Hugh Laurie won’t be in the RoboCop reboot

News Simon Brew 24 Aug 2012 - 08:30

Dr House will not be doing battle with RoboCop after all...

Now this is a pity. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Hugh Laurie on the big screen, and so when news broke that he was attached to play the villain in the RoboCop reboot, that seemed an interesting choice for his first major post-House big screen role.

Turns out, though, that we all jumped the gun. Even though it seemed that Laurie had indeed signed on the dotted line for the film, Variety has now revealed that he never did. More than that, he’s not going to be appearing in it at all.

With shooting set to begin in a matter of weeks, that leaves one gaping hole in the new RoboCop project, and we’d imagine that it won’t be long before a replacement is announced.

Jose Padilha is directing the film, and as we get more news, we’ll pass it on.


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To be honest, im really pleased Laurie isnt gonna be playing the main villian. He just doesnt convince me as able to do 'evil'. Hard to take him seriously in such a role after 'Stuart Little' and 'A bit of Fry & Laurie'. Hopefully they will get somebody better suited in.

Dissapointed :(
Laurie would have been a brilliant Boddicker.

Bizarre casting anyway. I'd never have been able to watch it if he was trying his gawdawful american accent.

Since he was rumored to be the villain. I'd assumed he'd be returning to his native tongue. For Hollywood, British accent = Evil. That said, I'm still disappointed. As. Bertie might say, I think he would have knocked it for a six.

Quite disappointed. Was looking forward to seeing him as a baddie!

You shut your whore mouth! Hugh Laurie's accent as Dr. Gregory House is the new gold standard for fake American accents!!!

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