New RoboCop crosses $180m worldwide, sequel possible?

News Simon Brew
3 Mar 2014 - 07:05

The reboot of RoboCop is heading to the $200m mark at the box office. So: RoboCop 2, then?

Few films have caused as much debate on the pages of this site over the past year or two as the rebooted RoboCop. We liked it, some didn't, some thought we went on about it a lot, some thought we didn't talk about it enough. It's for conundrums such as these that the fine beverage known as coffee was invented.

Anyway: in spite of a middling to not-so-middling performance at the US box office, it seems as though the new RoboCop may just be on its way to being a modest hit. Given that it was little secret there were plans for more RoboCop movies, we wonder - when the monies from the film's eventual home releases are counted up - that - if it might just have done enough business to make that happen.

RoboCop currently stands at $51m in the US, and it's not expected to get to $70m. But outside of America, the film has pulled in over $130m, in particular buoyed by a strong take in China. The movie's been a hit in the UK too.

In much the say way that last year's Pacific Rim eventually hit courtesy of its non-US take, RoboCop - on a smaller scale - may be going the same way.

Also at the box office over the weekend incidentally, Frozen become the second animated film to ever take over $1bn worldwide. Yikes.

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