Sherlock Holmes 3 a “high priority”

News Simon Brew 18 Dec 2012 - 07:58
Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law are set to return for Sherlock Holmes 3. But there's a bit more of a wait yet...

The success of Warner Bros’ two Sherlock Holmes films to date, starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, has meant that a third instalment in the franchise was always likely to happen. Work on a script started even before the release of Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, and producer Dan Lin has confirmed that the project is still very much on the radar. “It’s a high priority for the studio and for all the filmmakers involved”, he told Collider.

As to the current progress of the project? “It’s still in development”, he revealed. “Drew Pearce is working on the script and Downey, as you know, is still finishing Iron Man 3, so we’re waiting for Downey to finish that movie and to get a script from rew”.

Lin promised new locations and new settings for Sherlock Holmes 3 too. It’s unclear as of yet whether Guy Ritchie will return to direct, but the chances are good we’d wager.

The earliest we’d expect to see Sherlock Holmes 3 is 2014, as things stand.


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A 2014 christmas releasedata for Warner would be logical. The previous two Sherlock movies premiered just before christmas and the last part of The Hobbit wil premiere in the summer of 2014, so there wouldn't be any commercial clashing.

It's great that Downey is keeping himself busy. I've always thought he was a great talent since Chaplin. I remember when he was on Ally McBeal, trying to get his career on track and he sadly got sacked for doing drugs again. I wondered if he was going to end up like River Phoenix, as someone who had so much talent but died before his time. It's great to have seen him pick himself up and get himself to the A-list where he belongs.

I've enjoyed both the other installments and would definitely go to see this. I hope Ritchie returns too.

Agreed - he was the best character on Ally McBeal for a couple of years and when they sacked him the replacement character, played by Jon Bon Jovi, had 'quickly fitted in' and 'insipid stereotype' written all over him - nothing against Bon Jovi himself. whose acting was fine, but following the quirky Larry Paul he was a bit of dull love interest to end the show on - had Ally ended up with Larry, as was originally intended by David Kelly, instead of the slow will-they-won't-they with Bon Jovi's handyman character then it would have been a better final season by far

I am glad he has turned himself around because Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man, Avengers and the Sherlocks have been some of my favourite blockbusters of the last decade.

Great franchise! Downey Jr can do no wrong and he is an excellent Holmes.

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