Salt 2 still active, script complete

News Simon Brew 23 Jan 2014 - 06:44

Angelina Jolie may yet reprise the title role in Salt 2, as it's revealed the screenplay is finally done...

It's been over three years since the Angelina Jolie-headlined Salt became a box office hit, and pretty much since then, there's been chat of a sequel. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has certainly kept the project active, and whilst there's been talk of Angelina Jolie not been happy with an early script for the project, it seems as though progress has been made.

Speaking at the UK premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit earlier this week, di Bonaventura confirmed to Bang Showbiz that the screenplay was now done. "I just read the Salt 2 script last week and we'll be going into the studio soon", he said. "One of the mysteries of our business is what gets made, why it gets made and when it gets made. It's an exciting script and has a very daring idea".

Naturally enough, we don't know what that idea is yet, but we suspect that it's coming to crunch time for Salt 2. It needs Sony to like the script, and Angelina Jolie to agree to it too, and only then can the sequel move forward.

More on Salt 2 as we hear it.

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Wasn't one enough?

I didn't mind the first one. Admittedly it was somewhat predictable, but overall it was enjoyable. Plus they kinda set up a sequel

The first one was pretty hilariously bad. My favourite bit was where the bad guy was going to nuke the Middle East so that "all the muslims" would start a war.

Im obviously in the minority here but I really enjoyed the first one and cant wait for the second. Switch your brain off and just enjoy it for what it is. Pure escapist nonsense.

It was one too many.

I enjoyed the first Salt, but I watched the (what now transpires to be cliffhanger-ish) ending thinking the intention was to simply end a one-off non-franchise film in a 'the story continues off-screen' way. Obviously I was wrong, but that's how I would have preferred it.


I fully agree with you, sure it was never going to win any oscars but as fun action flicks go it was very enjoyable, especially if you compare it to some recent dross like olympus has fallen

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