Brand new poster for 007 movie Skyfall

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The next James Bond film arrives this October in the UK. Here's the poster for Skyfall...

Ah, you can tell that a trailer's on the way. The first trailer for the brand new James Bond adventure, Skyfall, is set to be paired with the cinematic release of Men In Black 3. That means you should be able to see it in cinemas from 25th May.

Just ahead of that, as is increasingly common, there's the debut of a brand new poster for the film. Our memory might be fading, but we think this might be the first proper and official one for the film. If not, just accept that we're dim and quietly move on.

Enough waffle. You're here to see the poster. And here it is...


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A little disappointed. Doesn't do much innovative; still fingers crossed this is to signal a return to a more traditional Bond that people are increasingly clamouring for.

 Let's hope it's as good as Casino Royale (we'll just pretend Quantum of Solace never happened)

Casino Royale* was a return to a more traditional Bond - although, personally, I'd have liked him to have been even closer to the cold killer of the books.

Can't think of anything less appealing than the faux-Moore nonsense Brosnan's era turned into...

*QoS wasn't very good, mind...

I quite like it - references the black and white opening of Casino Royale (one of the stand-out scenes IMHO). I just hope this film holds back on the epileptic fit-inducing editing during the action scenes...

Traditional Bond is actually volcanoes-bases, crotch-lasers, union-jack parachutes, underwater cars, jetboats on the Thames, deadly bowler hats and tank chases. Casino Royale is more like the first two films, which are a kind of proto-Bond, like the way how Christmas was first celebrated is'nt much like what we'd call a 'traditional' Christmas.

As the classic Bond theme said "Sometimes I wish Roger Moore would come back, with an underwater car and some kind of jet-pack".

It''s classy, minimalist and everything a Bond poster should be. Looking forward to this one, chaps...

I'm glad Sean Connery lived to see someone live up to his Bond legend. Sean Connery is, for me, the quintessential James Bond, 007. No one else has ever come close to making it his own role like Connery. But, what's brilliant about Connery's approach is the same as Shatner's approach to James T. Kirk or Tom Baker's approach to The Doctor: they injected themselves into the character. Bond is a haltingly different character if you take away Connery's accent and natural overt charm.

Don't get me wrong. They've all had their strengths and weaknesses. But, Moore, Dalton, & Brosnan all played Bond like a caricature of the literary figure. Then, along comes Daniel Craig with a stunningly brilliant approach: James Bond as a real person. Craig's Bond burns and bleeds, and at NO point do I ever question how dangerous this man is underneath the veneer of professional agent. CASINO ROYALE showed us the raw killer that a 007-ranked agent has to be to get the job done. It made us question the Cold War "faux-noble" aspects of the character. I like that because it shows respect to the material in a willingness to explore all facets, not just the safely-digested-by-the-masses tropes we're all forced to put up with in other globally-marketed franchises.

Just my thoughts. Your mileage may vary. ;)

I thought Christmas only came once a year.

Looking forward to this. Both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were very enjoyable. I have a feeling its fashionable to knock QoS, however, my view is that its a good movie. Not quite as good as Casino Royale, but certainly one that I've enjoyed several times.

I agree with the earlier comments about Roger Moore, I enjoyed Live and Let Die, but the rest are close to unwatchable.
Brosnan did ok, hampered by a lack of direction at times.
Connery set the standard.
Lazenby was a weak Bond in a great movie.
Dalton was great, clearly taking inspiration from the books.

Everytime I go back and re-read the books, its Dalton's face I see in my mind. He simply had that killers look in his eyes. 
However, having said that. Daniel Craig has fast become a favourite. Really excited about Skyall.

The poster is cool.

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