Red band trailer for Sabotage, with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Trailer Simon Brew 10 Feb 2014 - 06:39

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington star in Sabotage. It has violence, swearing and blood. It also has a new trailer.

Director David Ayer has a pair of films heading to cinemas this year, coming off the back of the excellent End OF Watch. Later this year we get his war film, currently titled Fury, which stars Brad Pitt.

Before that? There's Sabotage, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington. Heading to US cinemas at the end of March, the movie has no shortage of blood, violence and swearing, and we should warn you in advance that this red band trailer is hardly bereft of them either. It's best not to watch this is you're easily offended.

We don't get Sabotage in the UK until May 9th, incidentally. Here's that trailer to whet your appetite nonetheless...

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Yes! I'll have some of that.

Either all of that happens in the first ten minutes or the trailer is riddled with spoilers.

Looks like fun though!

That looks surprisingly good.

I'm confused. Arnold is in this, and it looks good? Weird.

What the hell is going on with Sam Worthington? :D

I saw End of Watch last night. This looks good, but it does seem to be treading similar ground as it's predecessor.

Maybe just me but when I saw Sam Worthingtons name it was Sam Rockwells face I pictured which explained my confusion lol

I'm sold!

I thought it was fred durst till his name popped up...

Hot lesbo action - yawn

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