First viral promo for RoboCop remake

Trailer Simon Brew 7 Jul 2012 - 22:48

See the new ED-209, and a get a glimpse of RoboCop too, as the first promo for the RoboCop remake appears...

Production doesn't start for a few weeks yet on the new take on RoboCop, with Jose Padilha directing and Joel Kinnaman taking the title role. But Sony has got things rolling with a new viral website,, featuring a fair bit of promotional work. The new take on OCP, it seems, is just as busy as the last.

Chief amongst the material is a video, which gives us our first glimpse at the new design for ED-209, as a highlight of OmniCorp's product line. We'd expect more material to be added to the site over the weeks ahead. At the moment, it's just a few teases of the look of RoboCop himself that we get. As we find out more (and we suspect we will at Comic-Con shortly), we'll pass it your way...

Bleeding Cool.

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Hmmm. Neads more dollars.

Seems similar in tone to the original.ED209 is way,way too big and looks like a transformer.Could this be another needless remake that tarnishes the original or a super slick reboot?Either way it's shaping up to be a bumper year for Paul Verhoeven remakes,what with this,Total Recall and Starship Troopers.Let's hope there's a Showgirls movie in the works. ;-)

looks awesome,its about time we had a remake,ed 209 looks great dont care what other people say,ed 209 looks awesome


I agree, ED209 looks far too big in the context of the original movie(s). However, who knows what role the ED209 will be playing in the new movie. It does look way more complicated and Tranformer-y, and I am certainly not a fan of the Bay Transformers overly complex design. ED209 had an iconic shape and was instantly recognizable. This new one, not so much.

I'm a huge fan of the original movie and I'm prepared to wait and see a bit more...

ED 209 looks like a cross between a Star Wars Scout Walker and a Michael Bay reject.

You're right about ED209.I mean how is he gonna fit in a board-room?

Im just impressed that ED209 is even in it nevermind how big he is. It's got the pretty Robocop tone much bang on so far.

Yes, tone may be consistent with the original, but really, why bother? There's a perfectly good film already out there- I rewatched it yesterday and found it had barely aged at all. (I even found myself wistfully nostalgic for the stop-motion ED209..!) A new version with state-of-the-art effects but not R-rated so it gets a wider audience - no thanks!

I'd buy that for a dollar ...

I dislike the concept image of the robot seen on the top of this webpake. There seem to be no design put into that concept.

I'll buy it for one.

Iron Man rip-off?

Oh, god, this looks dreadful. ED209 should not look like something that got cut from transformers 16, dark side of my ass. Looks like the polygon generator from starfox threw up all over that picture.

I can't stand how some filmmakers think futuristic technology should have as many angles as possible... ED209 would be functional, not spikey and stupid. This first look has incompetence written all over it.

Based on the brief images at the end it appears as though Robocopbwith look like the guyver! Worried about the look and feel based on ed 209

Way too faffy for military hardware (even satirically). Lots of places for sand, dirt and moisture to get in. Too many extraneous panels and flaps.

Looks like something Admiral General Aladeen would buy, in gold.

ED209 may look bigger but you know what... For all anyone knows, this may be how he would have been if the technology existed back in 87. Jesus! 25 f**king years and I remember the first time I watched Robocop like it was yesterday!


Most worrying was the complete lack of humour. Corporate vids are ripe for irony (see the original Robocop for examples) and this has none. Colour me "concerned".

Ahhh good to see footage of the London riots used, make ya so proud to be British doesn't it?


"Your Dead........WE KILLED YOU!!!.....WE KILLED YOU!"
Looks far too slick and streamlined. Too much gloss.
I am not been happy about this being remade....

Looks like it kinda misses the point. If they're already using
ED 209 and drones on the streets, then what's the point of having a
half-human robot out there?
ED 209 was supposed to show the
stupidity of outsourcing law and order to an entity you couldn't
control, a pretty good indictment of privatisation, with this it just
seems like a police state already.

Looks CGI-tastic. Why is it after all this time we still can't make CGI which looks as realistic as models?

agree, ed 209 looks actually how he should look in a 2012 movie, BUT the only thing im hoping is that they dont change robocop up TOO much. a new color scheme (all-black maybe), and change the body up to a more iron-man inspired look would be cool with me, but they must not, i repeat , they must not, i pray they dont change his helmet/ visor. thats the most important thing to me.

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