborne on deathbed and Ben's killer.

Osborne and the mystery of his parents were clearly set up to be long term plots over the course of the series, rather than a single film, so I see no issue with them not being resolved in the single film and the end of the film gave us emotional closure on the Ben's killer subplot that meant Peter didn't have to find the killer, he was no longer just motivated by vengance.
So that leaves that Ratha strand, and yes it is problematic that we don't get a resolution to him, but that didn't bother me.

The mask from the mural was a reference to the Wrestling part of the origin story, which was always a little ridiculous, so it was there to acknowledge that for the fans. And the Peter storming off leading to Uncle Ben getting shot is taken almost directly from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, which I quite liked as it provided a strong modern take on the character.

I thought the tone was pretty consistent for most of the film, it was pretty humorous and quite light for the most part, with only a couple of darker moments. I agree with you about the cranes bit, but I feel those scenes also didn't work when Raimi did them and they feel like something that was kept in via the studio to show 'New York loves Spidey' seeing as how they appear in every film!
I thought the basketball bit did work quite well, and again is based on a simillar sequence in Ultimate Spider-man comics.
No problem with Gwen being head-intern at OsCorp, she is the top student at a Science-High School it makes sense that she is the type of student they would want as an intern!
Connor's arc was pretty clear, and followed the same arc he tends to have in the comics. Lost a limb, uses Lizard dna to try and grow it back, uses it on himself, becomes a Giant Lizard. The Lizard persona takes over and wants to turn all humans into Lizards. Don't see why he would be a total creep.
Flash didn't become best buddies with Peter, he just became less of a dick to him after his Uncle died. I actually liked the small progression they had with their relationship, it tied back to the comics and helped make Flash feel like more of a character, rather than the non-entity he was in the Raimi films.

Is it just me or did the Goblin not look like Harry Osborn - are we looking at Hobgoblin rather than Green Goblin - I do hope so!

Looks good and like they may have learnt some lessons from the first! DeHaan what can I say this boy can act!

so there will be rhino, electro and green goblin. dr. octopus will be on of the willains of part 3 at the end of which we will have venom goo appear

The Spidey scenes look very much to that of a modern day video game or the 4K Spiderman ride at Universal. Not feeling it at all.

I like how they took all the great things from Spiderman-3 and put into this film... you know the overbearing amount of villians... the emo look.

Hopefully the embarrassing dance on the sidewalk too

Good luck. I already tried troiler with trolls that travel in trailers. Trivial but true.

The second they hired Jamie Foxx, they lost this lifetime Spider-Man fan. To make Spider-man 2.02 totally unwatchable, they added a "Ripped From Yesterday's Headlines" aspect, with Sony Pictures spending a quarter of a billion dollars to lecture Americans about the evils of rich capitalists.

Makes me look forward to Ant-Man.

I have to disagree on the Twilight-y point. I'm seventeen, roughly the same age as Peter was suppose to be in the last film, and I was pleasantly surprised by the way they re-invented Peters character. I don't know what high school was like when the comic books were written, but I've never come across the kind of nerd Toby Maguire's Peter was shown as. Andrew Garfield's Peter, however, is pretty much the sort of 'geek' I saw at school and still see at college. Peter, Gwen and Flash are probably one of the more realistic portrayals of modern suburban teenagers I've seen in my generation.

I believe it's What's-his-face.

Dane Dehaan? Not sure

But did you add obligitary asterisks? **TROILER**

That's exactly why I loved The Amazing Spider-Man. I was 17 when it came out last year and I genuinely believed that someone like me was Spider-Man.

No I forgot. Oh well. Maybe someday I'll invent a new word. Now excuse me, I must celebrate Spleen Day, where you lay in the 96 position and fart on the back of each other's necks.

Patent pending

Haven't chuckled uncontrollably at something quite so much for a fair while... thank you!

I'm 31, and your points are interesting. Truth is, if I were in school now, supposing I were 17, I'd be cooler than I was back then. Simply because geeks are just cooler now than ever.

If peeing in your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

That's more reality than billy Madison quote.

I remember watching it with my wife... I paid dearly for that. Book of Eli? Nope. The Lovely Bones.

for a moment there, I thought you said '' I was 17 when I came out'' I thought oh no Tom Daley's

The general point you're making, the way you're defending it, and your interpretation on the words "geek" and "nerd" are.. Well, I don't know what to say, other than I think this movie might be made especially for you.

Peter Parker to Spider-Man has always THE origin story. Mostly friendless, meek, frequently bullied and unhappy. However, most importantly, he is deeply unpopular and relatively strange.

The Amazing Spider-Man's interpretation on this? Make him the coolest looking motherhugger in every scene he's in, impeccable hairstyle, skateboard (2012?) and adorably distant/aloof. Seriously, if you can POSSIBLY defend an argument from the point of view that this isn't a blatant and shameless attempt to vacuum in the stray Tumblr hordes of lost and confused, post-twilight series fan-children, please do! I'd love to see it.

And I refuse to believe your argument that the classic Peter Parker archetype isn't relevant anymore, because that is utter bull. It is, and will forever be relevant - as long as there are 17 year olds and High Schools in the world. Either that, or you went to the angstiest bloody high school this side of Forks, Washington state.

But that's my point - Peter has been REINVENTED. Maybe you never encountered that kind of geek at school, but that's who Peter Parker is. Peter didn't ride a skateboard, stand up to bullies pre-superpowers, nor have smoldering eyes and a James-Dean demeanour. He was a nerd given superhuman abilities, which after initially made him arrogant, then after his uncle's death: responsible and selfless. Then eventually he starts growing confident in his abilities and becomes our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. This new version is angst-ridden, broody, tortured - and Twilight through and through. I just get the sense that this film panders to a particular demographic, rather than staying true to the character.

Perhaps Peter character needs updating (it worked wonderfully for Thor and Captain America), but I think this version is way off the mark.

Doc Ock - new interpretation incoming, fingers crossed for that and Vulture movie debut just round the corner...however maybe Captain America 2's Falcon development meant that the wait for on-screen Vulture was pushed back?

1:23 in the video, six doors?!?

I also see all that talk about it (the movie) having a subtitle was false. The Amazing Spiderman 2, no mention of the rise of electro!

Anyone else think Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) embodies a young Montgomery Burns?

I used to think that Peter Parker was that way and thought Tobey Maguire's portryal was spot on but having watched the animated series 'The Spectacular Spider-Man' and read the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko comics it's actually wrong. Peter was loner since he always chose to do his own thing and not go with the crowd but he was a typical head strong, he's not meek at all, his look was not too different to other teenagers and he wasn't deeply unpopular. ASM captures the original character very well and in fact softens him because he's a bit of a jerk at times in this early stories.

I think comparing this Peter to the guys from Twilight goes a little far. He's a typical teenager with the characteristics that go with it just as he did in the original comics. He's not particularly broody, tortured or angst ridden beyond the norm until Uncle Ben dies and at that point it's a perfectly natural change.

Some of the ladies do like Peter Parker in the original comics too with his look being typical for the time though a bit smarter so I think having him look like a normal modern teenager is perfectly fine.

worste looking cgi effect for spiderman. even the crappy 70's tv movie spiderman looked better. And rhino as basically a mech suit is a terrible idea. Though that brief glimpse of a hall/vault with doc oc's arms and what looks like vulture's wing/jet pack about halfway through is enticing. Rest looks fine, but the spiderman cgi is terrible. It's like they are going the same way the xmen movies did with wolverine's claws. Each sequel they look worse until they are restarted for a 3rd time. (x1-x3, origins, then wolverine. claws were great in 1, okay in 2, horrible and inconsistent in 3 and origins, but pretty good in wolverine)

I'm with Clinton on this - I'm a huge fan of Spidey but this looks rather generic. Can't help but feel I've seen it all before.

Exactly. Sums up my feelings about this reboot totally.

Looks good. The effects look like a PS4 ad but other than that, I think I have cracked the formula of this movie just from the trailer:
3 parts The Amazing Spider-man (2012)
2 parts Raimi's Spider-man 2 (2004)
1 Part Raimi's Spider-man 3 (2007)
1 Part Superman 2 (1980)
1.5 parts Chronicle (2012)
2 Parts PS4

I think Peter HAD to be re-invented, otherwise he would have become irrelevant to todays society...

People said similar thinks on other teaser trailers for other movies. I think the CGI is probably not yet fully complete. I expect these scenes to look awesome in the final product.


No no, I was being a wrong pedant (the only worse thing is a right pedant, you can't correct one of them) and you were rightfully correcting me!


Looks like its going to be another fantastic film looking forward to seeing this.

the cgi looks awful imho

I liked the first one but this looks crappy. Too many villains and the visual style was, I dunno, too shiny I think.

Electric dude needs to learn how to lead a target. BAM, film over.

I like the look of this, really enjoyed the first one, although I was convinced I wouldn't. I'm really glad they didn't just do a re-tread of the first Spidey trilogy in this series. They've gone an entirely different route, which is a bold move.
Good luck to 'em. This looks like another Bluray to add to the collection.
( I buy most big releases on BRD now, as the cinema tends to be prohibitively expensive, with the cost of two tickets usually more than the standard BRD release, so I buy the film instead !)

the non existent connection between the romantic leads. the empty/abandoned warehouse/construction yard/ science lab showdowns.
I have no faith or respect for the new set. And Rumor has it they are already planning a 3 and 4 with this Spidey.

The CGI looks so cartoon-like that I wonder if that was a deliberate choice. They're capable of being so much more realistic these days, but if it's a conscious effort to have a comic feel then I guess that's interesting.

Having watched this in IMAX 3D before the Hobbit any fears about the effects have been laid to rest. It looks absolutely stunning and I don't think it looks anything like a cartoon on the the big screen.

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