New RoboCop set pics: Michael Keaton, the RoboCop suit

News Simon Brew
8 Oct 2012 - 06:37

Potential spoilers, as the latest RoboCop set shots give us a new look at the suit, and a first glance at Michael Keaton's character

Over in Toronto, shooting continues on the Jose Padilha-directed RoboCop reboot. They got the public reveal of the RoboCop suit out of the way very early in the shoot, and the outfit for the new Alex Murphy has been widely dissected. We had a look at it ourselves, here.

The latest shots from the set, though, have introduced us to Michael Keaton's character for the first time. Keaton is set to play the CEO of OmniCorp, and he's appeared in a scene that appears to be introduced RoboCop - played by Joel Kinnaman - to the world.

It's nice to see the old OCP logo in there, and we also get the film's touching homage to David Blaine, with RoboCop suspected in a see-through box for everyone to see. Bless.

The new RoboCop arrives in cinemas next August. And here are the pictures...


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