First viral promo for RoboCop remake

Trailer Simon Brew 7 Jul 2012 - 22:48

See the new ED-209, and a get a glimpse of RoboCop too, as the first promo for the RoboCop remake appears...

Production doesn't start for a few weeks yet on the new take on RoboCop, with Jose Padilha directing and Joel Kinnaman taking the title role. But Sony has got things rolling with a new viral website,, featuring a fair bit of promotional work. The new take on OCP, it seems, is just as busy as the last.

Chief amongst the material is a video, which gives us our first glimpse at the new design for ED-209, as a highlight of OmniCorp's product line. We'd expect more material to be added to the site over the weeks ahead. At the moment, it's just a few teases of the look of RoboCop himself that we get. As we find out more (and we suspect we will at Comic-Con shortly), we'll pass it your way...

Bleeding Cool.

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