Joel Kinnaman on RoboCop’s PG-13 rating

News Glen Chapman 5 Feb 2014 - 07:07

The star of the upcoming RoboCop movie has been addressing its PG-13 rating...

Arriving in cinemas at the end of this week is the controversial reboot/remake of RoboCop. It's a project that's had few friends over the course of its production, and the decision to target at PG-13/12A rating really hasn't helped.

The film's star, and the new RoboCop, has been chatting about the movie, and addressing the issue of the rating in a new interview with Collider. He admitted that "I had a couple of brief conversations with José [Padilha, director] about what he wanted to do with the film, I didn’t really know that The Dark Knight was a PG-13 as well... I didn’t know what you could get away with with PG-13".

He added that "after seeing what we got away with with PG-13, that battle became quite irrelevant. The original RoboCop was X-rated and then they had to cut it down so it became R-rated and [Paul] Verhoeven claimed that actually made the movie more violent, because it’s what you don’t see that actually scares you. The violence of the of the original RoboCop was so much aligned with Verhoeven’s cinematic tone and his comedic tone, and our film is carrying José’s tone. He’s a completely different filmmaker, so the violence that we have in our movie completely makes sense in terms of who José is".

RoboCop is out on Friday. Reviews are set to go live at the end of the day.


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I think I'll wait for it to come out on Netflix. Everything I've heard about the reboot makes me sad

I am so sad for this film. The satire and the ultra violence was part of what made Robocop so popular, take that out and making it PG-13/12A and you are left with just a generic Sci-Fi film. The thing is it has a great cast, a good director but lack of studio confidence.

The film is probably going to be merely OK, passable at best and that is not what you want from a Robocop film.

What he said /\ /\

Honest Trailers on Robocop basically said everything that needed to be said on this subject ... and with brutal honesty too.

Take the ultra violence and satire out of RoboCop and make it kid friendly and what do you get...RoboCop 3!! I rest my case.
I was willing to give this movie a chance but the more I've seen of it, the more I grow to love the original!

I haven't seen the original Robocop but I am seeing the remake with my dad as he wants to see it next week. Plan to go in with a clean slate so I can offer my opinion with a clean slate and then watch the original right after on Netflix.

Well of course Robocop needs a PG13 rating. How else are you going to sell Happy Meals off the back of it?

The argument for a PG-13 Robocop: Dredd's box office

The argument against a PG-13 Robocop: Dredd's quality.

Watch a bluray of the original and don't bother with this, your dad will have a better time rewatching the original too!

I think he's right about hoe much you can get away with these days on a PG-13, but I am just fearful of the Reboot Syndrome - a problem that hampers almost all reboots. It cant ever live up to the standards of the original because the people who remember the original remember it fondly.

Duly noted, but I prefer to make my own mind. I don't believe in having an opinion on a film I haven't seen. The remake may well be terrible, but at least I can have my own views on why it's terrible.

The prob Dredd had was marketing not the rating

This is my point with remakes, they are for a generation of film goers who never saw the original in cinemas. I was lucky enough to see the original Robocop in the cinema, coming off the back of the video nasty era the amount of violence was cartoonish and fitted the tone of the film perfectly. I saw the original and loved it (still do) and I'll see the new interpretation and probably enjoy that as well for completely different reasons. No-one can argue about remakes being pathetic because if the original is held with such reverance then just go watch that again and leave a whole generation of movie goers to make up their own mind about the new one, either that or see the film and discuss the merits or problems in an open minded fashion.

The Violence in the first movie was integral to the core message of the movie - society had become that violent that society it self had to go to extremes to try and solve a major problem.
This was underlined by the brutal murder of Alex Murphy - The statement was if the criminals dont even care about butchering a cop what does that say abot the society you are introduced too!
Its going to have to take some interesting filmography and story telling to relay the same message

Anyone on here seen the film yet?

oh and the fact there isnt a review out for this movie that I have seen speaks volumes

Or the originals are better and Hollywood are cashing in on their names

Does the film have to have the same message? I'm not defending a film I haven't seen...just food for thought, as it were.

Just to add to that - you're right about the original movie, but having seen the trailers to the remake, it does seem like they're going for a different message. There's the stuff about him being controlled, but giving Robocop the illusion that he is in control of himself. If they are trying to make a movie about the government and corporations controlling our lives then the lack of violence could be justified.

I'm not fan of remakes per se, nor do I think we needed a Robocop remake, but I'm not sure that a remake of an older film is required to stick to the same themes and messages. In fact there's nothing wrong with using an old story to convey a new idea, if that's what you're trying to do.

My view is this, Robocop only has one good movie. The first one. The second has it's moments, but it just didn't live up the originals quality. Don't even get me started on the third and the terrible TV movie. This franchise deserves a reboot, it's too good of a character to just ignore. So I'm okay with this reboot thus far, at least they're telling their own story and not rehashing the original. But that doesn't mean it won't still fail to live up to expectations.

"The violence of the of the original RoboCop was so much aligned with Verhoeven’s cinematic tone and his comedic tone, and our film is carrying José’s tone. He’s a completely different filmmaker, so the violence that we have in our movie completely makes sense in terms of who José is"

Hmm, that's funny because I remember Padhilla's Elite Squad being R.

Look, if you're doing a film about violence show some social responsibility and get an R.

I'm looking forward to the film. The way I see it, the cast alone should guarantee some good moments at least and it looks like they are going to explore his relationship with his family a bit more, which the original never done. That's not a criticism, I absolutely love the original and was borderline obsessed with it as a kid but I'm not going to write this film off just yet. I don't envy the role of the bad guy who is trying to live up to Clarence Boddicker though!

I was born the year RoboCop was released so obviously I did not see it on its original cinema run. However, I did eventually see it on a cinema screen thanks to cinemas keen on showing classic films. I will also point out that I live in the West Ireland countryside (i.e. middle of nowhere) so it is possible to see these films no matter where you are.

My point is, remakes are not made for people who were unable to see the film during its original cinema run. They are made for teenagers who show abhorrance for anything older than five minutes or don't feature people that speak and look like them. And rather than create original content for these people, Hollywood decides for remakes as the name has had years of marketing (i.e. RoboCop being on many video and DVD shelves, Dad always saying how good RoboCop is, etc.)

Sorry if I came off whiny there.

Not whiny at all and you make a good point. I will say you're lucky to live near a cinema that shows classic films. I live near two major multiplexes and the closest I got was the re-release of The Shining last year (I was lucky enough to see that first time around too). I suppose my rant is borne from the amount of criticism remakes get before anyone's actually seen them, sure like original films they all run the risk of being absolutely rubbish but sometimes they prove to be ok. If I'm being honest I'm hoping that it's a good movie because this time of year cinema is quite depressing (all those oscar films can be heavy going) and I need something stimulating! I'll stand by what I say though in relation to the statement that if the original film means so much to you then don't see the remake, that way you have nothing to complain about...that would sound the death knell for a lot of film sites out there though :)

The original Robocop had both toys and a cartoon.

Critics haven't seen the movie yet, they usually only see it days if not hours before they get released.

Social responsibility? smh

Plus not enough 2D showings.

What dimwit negged this?

The internet doesn't require to have seen something, to have formed an opinion.

It's already been released in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Ha! aint that the truth (dotcom)... :)

Well Done You! I get sick of people in the comments telling other people what they should think of films. Go watch it, have a cracking day with your dad, make up your own mind about the film. I am taking my son to see it this weekend, and I watched the original with my wife last night. i will judge the new film on it's merits. And you know what, I may enjoy it even more than the original, because I will be experiencing it with my son. Make it an experience mate.

I was trying to be diplomatic... "Better" is a subjective term. I hold out hope for Robocop, as Casino Royale (2006) proved that you can reboot a series to good effect. Casino Royale and Skyfall are arguably the best films that the Bond franchise has to offer.
Although, I fear the Bond films may be the exception to the rule...

Cheers Paul, same to you. Hope you and your son have a good time :)

Parsnips don't bleed. Hence - PG13

that sounds like a good plan. you will absolutely LOVE the original (not that I'm trying to sway your opinions in any way). However, the amount of backlash from fans of the original goes to show you how much it is loved all these years later. I may give the remake a chance when it comes out though. If it's bad then so be it, I still have the original. If it's okay, I still have the original.

Well said. The sad truth of the matter is that Hollywood follows trends, it doesn't set them. Anything truly original that is made there is by independent directors. Movie making is going the way of the music industry; tailoring the output according to demographics, rather than making as good a product as possible.

If you're going to remake something, why not take something that wasn't good to begin with or isn't that well known.

I was having a conversation with a work colleague recently and he insists that as long as the CGI/special effects are amazing, it doesn't matter about the story, characters or acting (i should point out that he is 22 and I'm 36.).

Fortunately, I live in London and regularly go the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square that only show classic movies and genre marathons.


and a decent comic run too

The only remakes that have been as good as, if not better than, their original counterparts are John Carpenter's The Thing, David Cronenberg's The Fly, and Brian De Palma's Scarface. I can't think of a modern remake that is even halfway as good as the original.

I agree that Casino Royale did an excellent job of rebooting the Bond franchise. However, Bond has been around in movies since 1962 and already had 21 movies under it's belt, so truly was a "franchise". I think anything less than 5 movies doesn't qualify as a franchise.

Maybe everyone will be pleasantly surprised when they see the movie. However, looking at the track record of high profile remakes, and it doesn't look good. I can't think any modern remake that has actually been any good.

If the motive behind the remake is to make money from a certain demographic, then the film will probably be deemed a success. If the motive is to make a good movie and (re)introduce the character to existing and new audiences, then judging by the comments on this and other websites, the powers-that-be will probably end up disappointed.

Most Americans don't speak any of those languages.

See, I got this problem. Remakes don't like me. So I don't like remakes.

True Lies perhaps? Lots of old remakes can be added to that list, including The Wizard of Oz and Ben Hur

Im not sure not seen it yet hence my last line :)

which I will be interested to see whether the core message and the actual story tie up together

ok so its going to suck! the opening shot should be someone's brain going out the back his/her skull!

The Thing remake was good but nowhere near as good as the original and certainly not better. One simple thing messed it up CGI, all they had to do was allow Rob Bottin to do his thing again and that movie WOULD have had a chance of being as good if not better than the original but CGI Things just took a whole lot away from the movie.

PG-13 says all that I need to know about this movie. I will not be seeing it myself, I am not watching Robocop made for the Disney Channel.

Yeah remake is a watered down PG-13 kid friendly mess. If you like political correct this and that then you will love this movie, if you are actually not afraid to get hit with a dodge ball or climb on monkey bars this you will hate this film!!!!!

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