Confirmed: Dwayne Johnson is playing Black Adam in DC's Shazam

News Simon Brew
3 Sep 2014 - 16:39

It's definite: the Shazam movie from DC is happening, and Dwayne Johnson will be playing Black Adam...

Well, things are falling into place for at least one of Warner Bros' planned DC movies. Our understanding is that Shazam is near the front of the queue, and is likely to go into production before Justice League. And after some industrial teasing from Dwayne Johnson over the past few months, he's now confirmed not just that he's doing the film, but also who he's going to be playing.

On his Twitter feed, he has written that he will be playing Black Adam in Shazam, making him the villain on the piece. The identity of who is playing Shazam remains to be seen, but here is Johnson's Tweet announcing the news...

More on Shazam as we hear it. We suspect announcements can't be far away. Don't bet against a 2016 release date...

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