Adele's full Skyfall theme song: hear it here

News Simon Brew 5 Oct 2012 - 06:53

Hear the full version of Adele's 007 theme, Let The Skyfall, right here...

Earlier this week, a brief snippet of Adele's brand new James Bond theme song, Skyfall, appeared online. The reaction, while the song was online, seemed very positive, with its adherence to a more traditional Bond approach very much appreciated.

Now, you can hear the full song, Let The Skyfall, right here. The track is available now, and this video also thoughtfully gives you all the lyrics, in case you wanted to have an impromptu karaoke session in your home. How thoughtful.

Skyfall arrives in UK cinemas at the end of the month.

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The song is just called Skyfall...

Just watched some footage of Skyfall(not a great title in my opinion) on breakfast TV with this song playing in the background and I have to say it looked fantastic.Not the biggest fan of Daniel Craigs' Bond,but from what I've seen there's a lot to get excited about.

How can you say the title isn't great when you haven't seen it within the context of the film?

I just did.LOL.

It sounds a bit like a Eurovision ballad with a few Bond flourishes. It's a bit dull but, hey, the mood probably suits the tone of the full movie and it's probably more impressive when viewed in the context of the finished title sequence. Really, Bond themes haven't been an important part of the 007 experience for years now - if people really like it and remember it then bonus and the producers have succeeded in a small way.

How can you say it IS a great title when you haven't seen it within the context of the film?

Yeah sounds like a fairly middle tier bond song, obvious,
overblown and with some God awful lyrics. Adele is obviously talented (if you
like that sort of thing) but someone should tell her the word Crumble is not
pronounced ‘Cwumble’ – Then again, I was a huge fan of the Jack White / Alicia
Keys number so I’m again probably in the minority on this one.

Well... nice start to World James Bond Day... Well done Adele

I'm afraid I won't be able to say whether I like this Bond theme until I've heard it in context of a medley or a deep house mix of all 50 years of Bond themes.


Yes ............... yes you are Mr.Finger, by a very long way.

Of course you can judge whether you like a movies' title before you see it.Like for instance; Attack of the Clones.Hated the title before I hated the movie.

Due to my severe hatred of Adele's voice, I think I'll only listen to this when watching the movie. I certainly won't be checking it out before. So there you go, a nice pointless comment for you :-) Kiss me x

Rubbish. Should have asked Muse or Goldfrapp to write a truly epic theme

Great joke.

Well, good start. Now Thomas Newman needs to properly include the James Bond THEME in the score and I'm a happy man.
Ok, THAT and a gunbarrel sequence at the beginning.

not a fan.....i mean....does she say SKYFALL enough?

Like it. Sounds great, looking forward to the movie even more now. Hope it lives up to the quality of Daniel Craig's first two outings. Yeah, I'm one of those who actually like Quantum of Solace.

By the way if you walked in late

allow me to reiterate

The name of this movie
Sky Faall
They call it Sky Faaall
You're watching Sky Faaaall
It's a theme from my heaa-aart

Oh so you're the person who likes it. I knew you were out there, somewhere. Seriously ?!? That has to be the worst singular Bond Theme in 50 years. A flushing toilet would be more appealing.

First time I heard it I thought "Meh"

Second time I heard it I thought it was quite good

Tenth time I heard it I thought it was getting a little old

Five hundredth time I heard it I wanted to rip off my ears.


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