The Amazing Spider-Man 2 edging closer to comic books?

News Simon Brew 12 Nov 2012 - 06:49

Spider-Man's outfit is set to be more comic-based in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, apparently...

Work is already well underway on the next big screen Spider-Man adventure, which for now we’re all calling The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We know that it’s due in the summer of 2014, we know that Marc Webb is returning to direct, and we know that Shailene Woodley is joining the cast to play Mary-Jane.

But here’s an interesting hint from Nuke The Fridge as to the direction the movie is heading. According to the site, there’s going to be some changes to the Spider-Man costume that Andrew Garfield will be wearing this time around. The plan is apparently to make it much more faithful to the source material, which we’d assume is in response to fan feedback. It might not be, but you never know.

It’s easy to read too much into this, of course, but the hope with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is that it’ll not be burdened with the initial work of the reboot, and will delve a lot deeper into the source material that has helped Spider-Man get this far. This costume news may be the first sign that it’s stepping in that direction.

More news on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as we hear it…


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Because the way the 'suit' was portrayed was the biggest problem with the film... schesch...

Natural progression ala Batman Begins to Dark knight.
Makes sense. Just lose the silver trainers and all is good

I had a dream ....but then I realised spiders aren't mammals, no spider nipples!

If that's true, I think it's great news. If they actually leave the mask on for more than 3 minutes at a time, it'll be even better news.

Whats was wrong with the suit? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest problem, was whiny bitches, whining about an awesome movie.

I liked Amazing Spider-Man, the villain was weak and they...

SPOILER********* Killed off CS too early in the franchise*******

but the costume, on screen, I had no problem with. The differences were so subtle that I didn't really notice. I'm not bothered that they're changing it, I just had no problem with the original.

He took off the mask (or had the mask taken off him) 4 times in the final film:

1. To show a frightened child in a burning car a normal human face to calm him down
2. Once when talking to Gwen in her bedroom after fighting The Lizard (after she already knew his secret)
3. After the Police shoot and corner him Captain Stacey takes off his mask (which he then quickly puts back on)
4. and in the final fight scene when The Lizard rips his mask off

He actually keeps his mask on more than Tobey does in Spidey 2 (and doesn't have a scene nearly as bad as the train scene where everyone in New York promises to keep his secret)

Agree with Marty: put him in the classic suit, give The Lizard a white coat and it would have been exactly like the comics (A Peter whose intelligence and scientific knowledge play directly into the plot/ Spidey with a sense of humour... and a villain and love interest that actually resembles their comic counter parts)

mary jane ruined the previous spiderman trilogy.

Well, from a relentless fanboy perspective, it looked totally different to the one from the comics. Petty, perhaps, but disappointing nonetheless.

You missed, while hanging out in the sewers, after fighting in the school, and wandering round Connors' lair.

So, that's in every major Spidey scene from the film .

I really did not enjoy the movie. It wasnt the suit, it wasnt the fact The Lizard didnt have a lab coat, I just found it poor in comparison to the Maguire ones and too soon for a reboot.

Here come people telling me im an idiot and that I am wrong (even though films are subjective)...

I thought The Amazing Spider-Man film was great. Ya, the suit wasn't like in the comics, but it was a new fresh take on the wall crawler. That movie brought Marvel's pride back to Spidy. I'm sure whatever will happen it will be good, so I'm excited to see the next installment.

... you're real name isn't Joel Schumacher right?

excatly! why complain about the suit for? that suit is very creative! I wonder what it'll look like with the black goo combining this.

Your an idiot and you're wrong. JK.
Yeah its a bit too soon, but Sony would have lost the rights to Spider-Man had this movie not been made and I'd rather have a Spider-Man film that was thrown out there than none at all. Besides, Garfield loves this character and did his best not to mess him up and Emma Stone is just an all around good actress so she was naturally perfect as Gwen Stacy so I am personally happy with the new one.

If you watch The movie at 17:42 and look next to gwen and peter on the right side you can see venom in a lab coat, infact he's in the whole scene just in the backround. the eyes are white and it\s the symbiote suite.

Indeed and that is the ONLY time that taking off the mask made no sense at all.

If Sony had lost the rights, they would have reverted back to Marvel. We would probably have a new Spidey movie that fit into the current Marvel Universe... and then Spider-Man would be in the next Avengers movie. I liked The Amazing Spider-Man, but I think I would have rather had Spidey in the Avengers.

unfortunately the costume in the films will always look different, why? Because it is actually real while another is hand drawn. I'm sure that if they did the costume as a direct translation from the comics it would look terrible and the moaning fan-boys would still moan.
Lets face facts guy's any film interpretation of a comic, book or even film will draw criticism, simply because it will not match up to people's own personal interpretation of the source material. These people need to chill out and relax and appreciate the fact that something feel so strongly about is getting the attention it deserves.

I loved that costume! I really liked what Webb did, but i think that an update is needed too, considering that every super hero movie has a "costume update".
What i want to say (and i really hope that TASM staff will see it, as i know that they're trying to be next to spiderman fans) is that they don't have to go straight back to the traditional suit...
Some changes in the color of the eyes would be ok...i read that they want to make them bigger...well, i suggest "not so bigger maybe" :)

The webs on the suit should be more realistic, as i notice that are a little too linear.

About the web shooters, i think that it's good if they change them...after all, Peter assumed that Lizard broke easily his shooters because they were outside his i was thinking about a "more solid" look at the shooters, and maybe they can be situated inside of the costume.

The shoes...well, i appreciate that Webb made it realistic...because Spiderman has to climb over walls and run fast too...and if we think that in comics Peter uses only a pair of non-solid boots, it should be very unconfortable.
So, something solid for the feet is a very right idea...maybe it should be red, or non-so-evident at least.

For the rest...i really, really like the costume! The spider-logo on his chest, and the red spider on the back...i love that the spider emblems are longer than sam raimi's trilogy...and i know that they will probably change the shape of the spider emblem and his weight...but i hope they will not leave the actual pattern :)

That's all, i hope "someone important (You Know What I Mean ;D)" will see this!

Other than the "eye`s" and "heels" of the suit the rest was perfect to start off as an intro as Peter's life into Spider-man considering the suit will probably be re-invented over time to become more like the classic suit.

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