Skyfall set to be biggest Bond movie of all time?

News Simon Brew 5 Nov 2012 - 06:44

Casino Royale's record take for a James Bond movie is all but certain to be broken by Skyfall, it seems...

The 23rd James Bond adventure looks like it's going to be a tough one to beat. Notwithstanding the borderline ecstatic reviews, it seems as though Skyfall is turning into a box office sensation pretty much everywhere it's played so far.

In the UK, it was revealed last week that Skyfall had brought in a record-breaking £37m in one week at the box office. It's reported that ticket sales dropped for its second weekend in the UK by just 21%, too, partly buoyed by the fact that many people seem to be going in for a second viewing.

Furthermore, the film opened in the likes of Germany, Holland, Spain, Austria, Mexico and Italy these past few days, and they all contributed to Skyfall bringing in $156m over the weekend. The current worldwide total for the film stands at $287m. And there's the small matter of the US release this coming Friday. We'd expect, given the word of mouth that's helping to push the film, an opening between $80-90m in the US alone.

By the time its run is over, it's a fair bet that Skyfall will have seized the James Bond box office crown. Currently, that's held by Casino Royale, with a global take of $594m. By this time next week, Skyfall will already have some $400-450m in the bank, if not more.

Inevitably, this ups the ante significantly for the 24th James Bond film. Eon is currently pushing for a two year turnaround for the next movie, which John Logan is scripting. We do wonder, though, if the prolonged gap between Quantum Of Solace (which followed Casino Royale by two years) and Skyfall aided the latter film especially. Might a three year space work better, we wonder?

More news on Bond 24 as we get it.

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This is great news!

A delayed/longer gap between films can and obviously does mean the series can score higher on the grossing side, but after several long gaps in the past few years I think the last thing fans want is to wait any longer than 2 years for each film. Obviously it's about quality and not quantity, but considering in the '60s they managed to turn around one film every year, for the most part, and many of them are considered to be some of the finest Bond films ever, I don't think a two year turnaround should be a cause for worry, especially considering Daniel Craig's era is the most critically acclaimed since Connery's.

it needs to 2 years, Daniel Craig has signed up for two more and if it was 3 years he would be 50 at the release of the second, and that is pushing the limit for a bond actor. I'm not saying he can't do it as it depends in what shape he is but will he want the physical demands of the role at that age. I just keep thinking of Moore in 'A view to a Kill' he was older than the bond girl's mother. :-)

In all fairness Craig's rugged look means I think he'd be able to pull off playing Bond into his 50s far better than Moore or possibly most of the other Bonds, all of who would very much be showing their age. If Craig does ever play Bond when he's in his 50s then I think the role would have to be written to tailor his age and not the age of some one who is 35-45, unlike Moore.

Who cares about Craig's age? Bond's middle age has already been addressed, so lets just get on with the story. I reckon he could squeeze in 3 more films until 2018 which would make him 50, which was near enough the age of Brosnan in DAD

Brosnan still looked early 40's in Die Another Day, and younger than Craig does now... I certainly hope for two more for Craig (with either a 2 or 3 year turnaround) and then see how things are going by the time Bond 26 comes around.

Nov 2014 will be the release date of Bond 24. This might seem fast-tracked, until you look at the history of Bond Production. EON Productions ONLY make Bond films - that is their business, and the green light for Bond 24 was taken months ago, so pre-production had been going on before Skyfall was even released! John Logan is already on script duty, so the next thing will be casting and getting the director in (surely Sam Mendes?). So within 10 months or so, filming will start too. This was also the production pattern for QOS and all the 4 Brosnan movies as well as many Bond's before that. The only problem for EON will be the inevitable fact that Craig will hang up his Walther in 2016 (only four short years from now!) when Bond 25 hits - Craig will be 48, still younger than Brosnan when he left the role. Daniel Craig is now, surely, the biggest Bond star since Connery. There are great (younger) actors out there, but it's gonna be a hard act to follow. Having seen Skyfall I think it was rather clever and interesting that the age / aging of the character was brought up. Bond is no longer the youngest operative in the field, but he is still the best. I like that touch as it made him more real, less comic superhero, where characters never age beyond 25. As to where we go from Skyfall, well, the sky really is the limit. The set up for the next phase in 007 movie adventures was brilliant; linking the Connery period nicely (the original Mi6 set-up I mean). Some folk have discussed revisting (not remaking) earlier Flemming adaptations. That wouldn't be such a bad idea because although the titles were used, they seldom used Flemmings plots. But my ultimate Bond dream movie would be a (partial) remake of OHMSS. It is actually my favourite Bond movie already (Best Bond girl, Best Bond music, best story), but Lazenby was no Connery, and the prospect of Craig going up against Blofeld, in the swiss mountains, at Christmas, whilst shagging loads of birds and getting his heart broken all over That would be some movie. Oh, and can we have David Arnold back please. Really missed his score.

Hear hear! I don't see why a 2 year gap would hurt it. The only reason for the extended gap this time round was MGM's finances; otherwise it was planned to be 2-3 year gap back then too. Bring it on, I say!

Fassbenderhas to be the next Bond, after Daniel Craig calls it quits obviously. Think how ace he was as a Bondian Magneto at the start of First Class. Make it happen

Who knowswhere they go next. What this film in particular got right and a lessen to big budget film makers everywhere was characters with clear motivations, whether
implied or explicitly explored, where everyone’s actions made sense in the
scheme of the film, at no point did any characters actions jar or break
suspension of disbelief. So in that sense as long as that gets nailed I really
don’t mind who or what the villain or villains’ dastardly maguffin/plan is.

Would very much like as many of the creative team as possible to remain on board, surely without doubt the best shot and best looking Bond film in recent memory?

It is a tip of the hat to that which has gone before. Other than that Skyfall was a lot of hype.

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