Spielberg’s Robopocalypse movie delayed a year

News Simon Brew 1 Jun 2012 - 05:47

The big screen take on Daniel H Wilson’s Robopocalypse will be arriving some time later than planned…

Steven Spielberg has just made himself a bit of space in his ever-busy slate of projects. He’s in post-production on Lincoln at the moment, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. And then the plan was to move onto his adaptation of Robopocalypse, the book by Daniel H Wilson, which is being adapted for the screen by Drew Goddard.

Spielberg has an excellent track record in science fiction, with not a dud to his name in the genre. His last sci-fi movie, Minority Report, was terrific, even better if you lop the last ten minutes off. Thus, we’ve been really quite excited by the idea of his adaptation of Robopocalypse (a decent, occasionally brilliant book).

However, we’re going to have to wait a while longer for it. The schedule sounded tight when it was originally announced, as Spielberg was set to have Robopocalypse finished just six or seven months after the release of Lincoln. The world of Robopocalypse is not an easy one to realise on the screen, though, and thus it’s not a massive surprise that the film has been delayed a year.

Now, instead of arriving on the originally planned date of July 3rd 2013, Robopocalypse will be out on April 25th 2014. It should still be worth the wait, though…

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This is pretty disappointing. The book is a fantastic read and just screams to be realised on the big screen. It is however very similar in structure to World War Z, the movie adaptation of which was due out around the same time. I wonder if this too had some influence on the delayed production/release of Robopocalypse...

I just think it's a complicated film to make, tbh. The extra time isn't a bad thing.

 Absolutely. The last thing I'd want to see is a rushed job. I have actually spoken with the author (Daniel H. Wilson), a super-nice guy and complete geek too. I'm sure he's somewhat disappointed with the news too, but I'm confident the end product can only benefit from longer preparation.

" Spielberg has an excellent track record in science fiction"? What? 
No he hasn't  A.I, War of the Worlds and Minority Report all three were let down by syrupy endings that made little sense to the rest of the film. Ridley Scott was made to tack on the  happy ending to Blade Runner, Spielberg has no excuses whatsoever! I've said it before on these pages Spielberg is a sentimental hack, a very successful hack but a hack none the less! Check out his Director credits on his IMDB page and after Schindler's List give me one example of a really great film. There are some brilliantly staged scenes in all of the films but syrup clogs up even Saving Private Ryan.

Are you aware that the 'syrupy' ending of Minority Report could very well have been a dream?.
A well-known theory is that the happy ending is a product of John's imagination, caused by hallucinations from his forced coma after he is incarcerated. After Anderton is captured, the prison warden tells him that, "It's actually kind of a rush. They say you have visions. That your life flashes before your eyes. That all your dreams come true."

Its happened in too many of his films to give him the benefit of the doubt, he just loves a happy ending!

Disappointed - read the book recently and enjoyed it immensely.

Simon - Spielberg's last sci-fi movie was War Of The Worlds - 3 years after Minority Report.

 I think of AI as a truly breathtaking and brilliant overlooked classic, Minority as a solid thoughtful rewatchable movie, and War of the Worlds as crappy for Spielberg yet better than much of its sci-fi neighbours.

I suppose if spirit, sentiment, redemption or salvation are really hack offensive, then maybe Spielberg isn't for you--really, this is the guy that made ET and Close Encounters--we always knew his sensibilities.  Even Poltergeist, his horror movie is sentimental.  I think a lot of people appreciate that about him though; not that popularity equals quality, but I think in this case, there is a correlation.

I'm not familiar with the book.  They really ought think twice about that title though.  People will mistake it for saturday night SyFy fare.

I trust Spielberg to make a film worth waiting for.

"The last thing I'd want to see is a rushed job."

Exactly.  I liked the book a lot, but filming it is going to be a major challenge.  If it takes a while before I see the film, that's fine.

I mean, I did wait 28 years for a sequel to TRON. 

I finished reading this book a fewmonths ago, read specifically because of the film production. I agree its format will need a bit of tinkering to create one long narrative, but with a good screenwriter not much may need to be changed. Some of the sections are much better than others and anyone who has read the book will have their favourites. Mine was the construction crew digging the tunnel in the arctic, now that would make a good section of found footage. My only worry is that its Spielberg who is making this film and (much as I like his films in general) his addiction to sentimentallity may well take away the brutality of some of this books sections. The story does tell of a very 'brutal' war between machines and mankind. I hope the robot designs don't therefore step of a disney page....

Speilberg is too sentimental and syrupy sweet.

Get Gilliam.

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