First trailer for new 007 film, Skyfall

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James Bond has returned, and you can get your first glimpse of Skyfall right here...

Set to play before Men In Black 3 when it arrives in cinemas this coming weekend is the first trailer for the eagerly-awaited new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Directed by Sam Mendes and with Daniel Craig reprising the role of Bond, we're firnly of the belief that Bond remains a franchise to treasure, and the early signs from Skyfall have been really quite positive. It's already looking more Casino Royale than Quantum Of Solace.

Here, then, is that trailer, which has been officially released online, complete with angry Daniel Craig, running Daniel Craig, a helicopter, Dame Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, and fire. Job done.

Take a look, and should our comments system be behaving itself, leave your thoughts below. Skyfall arrives in UK cinemas this October...

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Mmmmmm... looking good... Doesn't give too much away, reitterates how much of an anti-hero Bond is, and it has got a smashing director in Sam Mendes. Well, it can hardly be worse than  Quantum of Solace, can it?

i LOVED QoS. I really never understood the hate for it, I thought it was fabulously well made and really exciting. Oh well, can't please everybody. Either way, I'm looking forward to this :)

It does look brilliant, but weirdly starting to me to look
less like a bond film. I hope they keep a sense of fun in it as well, was
always such a great part of the franchise. This trailer looks amazing but very

I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed QoS - the opening car chase is fantastic. It also really grows if you re-watch it, as well. I think everyone who complained probably only saw it once, and I think they missed out! 

I'm with the love for QoS too... anyone who didn't think the opening car chase was phenomenal should probably stick to something with vampires in it. 

Don't let Nick Horton catch you spoiling this much anticipated release.

He has views on this kind of thing, apparently.

 I agree with you on this, Darren. I thought both Casino R & QoS were equally as good as each other, and marked the start of a grungier, less-perfect, more-buried-psychotic, more believably hard-man Bond. In fact, I think Daniel Craig is much more like the Bond that Ian Flemming wrote about than any of the other actors, except perhaps Sean Connery in Dr. No and From Russia With Love, and - debatably - Goldfinger. After that, they all went downhill untill Mr. Craig arrived to rescue the franchise. Bond has to be played as a highly educated, highly trained but seriously flawed character. Craig is bang-on (pun intended).

There's very little in that trailer that could be mistaken for anything to do with Bond which is a major disappointment for me.
I'm afraid this is a franchise that is truly lost; time to forget the live and let it die. And whilst we're at can we pretend that QoS never existed too?

This would have been enormously improved if, during the word association bit, Bond had responded to "Skyfall" with "Lonnie Donegan".

For some reason I found QoS much more impressive on DVD than in the cinema, this is looking like a pretty good film though as long as the story isn't too much of a muddle.

I'm liking the feel of the clip! Waiting, eagerly for the release of this. I do have one complaint though, I think it's a bit off they used footage from Coronation Street to get a tram coming through a wall!! Oh well, I suppose that everyone has had budget cuts!!! 

My comment to the wife after watching the trailer elsewhere was that it didn't appear to be a Bond film and was a bit generic. I notice others have said the same. 
Where is the rifle barrel effect and Bond theme music which tells everybody it's a bond film ???

James Bond - With Norris from Coronation Street. This has a tough hill to climb.

I'm intrigued to hear the QoS love here. As suspected by other posters here, I only saw it the once (at the flicks) and really didn't like it - the opening car chase may have been ambitious, but it was terribly edited IMHO. I will take the advice given and give it another go on DVD though. Most films deserve a second chance.

As for the the Skyfall trailer, I liked it. Very moody, very explosive and very British - three things that aren't often seen together in blockbuster land.

QOS was absolute dogdirt. The opening car chase might have been good, but I don't know because it was impossible to see what was going on! And wasn't the villain trying to raise the price of utilities or something ... I can't remember, but it was the dullest evil scheme in the history of evil schemes.

This trailer does looks pretty good though ..

Please God no.. keep the fun out of it.
Daniel Craig is a fantastic mean and moody Bond. The sooner we can all forget about Roger Moore and the period of camp nonsense the better.

It seems fashionable to hate QoS.
I'm not following that trend.
QoS was a great addition to the series, a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed.

This looks great,  I really love the dark and gritty direction of Bond since Daniel Craig took over the role. I never liked Pierce Brosnan.

reminds me of Moonraker - the book, not the film.  the book is, in my opinion, the best one.

Marry me. 

Bardem is going to steal this film

Wonder if he is doing an Olympic torch leg

I loved Casino Royale, probably my favourite Bond film, but QoS was just a mess IMO. Before I seen it a friend of mine told me that the flash cutting ruined the movie, I laughed and put it down to him being simple. Turns out he was 100% right, the fight scenes almost impossible to follow, as was the plot. Pretty much everyone I've spoken to shares the same sentiments. A fine example on how bad editing can ruin a film.

The trouble with QoS was that is was effectively Casino Royale part 2, personally I enjoyed it  and the initial car chase was spectacular. As for the humour it works best when it is very subtle and used sparing - personally I can't stand some of the Roger Moore films, the Brosnan and Craig films are excellent IMHO.

2 things struck me - Was that Jinx? and I miss David Arnold

Only if you're not a fat trucker from Iowa.

Dark, gritty, edgy. Those are the standard adjectives for today's films for the most part. The Moore Bond films would be considered spoofs if they were released today.

But, the slightly campy over-the-top elements were what made Bond films so recognizable. The Daniel Craig films lack that immediately unidentifiable "something".

I'm not complaining though - I'm really looking forward to Skyfall. It looks great!

 Also, perhaps it's just me, but the Bond actor changes always reminded me of the Dr. Who regenerations. Perhaps Bond is really a Time Lord...and MI6 is Unit. Hmm...

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