New action movie project for Liam Neeson

News Simon Brew 18 Jan 2013 - 07:24
Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is set to reunite with his Unknown director for the upcoming action movie, Run All Night…

The major international success of Taken 2, in the face of scathing reviews, has pretty much cemented Liam Neeson’s position as a hugely successful action movie leading man. And he’s looking to build on that with the news of his latest project too.

Neeson is set to take the lead role in a film called Run All Night, where he’s set to play a mob hitman, who has one night to take on his former boss, while keeping his family safe. The movie is set to be directed by Jaume Collet-Sera (assuming his deal is closed), who helmed both Unknown, and the upcoming Neeson-headlined movie Non-Stop.

Once the ink is dry on everyone’s contracts, expect Run All Night to go into production this year, more than likely for release in 2014.


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I'd hoped he would have taken a role where he doesn't have to protect a family member, and could just go out and kick some ass. Oh well. Maybe they'll die early on and he'll be hell-bent on revenge.

My God, what a way to reinvent yourself. Loved Taken and Unknown Have yet to see Taken 2 , this will be Awsome

Wait a minuet i dont agree, he tried getting his daughter back and still Kicked some ass .

He certainly did kick ass, but I am sick of the whiny family stuff. Why don't they just let him kick ass without the distraction... That's all I'm saying.

They use it as a vice to drive the main characters Passion to fight his enemy's, "u killed my family, now I will kill them all" but yeah it would be nice if the good had no family he's avenging for once. Every action movie is like "they killed his family, he becomes an alcoholic and then takes on the mafia lol" (The Punisher Movie) , there is no action movie without family members is there LOL ???

They need a good reason to kick ass, or they become the bad guy I guess. Still, kicking ass is a good reason alone (when it comes to movies and Liam Neeson). I say just go with it.

You guys need to watch the grey, the most depressing film ever. That has no immediate family motivation for Neeson, just. Death wish. When he finally comes close to death he fights it, but sod all happens for the rest of the film. Please for the love of god keep the family members it just doesn't work otherwise. You can still keep things fresh - and I like this take, self preservation, the guilt of endangering your family and having to kill before you get killed. I pray this turns out well, I loved unknown.

Does The Grey count?

Do you reckon, as a 60 year old, he might be a bit peeved that it's only now that the powers that be decide he's an action hero? All that running around and kicking arse would have much easier a couple of decades ago...

the ending sucked in my opinion, but i still enjoyed the movie greatly

Can't wait for this movie! :D. I love Liam Neeson, he's awesome!.

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