Joseph Gordon-Levitt to direct and star in Sandman

News Simon Brew 17 Dec 2013 - 06:57

Neil Gaiman's Sandman is finally coming to the big screen - and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be in front of and behind the camera...

There's been no shortage of talk over the years about adapting Neil Gaiman's Sandman for the big screen. But things have taken a giant step forward, with the news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set to take on the role as Warner Bros pushed ahead with a movie version.

Furthermore, Gordon-Levitt is also set to direct the film, following the success of his directorial debut, Don Jon.

The news broke overnight, and has since been confirmed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his Twitter account. He wrote that "I'm incredibly honored to be working with David Goyer, Warner Bros and @neilhimself on SANDMAN #Prelude".

UPDATE: Gordon-Levitt has since Tweeted that he's only signed on as producer thus far. But the original report suggests that he's set to star and direct too.

It had already been revealed that David S Goyer had pitched a movie take on Sandman to Warner Bros, although it's unclear yet if he'll be writing the script himself. That 'Prelude' hashtag, meanwhile, is being taken as suggesting that the film will focus on the first Sandman collection.

As we hear more on this, we'll let you know. But it strikes us as really very good news.


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If Gaiman is involved, then I really hope he writes it himself. Keep Goyer away from it. IMO, the vast majority of problems that Man of Steel had were due to the script more than the directing.

The official facebook account of JGL just publish that he signed up as a producer,, just that... just saying...

I really can't picture JGL as Sandman so hope that bit is just a rumour.

Anyway, please don't cock it up! Preludes and Nocturnes is a great story which needs no fiddling with. It's already storyboarded and everything!

Boycott if J.G.L. moves anywhere near the front of the camera.

Why? I think he might be decent in the role


I completely agree with Tom. If Gaiman is involved, he should write the screenplay himself. He knows the character better than we do and he's not short on screenwriting experience or anything.

He's a reasonable actor and his name should attract enough funding and publicity to make it a success ........I'm in.

Please NOT JGL as Dream. He's not right. And this is too complex a directing job for a learner.

To be honest, I don't think Sandman is too much of a demanding role. Its the other characters in the stories who have the more complicated character arcs. Sandman generally just has to turn up, be mysterious and impassive, and say something profound every now and then. Even Keanu could play him, so I think JGL will do just fine.

You say that, but really think how those panels would translate to the screen. If Dream was ho-hum that would effect the story as a whole, every pivotal moment, and all the small but important ones. He has to be totally riveting even when he's doing nothing, convincing when he sounds pretentious, relatable when he's cruel, and fascinating enough to make an audience gasp when they see him actually emote. It's his story - if you don't care it doesn't work. Not an easy job.

I'd vote for a minimum of five actors (and at least one cat) for the role. Minimum requirement being the ability to loom.

Good to finally get a decent horror character finally going.
It has been a long wait!

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