Chris Tucker developing Rush Hour 4

News Simon Brew 19 Nov 2012 - 06:15
Rush Hour 3 - the threequel nobody wanted?

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are working on putting Rush Hour 4 together. Don't expect Friday 4, mind...

The Rush Hour movies have made a staggering amount of money. Notwithstanding the fact that Rush Hour 3 was one of the laziest blockbuster sequels we can remember seeing, the union of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, under the stewardship of director Brett Ratner, has been responsible for well over a billion dollars of revenue.

It's unsurprising, therefore, that talk of Rush Hour 4 keeps cropping up, even though Chris Tucker barely appears in any movies at all. In fact, his appearance in the incoming The Silver Linings Playbook is the first film he's appeared in that's not a Rush Hour movie since 1997's Jackie Brown.

While doing promotional duties for the movie, the question of Rush Hour 4 cropped up, and Tucker confirmed that it's something he's working on. "We're looking into it, me and Jackie [Chan]", he told Vulture. "We're trying to get it going, so we're developing something, so hopefully we'll get something in".

Whether Brett Ratner remains involved we'll discover in due course. His slate of projects is hardly empty.

Chris Tucker also, incidentally, ruled out the rumoured Friday 4. He has, however, shot a new film about stand-up comedy, which sounds a lot more interesting than a Rush Hour sequel.


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I've always thought of Chris Tucker as a less talented version of Chris Rock and then I've always thought of Chris Rock as a less talented version of Eddie Murphy.

I really hope you're talking about "Coming to America Eddie Murphy" and not the Eddie Murphy of the last decade or so.

Bigbywolf is talking specifically about the Eddie Murphy in "Life".

The news the world has been waiting for.

Brilliant. Another movie nobody asked for...

Yeah, I was thinking of Coming to America Eddie Murphy. The Golden Child was another great film from Eddie Murphy.

Yes! Rush Hour films are fun - more than can be said for a lot of films these days. Bring on Rush Hour 4

I never really cared for The Golden Child, though it is as you suggest a perfect example of Murphy in his Prime. Beverly Hills Cop 1 and 2, 48 Hrs, Coming to America... God I miss THAT Eddie Murphy.

Personally I'd take Chris Tucker or Chris Rock over the "New and improved" Eddie Murphy any day. Hell.. I'd take Chris Farley over the modern Eddie Murphy.

What the hell? Why can't we have Shanghai Dawn instead?

I bet if they make Rush Hour 4, it's gonna factor the age of the actors like Lethal Weapon 4, I mean, Jackie is close to 60.

Brett Ratner needs to just die in a fire already. Or get stage 4 prostate cancer. Wait, scratch that last one, that's an insult to stage 4 prostate cancer victims.

Don't expect Rush Hour 4 too developed. Jackie Chan just announced that he will be retiring from filming after he films Chinese Zodiac 2012.

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