New RoboCop set pics: Michael Keaton, the RoboCop suit

News Simon Brew 8 Oct 2012 - 06:37

Potential spoilers, as the latest RoboCop set shots give us a new look at the suit, and a first glance at Michael Keaton's character

Over in Toronto, shooting continues on the Jose Padilha-directed RoboCop reboot. They got the public reveal of the RoboCop suit out of the way very early in the shoot, and the outfit for the new Alex Murphy has been widely dissected. We had a look at it ourselves, here.

The latest shots from the set, though, have introduced us to Michael Keaton's character for the first time. Keaton is set to play the CEO of OmniCorp, and he's appeared in a scene that appears to be introduced RoboCop - played by Joel Kinnaman - to the world.

It's nice to see the old OCP logo in there, and we also get the film's touching homage to David Blaine, with RoboCop suspected in a see-through box for everyone to see. Bless.

The new RoboCop arrives in cinemas next August. And here are the pictures...


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Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, ROBOOOOOOO!

And is that Nestor Carbonell on the first photo in the right? :D This Batman reboot, fool :D

No proof reading at Den of Geek?

suit looks ok there

hmm, on 2nd thoughts, still not feeling it, still... no pull body prosthesus?! ;)

What's with the bare right hand on every photo of the suit? Is it for the gun or what do you think?

I guess this time they decided to keep it :D The surgeons in the original picture didn't want any human limbs on Robocop.

Keaton looks cools ever

The suit looks a lot bulkier in these pictures and less like Tron. Better!

"Lose the arm" - Bob Morton

If the suit was silver/metallic blue like the original this design would work. At the moment he's Batman.


Do you write your articles on an iPhone??

Well, I look forward to Michael Keaton, but this still looks like it could be a stinker. Sorry even though its almost 30 years old the old design looked a lot more interesting than this.

So its official, thats the suit eh? It looks as crap as it did in the leaked photo from a few weeks back. It looks like Batman, with a hint of Power Rangers and Guyver. When they removed the helmet at the end of the original Robocop and Peter Wellers face was revealed and merged with the metal it looked amazing. That suit just looks utter utter rubbish. It looks like a Tv Movie Reboot. And the fact he still has a human hand, leaves him vulnerable to bullets. What happens if a bad guy shoots him in the hand? How would a fleash and blood hand be attached to the end of a robot arm????? Reminds me of an old Joke by the comedian Stephen Wright...he said " I was walking down the street one day, and I met this guy with wooden legs, and real feet! Couldnt belieeeeve it...."
Robocrap...sticking to the 80s version for me thank you.

i would n't buy that for a dollar.

ermegerd, who gave Robocop knock-knees?
aside that I think the suit looks a lot better with the paint job.. but that exposed hand looks a lot like an achilles' heel to me.. the explanation will probably be for operating finer equipment and the script writers reason for writing it in is probably to have the bad guys to blow it off in act three to up the stakes a bit and create a bit of an under dog ending.. I'm thinking of the scene in Robocop where the cops shot him up with some 10 000 rounds in the police car park.

Have to agree with the popular opinion, this doesn't look like the awesome souless cyborg that was the original Robocop, it really does just look like a guy wearing a batman outfit.

Now, that has to be a joke.

... I thought so for a while, a CGI weapon orsomething, but the hand would still be covered in green right?
UNLESS, the scientists were able to save the hand, but the Omnicorp suits upon seeing it, would indeed say "lose the hand" or something...

Sorry but it looks like they got the action figure of the character to be in the film. And why on Earth have a bionic arm and a real hand!

im only going to watch it as im a big fan of michael keaton, i loved the original robocop but this one looks a bit silly lol

Not Terrible. Kinda looks like a Borg...

Instead of jumping at every little bit you do not like, why not just wait and see how the film turns out? Once the film done everyone not going to like it, everyone has different taste. I am a huge fan of robocop, so I think I may wait and see how it goes.

Robocop or Keaton? :-)

At least it will sell a lot of toys! :-)

This film better have the same music. Without it, I'm out !

As long as Keaton "loses it" at some point in the movie, I will be watching...! No one goes ballistic better than Keaton!

It looks like batman.

I am looking forward to seeing this. Just because I hope it crashes and burns. Even the policeman in the 4th pic is laughing at how bad Robocop looks.

Did they photo-edit a face on the robot in that third picture?

I think it looks pretty good. I'm a big fan of the RoboCop series and I'm glad it's steering away from that. It's got a great cast too. Not sure about the human hand though.

Like so many other films, this film did not need to be remade. I would rather see something new and original.

Reminds me of the Crysis Nano-suit

Metroid? Is that you?

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