Joel Kinnaman on RoboCop’s PG-13 rating

News Glen Chapman
5 Feb 2014 - 07:07

The star of the upcoming RoboCop movie has been addressing its PG-13 rating...

Arriving in cinemas at the end of this week is the controversial reboot/remake of RoboCop. It's a project that's had few friends over the course of its production, and the decision to target at PG-13/12A rating really hasn't helped.

The film's star, and the new RoboCop, has been chatting about the movie, and addressing the issue of the rating in a new interview with Collider. He admitted that "I had a couple of brief conversations with José [Padilha, director] about what he wanted to do with the film, I didn’t really know that The Dark Knight was a PG-13 as well... I didn’t know what you could get away with with PG-13".

He added that "after seeing what we got away with with PG-13, that battle became quite irrelevant. The original RoboCop was X-rated and then they had to cut it down so it became R-rated and [Paul] Verhoeven claimed that actually made the movie more violent, because it’s what you don’t see that actually scares you. The violence of the of the original RoboCop was so much aligned with Verhoeven’s cinematic tone and his comedic tone, and our film is carrying José’s tone. He’s a completely different filmmaker, so the violence that we have in our movie completely makes sense in terms of who José is".

RoboCop is out on Friday. Reviews are set to go live at the end of the day.


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