RoboCop remake is to be PG-13

News Simon Brew
19 Jul 2013 - 23:42

Uh-oh. It looks like the new RoboCop film is targeting a PG-13 rating. They've seen the first one, right?

This is not going to go down well.

Appreciating that there's a sizeable number of people siding with the 'why remake RoboCop at all' line of thinking, the new take on the film had nonetheless earned a few points by virtue of some of the people involved in it. Jose Padilha directing? A smart choice, as anyone who has seen the Elite Squad films can testify. A cast that includes Joel Kinnaman, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton and Abby Cornish, amongst others? Further smart choices.

Notwithstanding the legal letters this very site has attracted on more than one occasion where we've posted promotional images from the new film, we've remained cautiously optimistic. However, it's now been apparently confirmed at the RoboCop panel over at San Diego Comic-Con that the new movie is targeting a PG-13 rating.

As Total Film has reported on Twitter, the exact quote from those behind the movie is "we're shooting this movie to be seen by as wide an audience as possible, which means PG-13".

We'll let that sink in for a minute.

Does PG-13 actually mean the widest audience? Does it guarantee box office success? Heck, feel free to recall your fond memories of the PG-13 Total Recall remake right about now.

As we hear more on RoboCop, we'll let you know. Surely, though, the extreme violence of the first film was a crucial part of the point that the film was making? A PG-13 RoboCop simply brings back unwelcome memories of RoboCop 3...

Total Film Twitter.

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