Space Jam 2 rumours debunked

News Simon Brew 24 Feb 2014 - 07:03

Rumours of a sequel to Space Jam appear to be premature...

Well, this one came and went quickly. Over the weekend, a report sprung up that Warner Bros was looking at doing a belated sequel to the film Space Jam. You remember it? The hugely expensive basketball movie with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny? The one that has its fans, just not that many of them?

Last summer then, LeBron James - had to look him up, we live in Britain - posted on Twitter that he'd love to do a Space Jam 2. LeBron James is a famous NBA basketball player, and thus this would make some sense.

Deadline reported a day or two back that the man would be getting his wish, and that Space Jam 2 was in development at Warner Bros, with the player involved. Charlie Ebersol would be producing, Willie Ebersol would be writing.

Subsequently, Brian Windhorst, who writes about the NBA for ESPN (this is a lot of new things for us to look up on a Monday morning, by the way), reported that "LeBron sources refute Deadline report, there's no Space Jam 2 or Warner Bros project in works".

It seems odd that if there was no project at all that the names of the Ebersols would have been mentioned specifically in conjunction with it, although it does seem as though LeBron James (he's apparently very good at basketball, it says here) won't be involved.

More news as we get it. We wonder if there might be some life in Space Jam 2 somewhere...


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Loved that film as a kid, can't beat the soundtrack!

Had the pleasure of seeing LeBron James playing basketball in real life the other week and I can confirm he is indeed 'very good'.

Now can Warner Brothers focus on that long-overdue Wonder Woman movie?

Can Warner focus on any other DC character other than Batman or Superman for the big screen?

You believe you can fly, don't you?

But of course! Since 1978, we've had 7 Batman movies, 6 Superman movies, 2 Swamp Thing movies, 1 Supergirl movie, 1 Green Lantern movie, 1 Steel movie, 1 Catwoman movie, 1 Watchmen movie, and 1 Jonah Hex movie. All winners. Except for the ones that weren't.

Swamp thing! I haven't watched that in like twenty years

Fly like an eagle brother!

Space Jam, oldest extant website on the internet. Google it. It's still there in all its 1996 glory...

Who cares ? The sequel we need is Roger Rabbit 2 !

the first Space Jam sucked to be honest! No loony tunes action like in the old cartoons, just idol worship and elevating Jordan to the status of sainthood!

more Jessica Rabbit!

Swamp Thing is marvel....n if your meaning Steel as in Man of Steel,then that counts as another superman.

I can't believe the same people who complain about just having batman and superman films,are also bitching about the idea of the upcoming batman vs superman aka justice league of America film....hypocrites

Swamp Thing was Vertigo when relaunched by Alan Moore, which is a DC imprint...

No, Steel was a separate superhero altogether, and a 1997 movie starring Shaquille O'Neal as DC's answer to iron Man...

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