Sam Raimi on The Amazing Spider-Man

News Simon Brew 21 Feb 2013 - 07:15

The director of the original Spider-Man trilogy hasn't watched the reboot. And he's been explaining why...

If history had taken a different course, then Marc Webb's reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, wouldn't have been released last year. Instead, the year before, Sam Raimi would have pressed ahead with his planned Spider-Man 4, which was heavily into development when Sony eventually pulled the plug.

Raimi has moved on to other things since, of course, with his latest film - Oz The Great And Powerful - due in cinemas early next month. And while he's been tackling some promotional work for the movie, he's been asked what he though of The Amazing Spider-Man. The answer? He's not even seen it.

Declaring himself a big fan of Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Raimi said "I haven't had the guts to go see the movie yet". Why? "Because I don't want to go to my girlfriend's wedding".

He did add that "I hear it's great", adding that his wife had said to him "it was a wonderful, excellently produced, beautifully acted, brilliantly written Spider-Man picture". And he seems to have a lot of affection still for the franchise and many of the people involved, no matter how it all ended for him.

The full piece with Sam Raimi can be found here. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is filming now, ahead of its release next summer.

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Wow! That was a huge letdown.

U keep that fence warm Raimi. U keep it nice and toasty ;) Best not to burn bridges eh Sam?

Good for Sam. He's not not missing much.

Well Toby Mcguire is horrible and if Rami can't film a movie where actors wear masks then he should have turned down the job. He just made Peter Parker unlikeable on so many levels that the first 3 movies were painful to watch. At least the Amazing Spiderman movie got more stuff right than they did wrong.

It's tough getting into a franchise, isn't it? His first Spiderman will always be my favorite moment of the Webhead onscreen

The title of this article is "Sam Raimi on The Amazing Spider-Man", the opening line tells us he hasn't watched it?!? Pointless 'article'. Maybe you should have called it Sam Raimi's wife on The Amazing Spider-Man!!!

I don't think he should watch it. It's better than all three of his Spiderman films.

I preferred Raimi's version but found the reboot beter than I expected. Given the circumstances I can't blame him for not watching. Sony killed the third film in his franchise, he has nothing to feel ashamed of so far as I'm concerned.

lol yeah the amount of crying at the end of spiderman 2 had be baffled. I thought it had turned into a chick flick

To be fair, many in his profession would do the same. And very few of us are in a position to burn our bridges, either...

Beautifully acted? HAH. Garfield was great in The Social Network but not in this.

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