Skyfall set to be biggest Bond movie of all time?

News Simon Brew
5 Nov 2012 - 06:44

Casino Royale's record take for a James Bond movie is all but certain to be broken by Skyfall, it seems...

The 23rd James Bond adventure looks like it's going to be a tough one to beat. Notwithstanding the borderline ecstatic reviews, it seems as though Skyfall is turning into a box office sensation pretty much everywhere it's played so far.

In the UK, it was revealed last week that Skyfall had brought in a record-breaking £37m in one week at the box office. It's reported that ticket sales dropped for its second weekend in the UK by just 21%, too, partly buoyed by the fact that many people seem to be going in for a second viewing.

Furthermore, the film opened in the likes of Germany, Holland, Spain, Austria, Mexico and Italy these past few days, and they all contributed to Skyfall bringing in $156m over the weekend. The current worldwide total for the film stands at $287m. And there's the small matter of the US release this coming Friday. We'd expect, given the word of mouth that's helping to push the film, an opening between $80-90m in the US alone.

By the time its run is over, it's a fair bet that Skyfall will have seized the James Bond box office crown. Currently, that's held by Casino Royale, with a global take of $594m. By this time next week, Skyfall will already have some $400-450m in the bank, if not more.

Inevitably, this ups the ante significantly for the 24th James Bond film. Eon is currently pushing for a two year turnaround for the next movie, which John Logan is scripting. We do wonder, though, if the prolonged gap between Quantum Of Solace (which followed Casino Royale by two years) and Skyfall aided the latter film especially. Might a three year space work better, we wonder?

More news on Bond 24 as we get it.

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