Shane Black to direct The Destroyer

News Ryan Lambie
22 Aug 2014 - 08:19

Shane Black's on board to direct an adaptation of the adventure book series The Destroyer, with Fight Club's Jim Uhls on script duties...

Since the blockbusting success of Iron Man 3, Shane Black has found himself well and truly back on top in the fickle corridors of Hollywood. So much so that not only is he currently in the throes of making his next film - noir-ish thriller The Nice Guys, which sounds like a welcome throwback to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - but he also has two other high-profile projects in the works.

You might recall that these are an adaptation of Doc Savage for DC, and also a new Predator movie, which he's going to write with his old Monster Squad friend Fred Dekker.

As if all that wasn't enough for Black to be thinking about, it's now being reported that the screenwriter-turned director is also set to head up a new adaptation of The Destroyer, based on a script by Jim Uhls - most famous for his adapted screenplay of Fight Club.

This won't be the first time that The Destroyer adventure books have been adapted for the silver screen. Back in 1985, Fred Ward starred in Remo: Unarmed And Dangerous, which took the books' premise about an ordinary cop whose execution is faked, only for him to be trained as an expert assassin by a secret organisation. We dimly recall a scene where Fred Ward ran really fast on the sea's surface without sinking, but we may have dreamt that.

At any rate, there's far more to the books than that cheesy 80s adaptation told us, including - as pointed out by this wonderfully detailed piece over on Film School Rejects - Were-tigers, Chinese vampires and dinosaurs.

It all sounds wonderfully bonkers, though what this means for Black's other projects, we're not yet sure. More on The Destroyer and other Black ventures as we get it.


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