Release date confirmed for Sin City sequel

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When can we expect Sin City: A Dame To Kill For? We've got the answer for you right here...

Producton starts this summer on the eagerly-awaited follow up to the first Sin City movie, with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller once again stepping behind the camera. This time, the film's going to be called Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, William Monahan has penned the script, and Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba are the latest faces confirmed to return.

We also, though, have the small matter of a release date for the movie. Dimension Films has put out a statement revealing that Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is set for release on October 4th 2013. We're assuming that it's the US release date that's being referred to, rather than a global roll-out on that day. But we might be wrong.

Either way, we'll keep you posted on the movie...

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I'm really hoping that this is much more "sin city" than "The spirit". I loved the former and only managed 20 minutes of slack-jawed agogery a the latter..

I think as long as RRod is directing and Frank Miller stays in the background trying on hats, we'll get a positive Sin City experience.  Well, as positive as that universe gets anyway.

That's an awful long way away... I'll have to resist the urge to read the graphic novel...

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