Skyline 2 coming, Liam O'Donnell to direct

News Simon Brew 22 May 2014 - 08:15

A sequel to Skyline, by the name of Beyond Skyline, is in the works...

Remember that face off between Battle: Los Angeles and Skyline a few years ago? Well, appreciating its problems, we'd go for Skyline every time. An audit of sorts as to what $20m worth of special effects looks like on the big screen, the movie was no classic, but at least it was never dull, and it had an ending that, well, it was a bit different.

Heck, we'll admit it. We quite liked Skyline. Yep, the ending as well.

And now there's a sequel coming. The news broke at the Cannes Film Festival, and it's going by the name of Beyond Skyline. A sales poster for the movie has also been released, which you can see below.

This time, the film is going to be directed by Liam O'Donnell, who wrote and produced the first film, and is penning part two as well. We don't have a release date, just news that the sequel is going to happen at the moment. But that's a good start. Here's the poster...

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caught on TV last year. Wasn't bad.

I liked skyline. Thought the aliens were far too hard but I thought the effects were terrific and the brothers strause did good. Much better than the AvP they did. It really needed a sequel so I'm glad it's getting one.

Skyline is a cult classic in the making. For all the flack it got I thought it was rather fun

I actually liked Battle: LA more if I'm honest...

Both had crappy dialogue, cliche's to the hilt and a thin story to go on.

But Battle: LA had Aaron Eckhart, Aaron Eckhart's chin, Michelle Rodriguez, some pretty cool gun battles, an Alien Species that I felt was more believable than the laser toting super-baddies ala Independence Day or War of the Worlds. And it kind of captured the gritty war drama of Saving Private Ryan for example. Admittedly this was not built on at all or was ruined by the aforementioned dialogue and cliches but it worked for me!

Skyline's only noteworthy bit for me was the drone strike... The rest was just cringe-worthy set-up for a not very spectacular ending... It felt like an episode of a soap or maybe even your Jersey Shore type show that all of a sudden had Aliens in it and nuclear explosions!

I'll watch the sequel though, if only to find out what happens next. Would like a sequel for Battle: LA too.

Skyline was awful until the last 10 seconds when it set up what could be a great monster on monster mash up that never happened. this actually makes me a little excited that such potential might actually be realised!

I have to agree, considering it's budget I thought it was really well done. And then there was that bonkers ending.

Skyline was terrible, and it was terribly acted throughout. One to miss.

"Heck, we'll admit it. We quite liked Skyline. Yep, the ending as well."

Is that why you gave it 2 out of 5 stars, and called it "Disappointing", with "flat characters and tedious dialogue" in your review?

You do realise that more than one person writes for DoG, right?

Says 'We quite liked Skyline', not 'I quite liked Skyline'.

I never bothered seeing Skyline because DoG slated it. Been losing a bit of faith in DoG reviews recently

Says 'We quite liked Skyline', not 'I quite liked Skyline'.

It's the journalistic "we". You see it quite a lot. It doesn't mean an all encompassing opinion from the entire staff.

FWIW, I thought Skyline was awful.

From that poster image, looks like they're sticking with what happened at the end of the first film; that is, some of the alien creatures with the human brains implanted retain their human personae. Could be interesting, could be shite, but needs more standout memorable scenes like the drone strike and less ex-Saturday morning show tv stars moaning about being cheated on.

For the most part Skyline was kind of tedious, just running up and down a building again and again. Except for the ending, which set up such a great premise that it felt like the movie turned the camera on about an hour too early and caught a bunch of whiney LA people instead of the badassery that came after. Very excited for this.

It oozed B movie charm

Thought this was easily the single worst thing I've ever seen, but each to their own I suppose. I actually gasped when I read the headline.
They could probably show it in film school as an example of what happens when you spunk the entire budget on CGI & leave nothing for paying the cast.

The ending was what sealed it for me.

Sometimes you get a by-the-numbers action/sci-fi flick that have a 'what if they'd done this or that' moment. Well, rather than having a donnie darko-esque ending suddenly it all kicks off over the end credits and you think 'where's this movie?!'.

The news that there will be a skyline 2 is literally something I've been hoping and waiting to hear. I just hope it follows up on the ending in some way.

Not normally one to hate on films but Skyline was complete and utter rubbish. Surprised this is even getting a sequel. Especially one a couple of years later.

Awesome news! I loved the first film, it had a certain loveable quality in its crapness and the ending was wonderfully silly. It is one of few films that I bought on DVD and would consider re-buying on Blu Ray.

Skyline was an utter utter pile of crap. It was easily one of the worst films I have ever seen. Christ on a frigging bike.

Then they should stop using 'we' when they mean 'I' since it just doesn't make sense.

As I said, the term is in common usage in media and DoG are hardly the only news-outlet to use it . Using "I" gives the indication of a columnists's opinion piece, rather than a news story with a tiny bit of opinion.

I'm sure more than one person at DoG liked the movie, if it makes you feel better. However, it's difficult to imagine an editorial team all having the same opinion on a rather controversial movie.

Reading through the comments here, it's obvious that this film is the celluloid Marmite. I'd heard all kinds of bad vibes before finally seeing this film on DVD years after release. Admittedly, I went in with low expectations but having enjoyed what I saw in the trailers..... And I liked it! I thought it was a quality little flick with plenty of enjoyable scenes. The ending was the icing on the cake. Any film that completely flips your expectations and goes down a different route deserves a bit of respect, whether it works or not, just for trying something unconventional. For my money, it worked and I look forward to this sequel. I'm hoping they come up with another brain-flip ending, but would that still work if you're expecting it? Don't wanna fall into a Shyamalan cycle of waiting for the drop.

Skyline was utter drivel. The producers et al could do us a favour and donate the entire budget to a Kickstarter Dredd sequel. Or better still get it started on Kickstarter.

I think if they had cast Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward it would probably be a b movie classic, but I couldn't handle the wooden acting.

That;s the best idea on here, somebody get this person a drink.

Skyline could have been decent, if it hadn't obsessively tried to nick ideas from every other alien invasion movie ever, and quite blatantly so. Then there was the central relationship, which was so lacking in chemistry I was almost wishing for their swift deaths by the end of the movie.
Then there was the gloriously stupid motive behind the invasion - they were after our BRAINS. No, seriously. I swear to god. They had invaded planet Earth to EAT OUR BRAINS. Go watch the movie if you don't believe me. Actually, don't.
For some reason, the most annoying part of the movie for me was the nuke scene. A goddamn nuclear bomb detonates a couple of miles away, and not only is one character looking at it through a TELESCOPE and is not somehow instantly and totally blinded, the windows don't even shatter. That scene pretty much sums up the stupidity of Skyline :|

Meanwhile Dredd continues to struggle in it's bid for a sequel; so much so that the starring actor himself has to appeal for a kickstarter campaign.

I'm just not sure this is a world I want to continue being a part of...

I agree – the “we” needs to be taken in context.
Reviews are difficult to write – you obviously consider whether yourself, the reviewer enjoyed it, but also consider audience expectations.
It's perfectly possible to enjoy a crap film. I sense the DoG see it as a guilty pleasure.
As a journalist myself, I would interpret the term “we”, in this context, to mean general office opinion.

Pretty sure the original was directed by the brothers Strause, the same idiots who killed the Alien Vs Predator franchise with Requiem

Fine, but given that this site has previously published a review, which can presumably be taken as the 'general office opinion' or 'official site opinion', stating the exact opposite of what this article says in regards to the film, I feel it's difficult to justify using this journalistic 'we' to then state an opinion which is completely the opposite. As Timothy stated, it is a term which is commonly used in this manner, so I suppose it's more of a problem with the 'system' than anything else (assuming people other than myself even consider it to be a problem), though.

A film I genuinely spent wishing the events on screen were happening in real life at the same time as being abducted by aliens and brutally killed would have been more preferable to watching this drivel. I wished someone had ripped out my brain as it may have made the writing seem slightly more intelligent and the ending was just an insult to script writers across the globe. I'm shocked Alan Smithee didn't direct this turkey as I would have been rather uncomfortable having such tripe liniked with my name if I ever wanted a job in film again!

LOL, did somone just say "killed the AvP franchise" without a hint of irony?!?!?! Oh internet, you never cease to amaze me with your dumbfounding ignorance of all things relevant.

It's true, Skyline is no Riddick, that's for sure. :P

Seriously though! What gives! No Dredd sequel! Really! For crying out loud! :-/

The ending was awful (WTF?!??) but I thought the rest wasn't that bad. I must admit that I do have a soft spot for highschool CG graphics projects that get made into a feature.

Celluloid Marmite - Cellulite!!

BTW not sure how long ago it was but congratulations on your wedding!

I enjoyed Skyline, but not as much as Battle LA. It had good points like the airforce showing up, dogfighting and dropping the nuke, and the ending was unexpected, which is pretty unique nowadays. Bad point was Crystal Reed (of Teen Wolf fame) getting killed (again!), She was the hot chick who fell asleep on the couch by the way.

The poster above though, is the person on the left supposed to be the pregnant love interest? Looks like a dude to me...

Well, they technically did kill that franchise. The first film, whilst having its detractors, at least made a bunch of money.


Hehe, cheers fella. She's a tad beautiful, ain't she.

Ha ha ha, please see my comment on 'First official poster for Syfy's Dominion'. Completely by coincidence made almost the same point. Probably opened myself to the same criticism you received. Ha ha ha, love the internet.

Skylinr was totally better than Battle LA. I thought I was alone on that! BLA was a bag of arse and not an iota of imagination. At least the Sky aliens seemed have a bit of thought put into them.

Prometheus was worse than Skyline. Man Of Steel was too. Transformers 2. Hobbit 1. All of them were horrific drivel all the worse for the money and big names involved


Obvious Troll...

Fun spelt W.A.N.K.

Nope, I stand by that statement. Every film I listed were utterly painful to endure, whereas I had daft fun with Skyline. Therefore Skyline was 'better' for me. I'm sorry if that pisses on some holy cows but all those films were utterly apalling.

You thought it was so "good" you couldn't even spell it right or be bothered to edit it. I stand by my previous post.

Get off that ivory pedastal, you sancitmonious bellend. If you can't cope with people having different opinions to you then you're going fail at life hard. Or become an asshole. OH WAIT.

Dredd 2 is harder to get going because its main players are busy and in demand. Skyline's star was Eric Balfour.

Thanks for confirming my post was indeed correct.
Name calling, you win all the interwebs.

Bud, don't give me that snidey shit-eating comeback. You attacked me aggressively despite the fact I had simply stated my opinions about some films and in no way attacked you as a person. In return you attacked me as a *person* utilising the ultimate straw-man reasoning. That is out of order so you got it back in kind, names and all. You haven't earned the right to play the victim, so just quit it and man-up.

My suggestion to you is to learn to differentiate the difference between criticism of something *you like*, and criticism of *yourself*. All those movies are still DREADFUL, in my opinion, by any intelligent criteria of film art, hollywood or otherwise. How about challenging me on those points with your reasons why you disagree with me instead of a personal attack about a post I typed on my cacky phone whilst taking a difficult crap on a stressful day at work (and yes I couldn't be bothered to edit it because I have a sense of perspective - try it).

You like 'em? More power to you, I can respect that on a human level, but without you explaining and challenging me I am left to assume you have either very low standards, are not well versed in film, or you lack emotional and empathic processing and are impressed with the whizzbangs and shiny things. I am happy to be shown insights that might change that opinion.

How about it Captain Critic, tell me how they were good films? I'm all ears.

Let's do this.

Crushed by wall of text...
Name calling and excuses... I'm stood to attention, you really are special. You're all mouth, not ears.

Weak sauce Fat, tragic even. Well, we'll do a proper discussion another time when you feel up to it. Ready whenever you are.

When I saw that scene where they rip the unborn child from the mother, I wanted to find the director and beat him to death. Disgusting.

I agree with your points, huge lack of story here... but still... There's so much crappy movies... This one is pleasant to look at, with a small budget, they made quality images, it's an good entertainment so I'm waiting for the next one.

I'll give the film this much; for it's tiny budget, it did look damn good. But its marketing campaign was promoting it as the Next Big Thing in sci-fi, when it reality was little more than a shoddy B-movie with very good CGI.

Brutal and to the point.

I don't understand why most of you see this movie as bad, is it because it moves away from the "hero wins" kind of movies? To me, it was one of the best movies, the fact that we don't win (for once) over alien invasion is more true and realistic, it was unique, specially the ending, which to be honest was great, and I await to see part 2.

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