New poster for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Poster Simon Brew 16 Dec 2013 - 07:04

A cast list to die for on the Sin City: A Dame To Kill For poster...

As we're getting the trailers for next summer's big movies right now - albeit with one or two exceptions - we can't help but wonder when Robert Rodriguez is going to take some of the wraps off Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Under the original plan, the movie would have been release by now, but the decision was taken to put it back until August 22nd 2014. That's still a bit of a wait, but the release of a new poster may yet mean that a trailer of sorts isn't too far away.

What's notable about this particular poster is that it lists the extensive cast that Robert Rodriguez has assembled for the movie....

Don't know about you, but he had us at Powers Boothe...

More news on the film as we get it...

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What the hell is Bruce Willis doing on that poster? If I remember the original, this story takes place while his character (given that the first movie was made when he used to try to act - sort of) is in prison. Jessica Alba should only be in it as a background character dancing at the club all the stories intersect at. I guess they could take a page out of the book entitled "sin city" and have the scene from That Yellow Bastard where Nancy and Callahan (I think that was his name) run out of the club together - in the background while a whole other plot is going on in the foreground, but does that really justify them having their names on the poster? Do they only get their names there because they are big stars and they will help the movie sell?

I thought they'd changed the name to "A Dame to Die For"

Apparently that was all false. Rodriguez said it had never been changed.

Ray Liotta? IN.

They should have gone with "A Dame to Maim For"

Or "A Day to Maim for"

Like the first movie, this one will include multiple storylines. Frank Miller has said he wanted to include a story about what Nancy did after the Yellow Bastard story ended. The new story could certainly include flashbacks including the Bruce Willis character.

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