Skyfall, and the Sean Connery cameo that never was

News Simon Brew
7 Nov 2012 - 07:29

Sam Mendes has revealed that there was a "brief flirtation" with inviting Sean Connery to be in Skyfall...

The 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, finally arrives in American cinemas this weekend. Here in the UK, the film is already one of the top 20 biggest grossing movies of all time at the British box office, and we can see it breaking the top five at the rate it’s going.

The US press tour for the film is well underway, and one interesting story that came out of it was just how close Sean Connery was to featuring in Skyfall. This came up in an interview with director Sam Mendes by The Huffington Post. In it, Mendes revealed that Connery was definitely considered for the film.

“There was a definite discussion about that – way, way early on”, admitted Mendes. “But I think that’s problematic”. He quickly put his finger on why a Sean Connery cameo would have been a bad idea. “To me it becomes too… it would take you out of the movie. Connery is Bond and he’s not going to come back as another character”. In the end, “it was a very brief flirtation with that thought, but it was never going to happen, because I thought it would distract”.

It clearly would have done, too. Furthermore, there’s the small matter that Sean Connery is firmly retired from acting, with little chance of ever seeing him on the big screen in a new movie again. That dates back to his well-charted feelings on his last film, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Here’s the piece over at The Huffington Post.

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