Come and see Se7en for free on the big screen!

News Den Of Geek 2 Jun 2014 - 06:55

This Thursday, we're putting on a special screening of David Fincher's Se7en in London. Here's how you can get free tickets...

Over the past week or two at Den Of Geek, we've been asking you to vote. Specifically, to vote for one of five crime movie classics, with the winner being screened this Thursday, to celebrate the launch of Square Enix's new game, Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. And we're delighted to say that David Fincher's classic Se7en is the movie we're putting on a screening of.

Fancy coming along?

All you need to do is send a Tweet to @denofgeek with the hashtags #MurderedSoulSuspect and #Se7enGeek. Include the number of seats you're after (one or two), and please make sure you're following us so we can DM you if you're successful!

Please note: this is not a competition as such, so please only request seats if you can use them. It's our aim to fill a cinema with a bunch of people who want to see Se7en on the big screen - and if you've not seen it, it really is a treat.

Please also note: the film is an 18 certificate. You cannot attend if you are under 18, else we get into loads of trouble and your head is corrupted forever.

We'll be in touch with you later this week if you've been successful! And we hope to see as many of you there on Thursday 5th June (6 for 6.30pm) as we can.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is released on Friday, on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Where abouts in London? Need to know if I can get there in time :-)

London always gets the attention. I think this should be held in the stronghold of the North that I call Winterfell, otherwise known as Manchester. Would love to see this in the cinema but no way I'm traveling to that vipers nest!!

Cursed work drinks with clients that evening. Nooooooo...!

This film f*#&ed me up.

Absolutely agree, I'm not heading down to King's Landing to see Se7en, I love that film, but I can't justify that.

Manchester? Surely Winterfell is Sheffield - the home town of Ned Stark himself! :-D

where is it?????????

I haven't even seen the first six yet

1ne, 2wo, 3ee, 4our, 5ive, 6i6

I've seen 10, but I don't see how Bo Derek running down a beach relates to the first 9.

Her head grew a body again, some parable about gluttony, how should I know?

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