Spielberg’s Robopocalypse movie delayed a year

News Simon Brew
1 Jun 2012 - 05:47

The big screen take on Daniel H Wilson’s Robopocalypse will be arriving some time later than planned…

Steven Spielberg has just made himself a bit of space in his ever-busy slate of projects. He’s in post-production on Lincoln at the moment, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. And then the plan was to move onto his adaptation of Robopocalypse, the book by Daniel H Wilson, which is being adapted for the screen by Drew Goddard.

Spielberg has an excellent track record in science fiction, with not a dud to his name in the genre. His last sci-fi movie, Minority Report, was terrific, even better if you lop the last ten minutes off. Thus, we’ve been really quite excited by the idea of his adaptation of Robopocalypse (a decent, occasionally brilliant book).

However, we’re going to have to wait a while longer for it. The schedule sounded tight when it was originally announced, as Spielberg was set to have Robopocalypse finished just six or seven months after the release of Lincoln. The world of Robopocalypse is not an easy one to realise on the screen, though, and thus it’s not a massive surprise that the film has been delayed a year.

Now, instead of arriving on the originally planned date of July 3rd 2013, Robopocalypse will be out on April 25th 2014. It should still be worth the wait, though…

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