Rumblings of discontent from RoboCop reboot

News Glen Chapman 29 Aug 2012 - 07:30

It would seem that director Jose Padilha is having a less than pleasant experience with the RoboCop remake...

Ever since Jose Padilha was announced as the director of the RoboCop reboot, we've held out a bit more hope for the film. Furthermore, the cast so far assembled is not to be sniffed at, either. Basically, whether you wanted a new RoboCop film or not, at least there's real quality in front of and behind the camera.

Over the past week or so, however, there have been rumblings that things aren't all well. For starters, there's been a not particularly upbeat dissection of the script. That said, give that we've no idea whether it was the final draft or not, or anything close to the shooting script, there's not that much to be gleamed from that. And now there's a quote attributed to Jose Padilha's good friend, the City Of God director Fernando Meirelles.

Meirelles has been quoted as saying that "I talked to José Padilha last week by phone, he will begin filming RoboCop [but] he is saying that it is the worst experience. For every ten ideas he has, nine are cut. Whatever he wants, he has to fight [for]".

He continued, saying "‘This is hell here,’" he told me. "'The film will be good, but I never suffered so much and do not want to do it again.’ He is bitter, but he’s a fighter."

Now, the above has not come direct from the director, but is based on a translation of the original interview. Thus, things can be lost in translation. That said, there's hardly a shortage of examples of a great foreign director being sought by a major Hollywood studio and given little creative freedom to make the film in the manner they're used to. Let's hope that actually isn't the case here...

CinenaCom Rapadura, via ScreenCrush.

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We treated ourselves to an evening watching Robocop on Netflix last Thursday and still enjoy it. I no longer let reboots or remakes bother me. If I am not happy I will not go to the cinema or buy it on dvd. Vote with your feet if you are disatisfied.

Of course that is the case! This is a film made by a bunch of egotistic, uncreative, money-grabbing, souless, producers. The director is just there to get the boring shooting bit over with, then they can force him to cut the movie the way they want him too. If not, then they will give him the boot and cut their own version. The movie will make a small profit, and then they can reboot it all over again.
How do you not get this?!

I read elsewhere about this story, and in that article it mentioned one of the ideas they are using which is Robocop has 2 modes, or forms which he can transform into..... Is Bay involved in this? I really like Robocop, and I don't mind reboots as I just like films, but I do hope this works out reasonably well.

Well said!!

Does this mean that Dredd will finally take his rightful place in the cannon of fascist lawmen. I bloody well hope so

Well of all the disastrous remakes of the last decades , this one will be one of the more announced.

The title Robocop stole in the first place.

I am brazilian, and the original interview was exactly like that. Good translation, it seems that Padilha is indeed having a tough time with Hollywood.

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