Director found for Scarface reboot

News Simon Brew
25 Mar 2014 - 06:17

Chilean director Pablo Larrain will be tackling the new, modern day take on Scarface...

See that? Right at the top of the article? it's one of those headlines that does not make people very happy. Scarface, after all, is another entry on the 'films that do not need to be remade' list. Although, of course, Brian De Palma's 1983 Scarface was in itself a remake of Howard Hawks' 1932 original. Let's call this one a reboot of a remake then. That'll cheer people up.

Anyway, Universal is pressing ahead with a new Scarface, engaging producers Martin Bregman and Marc Shmuger (and Bregman also produced De Palma's take on the material) to oversee the project. Furthermore, a director has been appointed too, with Pablo Larrain, who made the film No, signing up.

The new Scarface will be set in present day Los Angeles, and Paul Attanasio has reportedly provided the most recent draft of the script. We've not idea who will be taking the title role on this time. Nothing could make people warm to the project faster than if Shia got the nod though, surely?

Er, we'll get our own coat...

The Wrap.

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