Paul Giamatti set for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

News Simon Brew 29 Jan 2013 - 06:38

Two new cast members are set to join The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - and Paul Giamatti is one of them!

Now here's a fine piece of casting news. We're very big fans of Paul Giamatti, and thus the story that broke overnight, that he's in negotiations to join Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, has put rather a big smile on our chops.

Giamatti, reports The Hollywood Reporter, is in talks to join the cast of the film as The Rhino, adding another villain alongside already-cast Jamie Foxx's as Electro. Furthermore, Felicity Jones is also in negotiations for the movie, although her role as of yet hasn't been revealed.

They'll both join a line-up that already includes Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley and Dane DeHaan (as well as the aforementioned Jamie Foxx).

Whether The Rhino will be an outright villain, or more of an ally for Spider-Man remains to be seen. Production on the movie is set to start next month, ahead of its release in the summer of 2014.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Kinda small to be the Rhino don't you think??

Just what I was thinking. And too much of a one-dimensional character for someone with Giamatti's acting chops. Make him Mysterio or the Chameleon.

Why do they always feel the need to increase the number of villains in sequels? It uses them up too quickly. I would prefer it if we had just one supervillain per film.

Depends if they use Ultimate Rhino and put him in a suit. To be honest the whole film last time felt a bit "ultimate universe" so I can see them continuing to lean that way.


The Rhino is a fairly minor villain. I reckon he'll be in the first twenty minutes of the film, while Electro gets set up as the main villain. Also I'm really glad to see Dane DeHaan getting cast in Spider-man. His villain in Chronicle was my favourite after Loki. Spider-man has a strong cast so far.

Paul Giamatti would actually make a really good Mysterio.

Super-Hero movies HAVE to do this. It is the law.

This is really good news. Rhino has always been a minor villain and a bit of an idiot, so he'll be a good set up to the film.

Potentially JJ?

I agree with all those but minor or not I always loved rhino on the cartoon in the 90s. Not quite as dumb as rocksteady, more like Spider-Man's juggernaut. I'll be glad if these new movies never reuse tobey's villains, just to see them all on the big screen, except for green goblin and venom. Willem Dafoe was ok, but compared to topher grace, Dafoe was Da Foe. If they do it right n put Spider-Man in the mcu, I can see a marvel civil war for avengers 3 (in my head) with dark avegers venom as dark Spider-Man, n Osborn can somehow get that iron patriot suit... And sentry and ares. Excuse me My head just exploded

There's yet to be a Spider-Man film that's worth watching twice, and this will be the same.

Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy had two or three villains in each film. Since Marc Webb seems to envisage his take on Spider-Man as a trilogy, at least from what I can tell in some interviews, perhaps he's thinking in the same way? There's sense in that, but if I'm right it sounds a tad unoriginal, looking back. And risky, since Nolan's films are pretty much the only superhero films to successfully use multiple villains. I'm with the general consensus that Rhino is likely a smaller player in a larger game, though, and Electro is still getting top billing.

Well, I really hope Felicity Jones gets a good part as I thought she was great in Cape Wrath (the TV show) and was gutted when that got cancelled. I saw that Chalet Girl film, but it wasn't really my bag, and I don't know what else she's been in, but it would be cool to have her in this movie; hope she's got superpowers and not just an ordinary bod.

Honestly when PG is in his 'over the top and very loud' acting mode I think he would make a *great* Rhino.

With one bit of casting news, the movie suddenly got 500% better.

I agree completely! It's a mistake. Spiderman 1 and 2 worked great because of the one-vs-one dynamic. The 'old' Batman franchise (pre-Nolan) blew it by increasing the villains, right up until its gut-wrenchingly awful conclusion. History has taught us that single-villain movies are the best.

thats a big movie,who is comin out,,,so a big vilain like Rhino need to be in that movie :)

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