RoboCop remake is to be PG-13

News Simon Brew 19 Jul 2013 - 23:42

Uh-oh. It looks like the new RoboCop film is targeting a PG-13 rating. They've seen the first one, right?

This is not going to go down well.

Appreciating that there's a sizeable number of people siding with the 'why remake RoboCop at all' line of thinking, the new take on the film had nonetheless earned a few points by virtue of some of the people involved in it. Jose Padilha directing? A smart choice, as anyone who has seen the Elite Squad films can testify. A cast that includes Joel Kinnaman, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton and Abby Cornish, amongst others? Further smart choices.

Notwithstanding the legal letters this very site has attracted on more than one occasion where we've posted promotional images from the new film, we've remained cautiously optimistic. However, it's now been apparently confirmed at the RoboCop panel over at San Diego Comic-Con that the new movie is targeting a PG-13 rating.

As Total Film has reported on Twitter, the exact quote from those behind the movie is "we're shooting this movie to be seen by as wide an audience as possible, which means PG-13".

We'll let that sink in for a minute.

Does PG-13 actually mean the widest audience? Does it guarantee box office success? Heck, feel free to recall your fond memories of the PG-13 Total Recall remake right about now.

As we hear more on RoboCop, we'll let you know. Surely, though, the extreme violence of the first film was a crucial part of the point that the film was making? A PG-13 RoboCop simply brings back unwelcome memories of RoboCop 3...

Total Film Twitter.

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So it will be a 12A in UK cinemas, and there will be an 'extended, harder cut' on the DVD. It's going to get ugly.

hmmmm, on the day Detroit goes bankrupt, OCP are going to step in there, the stars are aligning

I heard the robocop statue has found a new home at Hardcore Pawn...

Denofgeek, I appreciate your coverage of comic con and will be tuning in all night for articles.

Well this is garbage. I'll stay home on opening night and watch the original instead.

F*cking hell. This comment section is going to hit the target audience better than a 12A can. Do under-12s have that much of a disposable income? In my time we had to work 25 hours a day down t' pits for a slice of bread let alone a ticket for the moving picture house.

I've nothing against remakes unless they add absolutely nothing whatsoever other than to get folk to watch the original material. This 12A crap is like watching porn filled solely with eunuchs and barbie dolls.

And that's killed what little interest I had in this stone dead. What braindead idiot didn't realise that going pg 13 is what killed the original franchise at the box office?

you do remember the dark knight was pg-13

My guess is the studio's logic is about fans of the original taking their kids with them to see the remake...

Could it all be an elaborate publicity stunt?

Agreed. This is gonna suck so, so bad.

Yeah, it wasn't the abysmal script or anything...

You can't sell toys and Happy Meals on the back of an NC-17

Sigh. Of course it is.

...and we'd get a breakfast of cold gravel, after which Dad would slice us in half with a bread knife while singing "Hallelujah"...

we'd be LUCKY to eat cold gravel....

oh and f**k you PG-13/12a

A lot of dipshits aren't interested in a story. THEY WANT VIOLENCE DAMNIT

This is the BEST news I've heard all week. The world NEEDS a child friendly Robocop. Now im just hoping they make Showgirls without the tits.

Wasn't that Coyote Ugly?

You were lucky!

Haha! The out roar that this will cause. This doesn't look good. Luckily, it won't take away from the original.

Let's wait for the movie and judge then.

"Can you fly, Bobby?"

"No I can't, Clarence. If you were to throw me from this vehicle then it would surely mean an R Rating, ensuring that the tween demographic misses out on our shenanigans."

Somehow I don't think that this is going to have the same level of impact and anticipation that The Dark Knight had.

I won't buy that for a dollar.

And this would surely have been down to the quality of the movie rather than it's rating?

It would have been nice if the rebooted Robocop retained the satirical OTT violence of the original, but really how likely was that going to be?

The best we were ever going to get from this reboot was a good movie carrying a new interpretation (tailored for maximum franchise and cross merchandising appeal) of the character and story and this news changes this in no way at all.

R doesn't Necessarily mean gReat.
Why cant people be happy with 12s? look at nolan's dark knight trilogy. They are all 12s and they are some of the best movies of all time.

You're right as in R doesn't always mean a good movie but with your batman comparison, Batman was always intended to be a pg-13 character. Robocop's r rated violence and bleak tone, however was the reason why the first was successful. The worse part is that even if Sony relents and makes it r rated, all they will do is add extra cgi blood rather than have it be r from the start.

The need to make it pg 13 changed Robocop 3.

Wasn't Avengers Assemble/The Avengers a 12 or 12A?

This 6000 SUX

I was holding out hope and you lost me at pg-13. Robo-cop is set in a distopian Detroit, seething with crime... pg-13 crime? No, heinous, villainous crime. I grew up watching this and Robocop 2. You cannot tell a story about how a cop who was brutally murdered, is turned into a cyborg, still has thoughts and feelings for his wife and son and struggles with his humanity with a pg-13 rating. This is not Wall-E. You want to pack a theater? Quit catering to the 8-18 demographic... Adults are the ones who spend 80 bucks at the theater. Cater to me.

Batman has a no kill policy. Robocop like Judge Dred can and does shred perps without a second thought. The films, comics and graphic novels were teaming with violent rape, cannibalism, and serial murder as well as heavy drug use. Batman... no so much.

Because that's what robocop is. Violence. He is a unstoppable justice machine owned by a corrupt corporation to clean up the violent thugs in Detroit... how? Laying waste to everything in site. Do we really need that much story?

That would imply they've employed execs that have given it That much thought. 12A just seems like a another way of saying 'cash grab' though. I can't believe we're heading into an age where you could have Terminator or Robocop in the title and let five year old kids in to see it.

I'd much rather this have a higher rating, but I've enjoyed many spectacular epic films that have been PG13s. I'll wait and see how this turns out before labelling it as 'garbage'

right about you your on your knees begging for an 18 certificate. Serve the stockholder. protect your investment. Uphold the law of screwing over the people over.

Of course it is going to get a PG-13 (12) certificate. That is often the way with big budget movies, it's the law of cinema economics to make sure the audience, and potential earnings, are as broad as possible. They will probably release a harder cut for home viewing. That way they can entice those who were put off by the tame theatrical cut.

Yeah this is pants news. The abysmal production design on this film from the start was a massive worry for me. Good cast and director but unfortunately looking like a sh*t sandwich. Not sure on this but I think the director has already let slip that the studio was interfering with his vision from the start. Looking bad.

Good point

I give up.

Do you remember that Batman before that was camp as f@ck? Robocop is a violent story with adult plot devices and pretty edgy social commentary. Catering to younger teen audiences is extremely restrictive and does nothing to help the story, and only serves to make money for studios. Much like a Godfather reboot would unlikely elicit the same critical success as the original if it was rated PG-13, a censored Robocop will be like its predecessor in name only. I only hope this is all just a cynical publicity stunt by the studio's marketing team.

Boo. I won't be seeing this at the cinema. I know the recent Batman films are 12A but not Robocop! What's next? Remaking the original Terminator as a PG?

My dad took me and my brother to see the original. It's called bonding....

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