Official poster lands for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Poster Simon Brew 3 Dec 2013 - 19:27

There's a seemingly confirmed spoiler in the poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Be warned...

Appreciating that lo-res versions of this have been doing the rounds online for the past few days, we've now got the official version of the first proper The Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster. And yep, that looks like the Green Goblin - in the guise of Dane DeHaan's Harry Osborn - in the middle of it.

That said, he's not the only foe on here, as you'll see.

Do note that this is the US banner. The UK release date is Friday 18th April 2014. And the full trailer for the film arrives on Thursday...

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I would love this to be great (duh) but seeing this kind of feels like Spiderman 3 all over again

Exactly what I was thinking! I don't think I've ever gotten over the Venom-at-the-end-for-10-seconds debacle that was Spidey 3!

I thought that was Green Lantern, with the Star Wars Emperor being pictured as well... oops.

Especially as Spider-Man 3 could have been so much better. Of course, so could have X3, but X3 only needed a proper director (who thought he was better off doing a Superman reboot, oops...) Spider-Man 3 needed some rewrites, but the potential was there. It's better than its reputation, but it certainly isn't perfect.

I always think Spidey 3 isn't quite as bad as people think, provided you edit out the Douchbag Peter bit in the middle. Someone needs to release a non-directors cut of that film

Call me shallow, but Garfield's eyebrows are still far too thick and bushy for my Parker tastes.

What the hell is that Zoid thing? Please don't tell me that's the Rhino? Sony have ruined the spiderman franchise!! Give the rights back to marvel! Rhino and Electro are iconic villains! Who will care about them when their characters have been altered so heinously??!!

Why has no-one pointed out the Rhino looks like a dino-bot? Or was that common knowledge? The first one was sloppy and rushed (and let's pretend that our expectations haven't dropped but it was crap) but this looks a perfect storm of manure.... Even the poster is over crowded... I'm not being a pessimist here but what kind of story was ever written that they had to take out MJ and have 3 villains?? I'm going to watch this crash and burn from a safe distance

I've gone back to Spiderman 3 several times, and every time I do I spend the first half thinking "man, this is great! Why do I always crap on this?" and then before long I'm begging it to end

Why has no-one involved in making superhero films caught onto the fact that Three Villains = Franchise Killer yet?

Dont know whether i can be bothered with this film or not.

Lol, I was just thinking about how "The Amazing Spiderman" only featured a Douchbag Peter.

Super man 2 survived having 4 villains

True - that's why Three is the Magic Number

True - three villains in Spider-man 3 failed the movie - but most of the criticism from that movie was in Peter Parker/Spider-man and the script being a 'Save Mary Jane' plotline for the third time.

Sure you can blame the villains - the exact number, however this movie has a minimum of five villains;
1. Electro (Main Villain)
2. Rhino (Side Villain)
3. Green Goblin/Harry (Side Villain)
4. Norman Osborn
5. 'The Gentleman' (The man in the shadows from the previous film)

Not to mention the suits of Vulture and Doc Ock seen in the trailer (Out tomorrow)

Death of Gwen Stacey storyline most likely. Establishing the set-up for her death while also upping the threat level. The multiple villains in likely because Electro is somewhat more of an anti-villain (Attempting to be a superhero at first according to rumors)

As for MJ - the actor received a massive amount of fan hatred when she was announced as the role. Its likely they are removing her from the spotlight to give them time to either replace her or simply introduce her in a different way than they intended. I believe the original plot only featured her having varying cameos through the film - such as working as a waitress during the Rhino battle and appearing as a helper for a foreign exchange student (Harry) at Peter's school.

Sure the poster is terrible - but lets be honest with ourselves - they are trying to feed basic Spider-man fan desire which includes the following;

1. Sinister Six Movie;
- Fans have been in need of a multi-villain Spider-man movie for a long time, hence why Spider-man 3 is still the highest grossing Spider-man film, having Venom alongside a minor character Sandman and Green Goblin (Harry)
- Marc Webb has expressed interest in making a Sinister Six film and with four movies confirmed at this early stage - he has the ability to do almost whatever he wants as long as it will earn back enough to ensure the sequel.
2. Lots of villains;
- Tying in with the Sinister Six idea is the multiple villains aspect. Most the enjoyment of the films comes from the threat and how its dealt with. One of the most redeeming moments of Spider-man 2 for me was the progression of the villain.
- More villains tends to ensure a larger audience as fans of such villains will go see the movie. Hence why a Venom film is still on the cards at some point.
3. Larger universe
- Even before Iron Man where the after credits scene showed a meet-up with Nick Fury, the comic book fans have longed for a multi-hero or multi-villain storyline. Its why Avengers succeeded even though the story was weak - because it had multiple heroes.
- The bigger the Spider-man universe the higher the chance of spin-off's being made. This is crucial to the creation of the Venom movie.

In truth the character of Peter Parker has been stagnant for sometime with very little overall development in any of his franchises - with only the villains providing a distraction.

In this case they probably originally intended for Green Goblin to be the main villain - however realised that it would be too similar to Spider-man. So they instead chose him to be Harry (playing on the animated series where Harry appeared as the Goblin before Norman)

With Goblin being forced to a secondary villain they chose to introduce Electro - a minor villain in comics who honestly is always treated poorly - hence why they chose him. Its easier to improve on a relatively weak character in the comics than to improve on an iconic character.

As for Rhino - he serves the function of the expanded universe aspect - forming a bridge between 'Rhino' and the 'Spider-Slayers' - this also enables them to have a 'cameo villain' and allow for the introduction of RavenCroft - which could be used for a 'villain breakout' if a Sinister Six movie is on the cards.

You can miss the movie if you want - but part of me has always loved the tech in the films - such as the web shooters or the goblin armour + its a superhero film that could actually kill off a love interest which peaks my interest - as the only recent superhero film to do that has been The Dark Knight. I'll likely check it out and probably will end up getting it on DVD to continue my Spider-man film collection. Though in truth part of me just wants this series to end with a Sinister Six film and then have the rights revert back in order for a new Spider-man to appear in one of the Avengers movies...

Maybe Norman won't be villain in this film

bite my shiny metal ass

I stand corrected! I don't really follow the Amazing Spidey series as much as went before so I don't really relate to this content. I understand what you're saying about introducing the villains but I have never seen that work in a movie. Thanks for your reply though I might look into the series of comics further

I really do hope it's not a bad film because I like Electro a lot

Because it's not a franchise killer. Batman Begins: Scare Crow, Ra's Al Ghul, and Carmine Falcone. The Dark Knight: Joker, Two-Face, and Sal Maroni. The Dark Knight Rises: Bane, Talia Al Ghul, Catwoman. Batman Returns: Penguin, Catwoman, and Max Shrek. X-Men: Mystique, Magneto, Sabertooth, Toad. X2: Magneto, Stryker, Mystique. X-Men First Class: Emma Frost, Azazel, Sebastian Shaw. Iron Man 3: Mandarin, Aldrich Killian, Eric Savin.

There's always one moron who think's they're clever when they don't actually get the joke.

Besides First Class and Iron Man 3 don't count anyway because you have hand picked three out of numerous villains :-p

Fan hatred is rarely the real reason why someone is dropped from the project. For example Nolan didn't drop Ledger although most fans hated the casting at the time and there is always someone hating something. If Shailene Woodley had been great MJ, she would have been in this movie. It's also very possible that there were some kind of monetary reasons why she was dropped. Anyhow fanboys often give themselves too much credit in these kind of matters.

Otherwise I agree with what you said.

I'd say Spiderman 3 is great up until the scene he first puts on the black suit, and then it goes downhill, with the occasional cool scene

What is it with Spider-Man movies and rubbish villain designs? I think GG looks slightly better than the first trilogy power ranger masked version but Rhino looks awful here. As did Lizard in the previous movie. Electro doesn't look much better. I wish Marvel would get this back off Sony.

By watch from a distance, you actually mean buy tickets for the day of release just like we all will

Can we all agree on something about the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy?

Nobody ever went to those thinking: "You know what? I need more pensive Mary Jane scenes."

Thanks for calling me a moron. I am always surprised on how insulting people can be on the internet. You would never say that directly to my face.

Oh dear. What an awful mess you've made there, Sony. Go to your room.

Sinister 6 maybe?

He'll be a villain behind-the-scenes taking up the Goblin mantle at the end of the film to tease the third.

All I can say is the trailer better blow me away..

It seems that Electro is definitely being given a lot more powers - seems they are trying to make him a reluctant villain in a similar way to how Rhino becomes more evil I believe Peter/Spider-man will do something to cause the creation of Electro.

As for my own thoughts on Electro - I've never really valued him on his own as a character - he tends to lose control of his power which is normally his downfall and I wouldn't be surprised if he 'electrocutes' Rhino in the movie - possibly exploding to fake his death.

The way this new franchise seems to be going is that OsCorp has the monopoly on super-power-causing accidents - a bit like super-serum/Hulk radiation/power-of-the-week-in-SHIELD/Extremis all seem to be linked in the Avengers film universe.

I remember a while back they said it wasn't the Green Goblin, but the proto-goblin as it was called....but I knew the main villain of the film was going to be Electro

I suppose - OsCorp is the easiest way of establishing a connection and securing belief that it all occurs in the same universe. Other examples of this are in the Superman Universe with LexCorp and the Batman Universe with Wayne Enterprises (In particular the Nolan series)

I don't mind it as such as long as their is some variation and reason behind it. I can understand Doc Ock and Vulture being made by OsCorp for this film series for example as Norman probably wants to capture Spider-man in order to get his regenerative and healing abilities.

Not all of them are accidents though. Heck, in this universe it was originally planned that the scientist from the first film intended peter to get bitten in order for him to be a test subject for a potential way to save Norman Osborn.

Lizard and Green Goblin are more their own making rather than a direct accident. Vulture and Doc Ock also appear now to be directly created by OsCorp on purpose.

Nope, didnt see the first one in the cinema... got burned badly by Wolverine Origins.. and in the post Dark Knight trilogy world I think its ok to expect something more for comic book movies... and not that it has to be dark and serious (really enjoyed the Avengers) but they need to work as movies in their own right

Touché Monsieur

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