First look at the new RoboCop costume

News Simon Brew 15 Sep 2012 - 19:16

Joel Kinnaman is seen in a RoboCop suit for the first time, as cameras roll on the Robo-reboot...

Like it or not, the remake of sorts of RoboCop has now started shooting, with Joel Kinnaman in the lead role, and Jose Padilha directing. And it's not taken long into the shoot for us to get a first look at the new RoboCop suit.

You'll notice that we've gone from shiny metal to Batman-black this time around, in the pictures taken while RoboCop was filming in Toronto. Where these bits fit into the film, and whether that's the only suit that Kinnaman will have to wear, remains to be seen.

RoboCop is released in August 2013. And here's Coming Soon, where the pictures came from.

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Dear Hollywood,

Please find some new ideas.


It looks like a crappy SyFy movie costume. Like Batman and Judge Dredd had a kid.


Does Robocop have an original human hand or is the guy just not wearing his glove?

I cannot see this as being anything but crap, they need to stop with the rebooting of films that don't need it.

It looks unfinished. Maybe they're just test-filming the suit in motion and will later on give it a metallic colour?

I'm saving up all my angry internet geek rage for the moment they reveal his off-duty weekend wardrobe...

He looks like the mechanoid Hudzen sent to replace Kryten in the episode The Last Day in Red Dwarf.

Looks like the under armour. Just slap on the chrome helmet, chest plates and legs and you're there. Still no need for a remake though.

My guess would be that there is CGI to be added to that.

I get the feeling I could like this if not for the monochrome. As it is I'm getting Green Goblin flash backs....

Why they have to ruin the movies this days!!!! Everything's a remake, F*&^%$ You producers!!!!!!!

Why they have to ruin the movies this days? Everything's a remake, F*&^%$ You producers!!!!!!!

I think a reboot/re-imagining is in order for robocop. it could be done very well, but they need to tread lightly. it's a grim plot to begin with, and with tech that still isn't possible today..I think a more fluid android would be better than a clunky restrictive one. as long as his human factor doesn't take over and robocop starts showing emotion, keep it gritty and violent, keep the flare and camp to a minimum..this could be solid.

This looks a huge fan of the originals, this sucks!

Benefit of the doubt, it may be the recipient of some CGI in post to make it a little more impressive. Right now it looks like a suit for an army of Storm Trooper like guys, not a single character who is supposed to make a strong visual impression.

Not impressed. Just from these photos alone I won't be watching it. Maybe I will watch it when it hits netflix.. maybe.

If you have a hit movie DO NOT CHANGE THE MAJOR CHARACTER, looks like the movie makers broke the golden rule on this one. Imagine Jaws with a baracuda instead of a great white, well folks, unless it has an absolutely fastastic story line this movie is destin to go right to DVD. Do not pass go, do not make major bucks at the movie theaters but instead be a cheesy B movie on DVD. From what I see here I will pass.

The costume doesn't look like an android, it just looks like an actor in a suit. I'll wait until we start getting official promos before I decide on whether the costume is terrible or not but first impressions aren't good.

Looks like there may some digital work that needs to be added to this. I am a huge fan of the original, having actually seen it in the theater when it came out, so there is no way I am really looking forward to this. However, everyone complained about the costumes when they showed first photos from Thor, and those didn't end up too badly. Let see what they can do post production before you make any judgements. And to be fair on two different points, if they can make anything good that takes away the stench of Robocop 3 and 2 wasn't much better...I am all for it....and as for remakes/reboots/reimaginings....I am not a huge fan as I think it is usually a lazy way to tell a story, let's also be fair and admit they have been doing this since the beginning of films....some of the first movies were remade rather quickly...and even Alfred Hitchcock remade two of his own unfortunately its been going on for a long time, I think Hollywood has just been getting really lazy with it lately.

Before anyone starts making rash judgments on this, take into consideration that there will likely be alterations added during post-production... at least, I hope so, 'cause that suit looks like one of the bad guys from 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'!

A lot of folks online wrote off the Lawmaster bike in 'Dredd' based on a single spy-shot, but look at how that bike ended up onscreen, a big difference there most certainly was, so I'll wait for the trailer for the 'RoboCop' remake before I pass any rudimentary judgments...

ditto, and what is the deal with the one exposed hand? one of the best bits in the original was the surgeon being really pleased that he had saved one arm/leg and the OCP guy says "lose it"

NO! It looks...well. Its as people say, it looks like a guy in a suit. ROBOCOP. Robo....Robot. Thats the point. The original looked like a robot with remains of a man built into it. This one does not. Not at all. Robocop was big bulky armoured and looked hard as nails. This one looks like a ballet dancer in fancy dress. Crap. The only thing that might save it, is it could be from the start of the movie, and it could be the police riot armour they wear in dangerous situations, before he gets blown apart and turned into a robot cop. Possibly. If its the real suit and they are going to add CGI to make it look better, what the hell is the point? The costs would be stupid, its not nescessary and the original worked without CGI and conventional effects, all the way back in 1988. Talk about taking a step backward. I notice that he can flip his visor up too, so that you can see his face more in this one, because actors dont like being covered up in costume, they have to act more....Are they trying to make it look sleek and streamlined for the Ipad generation? Probably, but that suit does not look like it could stop a catapult, never mind guns...

looks like it's gonna have a paintjob to me.. probably testshots.

What's with his stupid free hand? In the words of Bob Morton... "We agreed on full body prosthesis..... Lose the arm!"

The problem with new ideas is that all the best stuff has already been done. Anthing 'new' will just look like a rip off of something else anyway and will forever be likened and derided next to the original.
Besides that, Nobody wanted or needed a remake of the Italian Job but that was a good film in its own right with absolutely no need to hang off the coat tails of the previous film.

they will give some lame excuse as to why they made the suit like this "We wanted to make Robocop more human"

I agree. It looks like they haven't painted it yet and are just testing how the motion looks on camera. Would also explain the one gloveless hand.

After best, must come better!

Michael Caine had the best idea. Instead of remaking classic films why not remake the ones that were good ideas poorly executed.

I don't mind it in all honesty. Most costumes look crap (this one included) in these on set production photo's. The lighting isn't right etc. I hated the look of the new Dredd uniform and the Bike but on seeing the film I was sold! The same with Batman begins. I'll reserve my judgement until the trailer comes out about the aesthetic. My main worry is the tone of the film. Will it be a smart satire like the original or just a straight up action film?

Not liking the suit but will see what the trailer says. Swing & a miss so far tho.

Looks like a leftover from GI joe...

RoboCop was not an android.

wow who knew they were bringing out a new guyver film

Hollywood what's going on with you? are you in some kind of prescription drugs? or maybe with glaucoma an maybe the
Cannabis you are taking is to strong... but looks like crap!

I always liked the silver on the original. Gave less of a vigilante feel and helped Robo stick out in the hero crowd I thought. Like others have said, this looks like a Batman or Dredd ripoff. Sure he looks cool but where are the robot parts on this guy?

Having seen two random photos in a backlot I proclaim Hollywood to be the last bastion of Satanic worship and all remakes to be the hellish spawn of their God-forsaken loins. Alternatively, if you think it looks crappy, don't spend your money to go see it when it comes out and stop filling our screens with childish tantrums. Cheers then.

this looks soo bad its unbelievable there gonna really screw this one up

What you don't like that he is gonna watch it on Netflix? You nerds crack me up. Goin around disliking peoples comments just because they aren't all juiced up over the Robocop reboot.. This is just another remake that wasn't necessary. They should have just skipped retelling the beginning and just made a sequel to the original storylines. Just because a movie is old doesn't mean it's garbage and needs to be redone.

Maybe this isn't actually the suit? Looks like it could be "tactical body armour" for the police force??? I hope anyway, and then he gets shot, and he dies, and they have a better suit for him to wear, and turns into an awesome Robot, and everyone is happy, except Murphy's family, who all committed suicide due to grief.

I guess Snake Eyes Had a Garage Sale!

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