New RoboCop crosses $180m worldwide, sequel possible?

News Simon Brew 3 Mar 2014 - 07:05

The reboot of RoboCop is heading to the $200m mark at the box office. So: RoboCop 2, then?

Few films have caused as much debate on the pages of this site over the past year or two as the rebooted RoboCop. We liked it, some didn't, some thought we went on about it a lot, some thought we didn't talk about it enough. It's for conundrums such as these that the fine beverage known as coffee was invented.

Anyway: in spite of a middling to not-so-middling performance at the US box office, it seems as though the new RoboCop may just be on its way to being a modest hit. Given that it was little secret there were plans for more RoboCop movies, we wonder - when the monies from the film's eventual home releases are counted up - that - if it might just have done enough business to make that happen.

RoboCop currently stands at $51m in the US, and it's not expected to get to $70m. But outside of America, the film has pulled in over $130m, in particular buoyed by a strong take in China. The movie's been a hit in the UK too.

In much the say way that last year's Pacific Rim eventually hit courtesy of its non-US take, RoboCop - on a smaller scale - may be going the same way.

Also at the box office over the weekend incidentally, Frozen become the second animated film to ever take over $1bn worldwide. Yikes.

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I'd like a second Robocop, I thought it was a good film and stood on it's own from the original.

I'd love a second one. We loved it here (UK) and thought it was a very well told, surprisingly deep take on the subject. As long as you're not expecting Verhoeven levels of comedy satire or violence it's actually a really good film.

Saw it a month ago. Forgotten about it already. Hardly a classic.

I really hoped this would flop. What next for the dreaded remake treatment

Let's put it this way - it would not be as bad as the original RoboCop 2 or RoboCop 3 would it? Let alone the TV series (though Prime Suspect and Nano were rather good IMHO) and let's forget about Prime Directives ;) )

I prefer Robocop 2 to this but it's definitely better than 3

robocop 2 wasnt that bad,it has a awsome battle scene between kane and robocop it was better then 3 that was crap

I can't see a sequel happening, and I hope it doesn't.

I was a huge fan of the original RoboCop, but to be fair, I didn't care for the sequels of it either. The fact that it's a few weeks in and it has only crossed the $180m mark is not really a sign of success. In addition to the production costs (estimated to be $130 m), the marketing costs are huge as well.

I haven't seen the new one and I don't plan to. What I did do when it came up, was to rewatch the original RoboCop again, in all its 1980's glory.

And it's still good !

Yeah, I agree. If you went to see this film, please don't complain when we hear about the inevitable Predator or Big Trouble in Little China remakes

It's going to have to make a hell of a lot more than 200 million worldwide for the studio to want a sequel. Budget is listed as 130 million; that probably doesn't include marketing costs (they rarely do). If the studio were to fund a sequel it would be a big gamble with their money; reviews were not great and neither is the box office. Would be a tough sell for the studio to build hype for a sequel (that they'd probably have to spend even more money on).

I'm one of the people who will no doubt moan about a remake of a classic film.

However, given the good reviews this film was getting, I decided to go. I mean, it would be hypocritical to slag off a film I have never seen.

I went to see this in the hope I would hate it. Unfortunately, I actually enjoyed it. It was told with an interesting angle, and one where I can distance this film enough from the original to be able to enjoy both. They are both products of their time.

This has now given me a huge problem though because as you say, I now have no right to slag off future remakes.

Dear God... forgive me. What have I done?

Can I just have ONE more? Point Break. Just NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I adore the original but enjoyed the remake.
Would be nice to see a sequel go in a different direction and stray further from the remake roots.
The foreign drone warfare vs domestic policing theme was Interesting and is worthy of more time..


Here's a thought... Sony Pictures have the rights to both RoboCop and The Terminator franchises.... This re-imagining involved a lot of drones... OCP becomes Cyberdyne anyone? Mind you a film where each act starts with the same scene in an alternative reality could be interesting :)

I hope there is a sequel. I personally enjoyed the film and was pleasantly surprised by how watchable it was. Not as good as the original but head and shoulders above any of the original sequels and subsequent tv offerings.

Hmmm... drones coming under the control of a master computer network with RoboCop saving the human race... you know it might just work ;) lol

I'd buy that for one unit of sterling.

A universe does already exist...Robocop VS Terminator it's not too crazy a leap..

I enjoyed RC. I only went after reading DoGs review and while (as the review pointed out) it wasn't perfect, it was a damn sight better than a lot of the sci-fi we've been foisted with the last few years (I'm looking at you Total Recall). I'd be interested to see where they could go with it next.

Who's this 'we' you speak of? A lot of people saw it, but then a lot of people help Adam Sandler movies make over $100 million at the box office. Most 'we' that I know thought it was marginally better than RoboCop 3.

the 'we' I was talking about was me and my wife. Quit getting your knickers in a twist. Jesus.

Although the people I know who did see it thought it was MUCH better than 'marginally better than 3'

Hasn't done well enough. It cost $100-130 million and is yet to break-even. It'll only get a sequel if it earns sufficient profit as in a box-office of nearly $300 million.

They should've made it for $50 million but they just spent too much dressing up a mutton script as lamb.

DREDD probably has a better chance of getting a sequel since both critics and audience had a far more unanimously good reaction and it seems to have grown an audience. It also cost a lot less.

Well I for one am glad you both are representing the UK. The training must be exhausting but I am sure it's worth it, if only to keep the Olympic spirit going a bit longer during these trying times. Go Team GB!

RoboCop 3 was awful but at least it was memorable. The rehash was as average as last year's Die Hard. That race for mediocrity is really heating up. I hope if there is a sequel to either of those, it'll be set in space like Leprechaun, Hellraiser, Jason and Pluto Nash. They were clearly the best entries in their respective series. Everybody knows that.

Not a patch on the surprise there! When has any remake been good?? And I hope they don't do a predator remake, who can replace Arnie...the new Conan sucked & I can guarantee a predator remake would suck hugely too

Just another Troll....

No intention of seeing this, I don't want my fond memories of the real Robocop, spoiling.

Weak. If I were trolling I wouldn't have bothered offering a valid opinion. At least I don't look like a sock puppet, sign in next time mongo.

You can't polish a turd, but you can roll it around in glitter. Any classic lines in this one? Abbie Cornish has to be the next Meryl Streep right?

Good grief.

I loved it AND I prefer it to Robocop 2 & 3.

It's not as violent or funny as the original but the scene where Murphy sees what is left of him is very powerful and stays with you a long time. I'm hoping for a directors cut or added scenes on the DVD.

And keeps troling...

Is the best reboot/remake I ever see. The new Total Recall...arg. I hope there is a sequel. The brazilian director José Padilha did a good work.

I'd love a second - but Padilha needs more control. If the studio hadn't interfered and we'd have got the movie he wanted to make it would have been awesome. Still really enjoyed it as it is though.

Sorry mate, but you are acting like a peen-arse, but your probably American so, that's to be expected.

Robocop 1 was brilliant when I was a kid and so was Robocop 2, but even as a kid I thought Robocop 3 was dreadful.

I cannot however say that about this film. I enjoyed it and it wasn't hammy or camp.

Some good performances and it seems a decent box office take worldwide.

Think you need to look up what trolling actually is. If only to learn how to spell it.

I can see you probably have learning difficulties, so feel free to keep enjoying really average movies and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep those chins up champ!

Learning difficulties... No. Finding twats exasperating?, now that I can relate to in replying to this.

FYI, my favorite films are;

Captain's Courageous
The Colour Purple
and a few others

The Robocop films are a treasure from my childhood, I'm an 80's kid what can I say

'Grammar and punctuation are not my strong points' is something you could say. 'I like the new Robocop. Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I.Q. of 48 and am what some people call mentally retarded' is another.

While I'm here, MGM rely completely on existing ips rather than creating new ones. So expect Rocky, Bond, Pink Panther and Robocop to continue regardless. Best case scenario would be to try again in a few years and perhaps take more of a risk instead of of pummelling 100 million dollars into such a forgettable, vanilla movie.

i LOVED the original Robocop, and was a little worried about the remake, but i have to say it was a great film, worthy of another in my mind, but like all things that's a decision that the studio will have to make, i just hope they don't listen to small minded morons, different generations will have different thoughts on this matter, but the studio MUST stick by it.

Robocop Well here we have another remake & to my amazement what a flop,
The best part of the film was when murthy was shown how much remained of himself,
Michael Keaton I do like as a actor but in this just crap,
Samuel l Jackson as usual shouting his mouth of getting boring,
The best actor of the film was Gary old man brilliant in this film plus the batman films,
This is the first time I have seen actor Joel kinnaman in a film,
If we do happen to see robocop 2 please give the next one a better certificate rating plus more blood thirsty scenes & a better story line,
I would rate this film a very poor film glad I did not see this on the cinema.

I'm yet to see a convincing argument for why film deserves to be called anything other than pedestrian. The script was clearly in need of a polish otherwise Hugh Laurie wouldn't have walked. The budget rocketed so high it only ever going to invite studio interference, leading to such a terrible experience for Jose Padilha that I strongly doubt he'll go near the studio system again (just like I correctly foresaw Nolan washing his hands of Man of Stool). One comment hoped for a director's cut, even though this very site carried a story from Jose saying 'what you saw is what you got'. Sure enough, the blu ray extras are as weak as the film. Even the director wanted shot of it. This was a cynical cash grab aimed at kids while trading off a much, much better film. I'll admit there was one memorable line- "I would NOT buy that for a dollar". Should have been the tagline. Nil points for encouraging bad cinema.

Well said Ash that's EXACTLY what I thought! does my nut in when people whinge and compare it to the original because it's not the original but its AN original on its own, but it does my nut in even more when people come on here moaning about it when they haven't even seen it! they need to get a life it's only a film! hahaha

Hmm intriguing! seeing as they may not make a movie version of that awesome game 'deus ex' I think you might be onto something there!

With all due respect, who are you to say what others should like or dislike? what is that to you? and why are you calling someone retarded just for liking it? just because it crap to you, doesn't mean everyone else has to agree with you. If you don't like it just don't watch it. Simple as that. It's just a film

Did I say it was crap? Nope, just average. Did I say people should dislike it? No, go ahead and like a mediocre movie (I like plenty of others but recognise them as such), just be prepared with a constructive counter argument when someone puts a decent case forward that a film lacking style, substance and character does not merit a 130 million dollar budget. How would I know if I didn't like it if I didn't watch it first? I can this is a conundrum that would 'do your nut in' so we'll leave it as rhetorical. Saying 'it's just a film' is also fine, but don't act surprised if and when Starship Troopers gets remade for tweens to sell a bunch of toys. Lastly, I'm not going to apologise for using an Anchorman quote, largely because I don't think you realised where it came from and it highlights the fact no one is going to be quoting this new Robo film in years to come.

'You have 20 seconds to complain.'

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