Spider-Man reboot: potentially big casting news

News Simon Brew
4 Oct 2010 - 07:03

Finally, the cast of the Spider-Man reboot is falling into place. And we’ve got a hint of who the villain might be…

Having sat through Andrew Garfield's performance in The Social Network, there's little to fear from his next role, as he pulls on the suit of the webslinger in Sony's reboot of Spider-Man. But while we've known for some time that Garfield had snagged the title role, and that director Marc Webb (of (500) Days Of Summer fame) was calling the shots, further casting rumours have been surprisingly light on the ground.

However, further details and new rumours are now forthcoming.

Firstly, it seems that the role of Mary Jane Watson has been offered to Emma Stone. Stone, last seen headlining Easy A (and before that, Zombieland), hasn't yet been formally announced, but she's expected to sign on the dotted line shortly.

Deadline also reports that four actresses are currently battling it out to play Gwen Stacy in the new film. Right now, the faces in contention are reported to be Dianna Agron (from Glee), Mia Wasikowska (from Alice In Wonderland), Georgina Haig and Dominique McElligott. Gwen Stacy will be a more substantive role in the reboot, given her earlier romantic ties to Peter Parker, but a decision on the role doesn't appear to have been taken yet.

Finally, the site lobs in an intriguing rumour to wrap your head around. And that's that the planned villain for the new Spider-Man movie may well be Venom once again. And who's the name been linked with the role? Mr Philip Seymour Hoffman who, around this time last year, was being strongly linked with playing The Penguin in a future Batman movie. We'll see in time, no doubt, whether his superhero villain moment will come. We'd be surprised if it was here, though...


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