New trailer and poster for Skyfall

Trailer Simon Brew 22 Oct 2012 - 06:27

A brand new trailer for James Bond's return in Skyfall, and a poster for the IMAX release, too...

There's a treat coming at the end of the week, as the new James Bond film, Skyfall, finally hits cinemas. It's been on the receiving end of some utterly ecstatic reviews, and we really liked the film ourselves (our review is here). It's much more on the level of Casino Royale than Quantum Of Solace.

As we head towards its release, then, two things. Firstly, there's a new IMAX release poster for the movie, which you can see here...

And then there's another trailer, too, which you can see here. Do note it reveals one or two things about the plot that you may prefer to find out for yourself on the big screen...

Skyfall arrives in UK cinemas on Friday, and in the US on 9th November.

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The split second when he adjusts his cuffs ... That.

It's already one of my favorite Bond scenes ever.

Ben Whishaw as Q.


The moment he does the casual cuff adjustment brings back memories of Pierce adjusting his tie in the tank. NOSTALGIC WIN! I am ridiculously excited for this. Everything is aligned just right for not just a phenomenal Bond entry, but STUNNING film in general. Already got opening night booked (preceeded by classy restaurant meal to get me and the other half in the mood). Followed by 2 IMAX screenings the week after

Although it bugs the CRAP out of me, that once again the US is getting free prints of this if you go and see it in IMAX. What the HELL!? Scoured the web and IMAX aren't doing that over here?! I want one of these framed on my wall. Alongside the original DR No poster and Goldfinger. C'Mon Barbs and Micky... do SOMETHING for the British fans please?!

Q seemed awfully proud of the biometric gun. Nobody told him then about the one Bond had in Licence to Kill.

Roll on saturday LOL work sucks big time sometimes LOL

Except Licence to Kill didn't happen in this Bond universe ; )

oh no! Multiple Bondiverses! Arrrgggg!!
What happens if two Bonds from different Bondiverses meet!


Was lucky enough to see a preview of this. Bardem's deaths scene on the London Eye was truly jawdropping. A great film for Bond and non Bond fans alike.

ACTUALLY, if you read the interviews with Barbs and Micky Wilson, it's not a reboot, it's prequel adventures to Dr. No. Same idea that Prometheus IS an Alien prequel, but with better technology. It's a common theme in prequel films made years later that is always courteously overlooked by fans,

What... the ACTUAL Ef dude.

I agree and but then where does the Aston Martin fit in? Surely Bond hadn't been issued with it yet in Skyfall as Goldfinger has not happened yet.

Lol! Took me a while to find this. HOWEVER, In an interview with Michael and with Sam Mendes, this film fits in about halfway through the series:
"We can assume that Bond is tired, he's world weary. He's had multipul adventures and close shaves."
And according to Mr. Craig, he thinks it's a nice nod to the immortality of the character, and actors not willing to/producers not willing to let them step out of the shoes. i.e. - Connery, being bought back in, Moore not leaving.
He says, Barbara wanted to nod towards mistakes as well as triumphs of the past.

so it still works, it's just moved from being a Prequel to Dr. No to being a nice 'entry' slotting in to the series at a random point.
Personally, i think in between Moore and Dalton: due to the 'mistake of letting and making people stay too long being over by then and this nodding towards that 'mistake'... [read, decision].

SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER - Do not read if you've not seen Skyfall... If the film fits in there, that then raises the question of how you know who only becomes that person right at the end because they would already be doing that job. I hope that makes sense, I don't want to spoil it for anybody hence the vague description!

Ah touche! Nice spot... Handn't thought of that.

PERHAPS, it is set before Dr. No etc. Again, i'd imagine it's just a case of - prequel/adventure in the mix of the others, ignore the continuity errors and just enjoy.
Meh, i don't care either way, best bond film for 30/40 years!

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